10 Things To Expect From 2020 Honda Accord — A Class-Leading Midsize Sedan

The latest model of the Honda Accord coming in 2020 has grown immensely since its induction in the '70s.

The march of time brings with it many certainties. One such certainty is that car companies are going to be releasing their new models for the upcoming year. If the company knows what they're doing, and it is looking to remain relevant, you can be certain that the new vehicles will include some of the latest innovations the industry has to offer.

The Honda Accord was first released in 1976 and in its 44-year run, it has continued to change and improve with the times. The latest model coming is no different, so here are 10 things you can expect from the new 2020 Honda Accord.

10 Safety Features

Nowadays safety is paramount. The self-driving car still has some technical and legal bugs to iron out so it will most likely be a few years before we see those on the market. So, in the meantime, companies are settling for the next best thing: semi-autonomous. Lane assist is one such example. The car uses cameras and sensors to see where the lane lines are and if the driver starts to stray, it beeps in a warning and the wheel actually corrects course automatically!

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Another example is a small camera mounted in the display in front of the driver that tracks where a driver’s eyes are. If it detects your eyes are not in the direction of the road, it issues a warning beep to redirect your attention. These and others can be expected in the latest Accord.

9 Higher End Interior

Some might argue that the interior of a car is the most important thing when purchasing a new car. This makes sense because when you drive your new car, it's all you’re going to see! The design of the dashboard, the colors, the seats, the materials used to craft it all; it all comes together to form what a driver is going to be staring at from the moment they get in, to the moment they get out.

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The Accord is a more family-oriented vehicle so one can expect it to have a sensible interior that's sturdy and withstands wear and tear. The newest vehicle is said to have a more high-end interior so you can drive your family around and still feel classy.

8 Improved Handling

All the safety features in the world won’t help if you can’t properly pilot your vehicle. Handling is crucial to the driving experience. A car needs to be responsive, have grip on the road, and turn well. A vehicle with poor handling will be stiff and have difficulty making turns properly.

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A family car like the Honda Accord doesn’t have to be whipping through turns or drifting down the street. It's not just a matter of quality of life, it can be a matter of safety. So, if you're looking for quality handling to help keep your car on the road, the 2020 Honda Accord looks to bring improved handling to their vehicle.

7 The Base Engine

So what statistics can you expect from the 2020 Honda Accord’s base engine?

It's a four-cylinder engine (rather standard) that gets a mild-mannered, but decent, 192 horsepower in addition to being 1.5 liters. This engine has the get-up-and-go necessary to power through hills and valleys during road trips across the countryside and have some fun on the freeway.

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However, it won’t feel like overkill either while you slowly make your way through the crowded city streets on errands. Solid, and dependable, the base engine option will get you where you're trying to go.

6 Upgraded Engine and Trims

If the base engine option isn’t quite right for you and your budget is a little bigger, than perhaps you’ll consider the upgraded engine and trims. The upgrade trims come with extra luxury features, different colors, and slightly different exteriors such as rims or tires. The trims available are EX-L, Touring, and Sport.

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The engine that comes with these other trims is also a turbocharged four-cylinder. It will provide you with a more punchy 252 horsepower and a full two liters. This will definitely give the vehicle a bigger roar and more power to make you feel as if you're behind the wheel of a sports car instead of the family taxi.

5 Hybrid Options

While safety has always been on the minds of consumers, a new must-have has been emerging in recent years. Being conscious of the environment and our effect on it, is on the rise and now more than ever, people want their cars to be greener and better for the planet.

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The 2020 Honda Accord will have a hybrid option if that is what you’re after. Your choice won’t be a sacrifice either as the powertrain puts out 212 horsepower with its two liters and natural aspiration of fuel. With the electric motor and the engine working in tandem, you’ll get about 48-miles to the gallon, helping you save the planet one gallon at a time.

4 Memory and Power Seating

Something unique and rather fancy, the 2020 Honda Accord will be offering new seating features. It has eight-way power seating, which is pretty standard as the days of levers and bars under the seat are quickly fading away. However, that's not real innovation.

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When you open the driver and passenger side doors, the seats will automatically move and adjust so you can easily enter the vehicle. Then, once you're seated, it automatically moves back into the previous setup. This is quite an interesting feature that adds a little bit of luxurious flair to your vehicle for you and your family to enjoy.

3 Smart Parking Assist

Parking is the bane of many drivers. It can be difficult to maneuver your vehicle through narrow spaces into even tighter parking spots. Classically, parallel parking is also a huge headache for drivers as well.

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So much time is wasted with backing up, moving forward, cutting the wheel this way and that. The newest Honda Accord looks to take the stress and annoyance out of the parking process with their Smart Parking Assist feature. If the commercial is to be believed, the car’s computer will use its sensors and cameras to gauge the space you wish to park in and do it for you!

2 Wireless Charger

Given how attached we are to our smartphones, in past years, there have been many adapters released to turn the little round jack in the bottom of the center dash into charging stations. Then, cars were designed to skip that middle man and come with USB ports so you can plug your phone right into the car.

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While this has advanced further to allow you to connect your music and navigation into your infotainment system, you still have to deal with a tangle of cords. The cords get all bunched up, develop shorts, and can clutter up your car. Now, the new Accord is looking to clean this up by introducing wireless charging into the vehicle.

1 Affordable Starting Price

Reading about all these features and perks coming with the new 2020 Honda Accord is pretty exciting. However, all this tech, comfort and innovation may give the impression that this will be an expensive purchase and that perhaps you’ll have to settle for something else.

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It may surprise you to learn that the vehicle in its base form will cost you around $24,000. A price like this will also leave you with some wiggle room to spring for one of the other trims or some of the more luxury features. For everything you receive in the base model and the potential of the different trims, this is a great deal and definitely worth considering for your new family car.

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