20 Rules That The Kardashians Follow While On The Road

Read on and discover all the rules that the Kardashian family has to abide by when they are traveling.

The Kardashian family are the ultimate reality TV phenomenon. Their TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians starring momager Kris, and sisters Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie (as well as brother Rob) have made them all household names – even though they are only really famous for being famous.

Their various TV series and their subsequent business ventures have made all of the Kardashians very wealthy indeed. Kim is estimated to have a net worth of $350 million, which along with her husband’s $160 million fortune allows them to live in the style to which all the girls have become accustomed. The richest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, however, is also the youngest. Forbes recently estimated Kylie Jenner’s worth as $1 billion, thanks to the success of her Kylie Cosmetics brand.

All this wealth allows the Kardashians to enjoy decadent foreign holidays, only flying on private jets or in first class, and only ever staying at the very best hotels. However, life isn’t always as good as it seems, and even when the family is on the road there are rules that they have to follow so that they can protect themselves and protect the Kardashian brand.

Read on and discover all the rules that the Kardashian family has to abide by when they are traveling, either abroad or even around their Calabasas homes.

20 Only Drive Classy Cars

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Another Kardashian rule when it comes to cars is that members of the family should only drive what are described as classy cars – although given that whether something has class or not might be considered subjective, it could be argued that this doesn’t really put any vehicles on the banned list.

Especially when you see the neon lime green Mercedes Benz G-Wagon SUV which Kanye bought for his wife, Kim, and which she apparently thought was fantastic. The G-Wagon is a great vehicle, and one of the toughest SUVs on the market, but would have looked a lot “classier” in black.

19 All The Family Learn How To Drive

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Considering their substantial wealth, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the Kardashians had a fleet of chauffeurs who were employed to drive them wherever they wanted to go, both at home and abroad. While the family does use limousines and drivers frequently, especially when they are arriving at red carpet events, they all also learn to drive almost as soon as they turn 16, the idea being that they learn some responsibility as well as getting their independence.

Kim and her sisters are all often spotted behind the wheels of their own cars, and it won’t be long before the next generation of Kardashians are taking driver’s ed.

18 Security Even Protect Moving Vehicles

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The extensive security which the family now employs to keep them safe from paparazzi, or even from criminal elements, aren’t just supposed to protect members of the Kardashian clan when they are walking; it is also their job to ensure that moving vehicles are safe too, even if that means traveling in convoys.

Bodyguards don’t just ride in the car when necessary but have even been known to run alongside moving vehicles to prevent press photographers from getting a picture of whatever is going on inside.

17 And Kim Uses Armored Cars To Protect Her Family

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Following her experience in Paris, however, even bodyguards in SUVs don’t always feel like enough security for Kim Kardashian, especially when she is traveling with her three children, North, Saint, and Chicago. Which makes it fortuitous that she and her husband already a couple of armored cars sitting in the garage!

Rapper Kanye bought a pair of $1 million armored SUVs back in 2013, when Kim was pregnant with their first baby, in a bid to keep his wife and unborn child as safe as possible. Though these aren’t exactly the kind of vehicles you can take for an inconspicuous drive to the Kardashians’ favorite Calabasas hang-outs.

16 Usually Fly On Private Jets

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The fact that Kim and Kanye refused to be inconvenienced by even the smallest delay when arrived into JFK on a scheduled flight tells you everything you need to know about their normal traveling habits. In fact, the whole Kardashian family are usually only ever seen on private jets, ensuring luxury, comfort and a guarantee that no-one is going to take a photo of them when they fall asleep mid-flight!

Kimye, as the couple is nicknamed, even took a flight on a private 747, which can usually carry over 400 hundred passengers, facing criticism for their extravagant and environmentally unfriendly lifestyles.

