20 Things We Didn't Know About Joe Rogan's Cars (Until Now)

Joe Rogan really is a jack of all trades. While most people may know him for his successful comedy career or his appearances on television coverage of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he actually got his big break in acting in 1994. Prior to signing a TV development deal with Disney that year, Rogan had been a successful stand-up comic in Boston, where he went to college.

Once he made his move to the west coast, however, Rogan soon earned plaudits for roles in TV shows like the baseball-themed sitcom Hardball and News Radio, set in an AM radio station’s newsroom.

In 1997, he was signed up to carry out interviews with UFC fighters, and to provide some of the backstage commentaries for this growing sport, but it wasn’t long before Rogan returned to the stage and to his first love—comedy. Aside from a short break to present the NBC game show Fear Factor, Rogan has been performing his comedy continuously since 2001 and has even launched his own successful podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, which has featured guests as diverse as Macaulay Culkin, Steven Tyler, Jamie Foxx, and Judd Apatow.

Sports stars also make regular appearances on the podcast, including many from the world of motorsports; that's hardly a surprise given how passionate Joe Rogan is about cars. Check out the list below to discover all the things we didn’t know about Rogan’s cars—until now.

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20 He Is A Big Fan Of Muscle Cars

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Despite the fact that his first two cars were made by car manufacturers from Japan, Joe Rogan’s real motoring passion is old-fashioned muscle cars. This is a generic term which applies to high-performance cars, usually fitted with engines that are much more powerful than their size would dictate. At the very least, a muscle car has to have a V8 engine, and many have ten or 12 cylinders. Rogan has bought more than one muscle car over the years and is also a keen admirer of muscle cars which he spots when he is out and about on the road.

19 The Highlight Of Rogan's Collection Is A Restomod 1965 Corvette

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If you share Joe Rogan’s love of classic muscle cars, then you will no doubt agree with him that the highlight of his collection is a stunning Chevrolet Corvette Stingray from 1965. Rogan’s model is a restomod, a model which has been both restored and modified to ensure that it keeps its classic 1960s appearance while benefitting from the advantages of modern technologies under the hood and in the cabin. Powered by an awesome V8 engine, Rogan has ensured that this classic car has been given a new lease of life, including putting his own sense of style into the design and engineering process.

18 The Corvette Was Created By Steve Strope At Pure Vision

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Of course, there was a lot of work involved in ensuring that a car with more than fifty years’ history could be restored and reinvented to such an extent. Rogan made sure that he only had the best people in the industry working on his pride and joy, and the design and engineering work was done for him by Steve Strope at Pure Vision, a well-respected custom automobile shop in Los Angeles, where Rogan now lives with his wife and children. Strope is known as a true artist in the world of vehicle restorations and modifications, especially for older vehicles, so it seems that Rogan made the perfect choice.

17 Rogan Took The Classic Car On Jay Leno's Garage

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If you happen to be a celebrity with a passion for motoring, there is only one TV show worth going on to talk about your love of cars: Jay Leno’s Garage. The former chat show host is himself a prolific car collector, and he has created a whole TV series based around guests bringing along their favorite cars and taking them out for a drive, with Jay getting the pleasure of sitting behind the wheel. Joe Rogan was one such guest and of course, he took his 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray along, much to Jay Leno’s very obvious and visible delight!

16 He Also Owned A Modified 1970 Barracuda

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The 1965 Corvette Stingray is far from the only iconic muscle car in Rogan’s impressive car collection, however. The comedian also owned a modified Plymouth Barracuda, from 1970, powered by a fearsome V8 Chrysler Hemi engine. Again, this set of wheels was also a restomod and once the restoration work was complete, Rogan set about making this car his own, thanks to a number of mods which are hidden away under the hood. The Barracuda might not have pride of place in Rogan’s collection, but it is still a pretty impressive set of wheels.

15 This Vintage Vehicle Was Designed By Chip Foose

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When it came to the restoration and modification work, Rogan was not content to let just anyone work on his latest motoring acquisition. As with the Corvette Stingray, Rogan was happy to pay to ensure that only the best in the business would get their hands on his 1970 Barracuda. For the work on the new design of the vehicle, particularly its distinctive external appearance, the TV star turned to the legendary automobile designer Chip Foose, who has even starred in his own motoring restoration show, Overhaulin’, on the Velocity channel, as well as winning dozens of awards for his work.

14 And Was Built By Automotive Legend Troy Trepanier

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Unlike regular motorists, who just have to take their cars to the local repair shop and hope they get it back in better shape than when it went in, a celebrity like Rogan can afford to get not only the best designers to work on his car, but also the best mechanics. Chip Foose may have been responsible for the design work behind Rogan’s 1970 Barracuda, but when it came to the actual hands-on work, he turned to Troy Trepanier, a custom automobile builder and the owner of Rad Rides automotive shop in Illinois. He, too, has won awards for his work, including the prestigious Ridler Award in 2007.

13 Though Rogan Sold The Barracuda When It Fell Apart!

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It can’t have been cheap to get the likes of Chip Foose and Troy Trepanier to work on one of your vehicles, so some people might have expected that Rogan would ensure that his investment stayed in tip-top condition. Rogan likes to drive his car, though, and the finished Barracuda was more of a showroom piece, which was actually difficult and uncomfortable to take out onto the streets. In the end, Rogan actually sold his Barracuda to a fellow collector—but not before the vehicle’s suspension had ended up falling off the frame!