15 Kardashians Often Dress To Match Their Vehicles

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Given how much value the Kardashians place on the way they look and their public image, it is hardly surprising that most members of the family see their cars not as a means of getting from A to B, but as an accessory. In fact, the Kardashians often seem to drive cars that match their style – or maybe they dress to match their cars? Although it is not clear whether this is by accident or by design.

One very evident case of deliberate styling to match a car was when Kim wore a neon lime green wig which matched the paintwork of the Lamborghini she was driving in the summer 2018.

14 And Even The Kids Have Matching Toy Cars!

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Even the very youngest Kardashians don’t miss out on having an impressive car collection. Their top-of-the-range toy cars may be just one more way for mommy and daddy to spoil them rotten, but it does encourage an interest in driving early, which means they are more likely to carry on that tradition of Kardashians learning how to get themselves around Calabasas.

These aren’t your ordinary pedal cars, however, but electric-powered Bentleys and custom sports cars, like the one toddler Stormi was gifted after Travis Scott, Kylie’s boyfriend, performed a concert in Brooklyn. The cute convertible had been customized with the tot’s name and the tagline from her dad’s tour posters.

13 Travel With Your Own Security

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It isn’t just the paparazzi that can pose a threat to celebrities like the Kardashians. Over-eager fans can often get too close in their bid for a selfie with their idol, while Kim was also the victim of a burglary while she was on vacation in Paris in 2016 when she was tied up and held while thieves took almost $12 million worth of jewelry.

Since then, all the Kardashians have upped their security, especially when traveling abroad, and always take their own personal security guards with them, although Kim’s former bodyguard was sued by her insurance company over his negligence on the night of the Paris robbery!

12 Fly While Pregnant - Regardless Of The Warnings

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Anyone who has ever found out that they are pregnant a few months before a big vacation will know that there are some pretty strict health warnings against women flying too close to their due date. Different airlines have different rules, but most will not let pregnant women fly after 37 weeks or around the eight-month mark.

Not that these rules matter to the Kardashians, who like to keep up their jet-setting lifestyle while expecting. Khloe Kardashian not only flew when she was just over eight months pregnant, but she took a long-haul flight to Japan lasting several hours as part of a “babymoon” trip with her partner, NBA star Tristan Thompson.

11 Nanny Comes Too

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If there’s one thing that the Kardashians love more than making money, it’s making babies. Kourtney has three children, Kim also has three, with another on the way, while Khloe’s daughter, True Thompson, was born in April 2018. Even Kylie, the baby of the family has a daughter, Stormi, while Rob has a child with his ex, Chyna Black.

That’s a lot of babysitting when the Kardashians are traveling, which means that the number one rule is that the nanny also gets to go on holidays. Though it might not be the dream job it sounds like, as the Kardashians are notorious for treating their staff badly…

10 Plan Travel Snacks Ahead Of Time

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In the Kardashian world, image is everything, and that means watching what you eat all the time – no matter where you are. Often the Kardashian girls find themselves on strict diets, with many of them advocating protein-heavy shakes and smoothies for breakfast, which means that traveling doesn’t just involve scheduling flights, but also figuring out when meals are going to take place, and ensuring that they will be able to get their favorite foods on demand.

Not always easy if you are on a long-haul flight on a scheduled airline where you just have to eat what you are given!

9 And Pack Some Of Your Essential Dietary Items

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So what is the answer to this dietary dilemma? Well, if you happen to work for a member of the Kardashian clan, packing for a trip doesn’t just involve making sure they don’t forget their passport, and that they only have the most fashionable bikini in their suitcase; it also involves ensuring that they have an adequate supply of their food essentials that they know are unlikely to be found on their destination.

Kourtney is probably the fussiest when it comes to food, going gluten and dairy-free, and packing the kids’ favorite healthy snacks whenever the family takes a vacation.

8 Don't Always Follow The Rules!

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Although this may be a list of rules that the Kardashians follow when they are traveling, it is a very different story when it comes to any regulations imposed by other people. Members of the Kardashian family who usually travel on private jets will be unfamiliar with the normal procedures at airports that the rest of us have to go through, such as waiting at check-in desks and intrusive security checks.

That could explain why Kim and Kanye sparked a security alert when a star-struck member of staff at JFK airport escorted them through a non-public area to avoid the queues!

7 Always Carry A Silk Sleeping Mask

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Sleeping masks are far from a Kardashian-only travel must-have. Travelers all around the world, even those flying coach, find them the perfect tool for keeping out the light from the airline cabin if they want to have a snooze. However, the free eye masks handed out by the airlines are not suitable for Kardashian faces; instead, the family always bring their own designer eye masks, made from real silk, when they are going on a long journey.

Although it seems not every member of the wider family needs an eye mask to help them fall asleep in the back of the car…

6 Keep Fit While On The Road

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As well as keeping an eye on what they eat, the Kardashians also have to make sure that they stay in shape. It seems that all of the girls are obsessed with keeping fit if the number of selfies and paparazzi shots of them at the gym are anything to go by. Keeping up your exercise routine can be tough on vacation, but when you know the long lenses of the press photographers are going to be trained on your bikini-clad body, that must encourage you to get on the treadmill.

Sometimes the Kardashians will even take their personal trainers away with them when they travel, to make sure they don’t miss a fitness session.

5 Take Your Own Socks

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Of course, everyone takes their own socks when they go on a vacation, and some people even take special socks that they like to wear during long flights because they are so comfortable. Only Kim Kardashian could insist on having a few pairs of her favorite designer socks for every trip she takes in an airplane, however.

In fact, these sporty socks don’t just make an appearance when Kim is getting ready to fly; she has also been snapped wearing socks with her Yeezy slides, $150 padded flip flops which are part of the range of high-fashion and high-price footwear from her husband’s latest business venture.

4 Keep The Kids Out Of The Limelight

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Keeping the kids away from the paparazzi is one of the general rules that all the Kardashian family members try to obey – ironic given that their fame depends entirely on the gossip magazines maintaining an interest in their lives!

While there are plenty of sanctioned snaps of the Kardashian kids out there, including many taken by their mothers and posted on social media, the rule is that the little ones should be shielded from the pressures of the press for as long as possible, to allow them to live normal lives – or what passes for normal on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

3 Stay Away From Drinks

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Drinking while flying is never a good idea. It leaves you more tired and more jet-lagged, and can also lead to some rather embarrassing airport incidents if too much booze is consumed. The Kardashians have strict rules about not drinking too much alcohol, even when they aren’t traveling, so that goes double when they are taking long flights to exotic locations.

This is partly because of their passion for healthy lifestyles, but also to protect their reputations from paparazzi shots. A far cry from Kim’s early days as Paris Hilton’s party buddy back in the 1990s.

2 Keep Covered Up While On Vacation

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This next rule might come as something of a surprise, given that most of Kardashian girls seem to enjoy nothing more than posing in barely-there bikinis when they hit the beach, but the truth is that the moments when they are out in the direct sunlight are few and far between, with Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie much more likely to be found relaxing under a beach umbrella than catching some rays.

The Kardashians prefer to rely on the much less damaging tanning lotions and bronzers than the sun itself and have even launched their own range of tanning products for fans to buy.

1 Cars Make Great Kardashian Gifts

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When you’re part of a ridiculously wealthy family like the Kardashians, birthdays and Christmas can be a nightmare. After all, what do you buy the sister who has literally everything? Luckily, the family of gearheads is always happy to give and receive cars as presents. Kylie received a vintage Rolls Royce for her 21st birthday, as well as a $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari car from her boyfriend when she gave birth to their daughter, Stormi.

Kylie even returned the favor by buying mom Kris a custom Ferrari Gran Turismo Berlinetta for her 63rd birthday and bought her ex-boyfriend a $200,000 Bentley when his old Ferrari was repossessed.

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