12 A Mustang Completes His Muscle Car Collection

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Rogan’s collection of muscle cars is rounded out by perhaps one of the most iconic cars ever to be created in the States, the Ford Mustang. The model owned by Rogan is from 2014, which is not perhaps the best era for the Mustang but still an immediately recognizable and very desirable vehicle to own. If you’re going to say you’re a fan of muscle cars, and you have the money to buy any vehicle you like, then a Ford Mustang really has to make up at least part of your collection to be taken seriously, and Rogan is certainly no exception.

11 Rogan Also Owns Several Modern European Cars

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So Rogan’s motoring career started with imports from Japan before moving onto classic Detroit automobiles. What about car manufacturers from Europe, many of whom can give US companies more than a run for their money? Well, Rogan also has plenty of those cars in his collection, too, especially those made by Porsche and their compatriots, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Sports cars from Germany may not be considered as glamorous as their counterparts from Italy, like Ferrari and Lamborghini, but at least with cars from Germany you know you can enjoy reliability as well as style, something which Rogan no doubt appreciates as a collector who likes to drive his cars.

10 Including A Customized Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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If there is one car in Rogan’s collection which comes close to taking the place of the 1965 Corvette Stingray in his heart, then it would probably be the UFC star’s customized Porsche 911 GT3 RS. This isn’t just a Porsche; this is a track-focused monster, complete with a top speed of 193 mph and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds. It's a dream come true for a famous fan like Rogan who likes nothing more than to get behind the wheel. The car really looks the part, too, with a hardcore exterior that ensures it really stands out from the crowd.

9 Rogan's Model Has Been Customised By Sharkwerks

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This is far from just any old customized Porsche 911 GT3 RS, however. As with his classic muscle cars, Rogan has gone to great lengths to ensure that only the best auto designers and mechanics get their hands on his vehicle, and he hired iconic car customizing firm Sharkwerks to transform his Porsche into the car of his dreams. Sharkwerks may be based in Northern California, but they specialize in modifying Porsche cars, making them the obvious choice when Rogan wanted someone to give his Porsche 911 GT3 RS a new look and the manual transmission system he always looks for in a car.

8 Although It Sustained Serious Damage In A 2015 Crash!

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As we have already seen, Rogan is far from the sort of car collector who wants to keep his vehicles in mint condition, parked up in a garage so he can enjoy looking at, but not driving, them. Despite the cost of his various vehicles—the Porsche 911 GT3 RS has a starting price of $190,000—and the amount he has spent on modifications, Rogan still likes to take his cars out on the road. Though he might have been regretting that in 2015 when his customized Porsche was involved in an accident, sustaining some ugly, but ultimately superficial, damage.

7 Rogan Often Talks About Cars With Guests On His Popular Podcast

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Although it’s likely that his love of cars cropped up in Rogan’s comedy routines, throughout much of his career, he has never really had an opportunity to spend hours talking about his true passion. There’s not much call for motoring chat on Fear Factor or in post-fight interviews with UFC stars! However, The Joe Rogan Experience (the comedian’s very own podcast)  is entirely his own to do with as he likes. So it’s hardly surprising that he ends up talking about cars a lot on his show, especially when he has motorsports stars or other collectors on as guests.

6 Podcast Guest Elon Musk Even Persuaded Him To Buy A Tesla

Via wired.com

It was inevitable, therefore, that when Rogan invited Tesla founder and advocate of electric motoring, Elon Musk, onto his podcast as a guest that the two car crazies would spend most of the show talking about their shared love of motoring. What was more surprising, perhaps, was the controversy the show caused when Musk imbibed some illicit substances, leading to a serious drop in the Tesla stock price the next day! Even more surprising was the fact that the Tesla boss managed to persuade gearhead Rogan that he should buy an all-electric Tesla model, considering his love for gas-guzzling muscle cars.

5 Apparently, Rogan Can't Wait For Flying Cars To Become A Reality

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Rogan was joined by physicist and fellow television presenter Neil Degrasse Tyson on another episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. Fans of either man may not have expected the scientist and the auto aficionado to get along but they bonded over their love of new technology, albeit that Rogan’s favorite innovations were mostly in the motoring industry! However, Rogan did reveal one rather unexpected fact about himself; apparently, he has always wanted to drive a flying car. Sadly, Degrasse Tyson only had bad news for Rogan, as the technology for building and driving such vehicles is still a long way off…

4 His First Car Was A Mk. IV Toyota Supra

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For someone who now has a reputation as a serious car collector, Joe Rogan’s first vehicle was a cool set of wheels you might expect him to drive—although given that he was probably at college or just a jobbing comedian when he bought the car, it is perhaps surprising that he could afford a Mk. IV Toyota Supra. The Toyota Supra was something of a bargain for a super sports car in its heyday, although the new model, which is set to be launched in 2019 looks more the part, should be much more expensive.

3 Rogan Soon Moved On To Driving An Acura NSX

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As his career started to take off, so did his interest in cars, and it wasn’t long before Rogan was trading in the Toyota Supra for a more sophisticated and grown-up Acura NSX. This was just around the time that Rogan’s career was starting to take off, but before he was earning the big bucks which have since allowed him to really indulge in his passion for motor cars. Described as a supercar by makers Honda, who marketed the car under the Acura brand in the US, the NSX simply doesn’t have the cachet of European supercar manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini, but it was not a bad place for Rogan to start.

2 His Luxury Mercedes Has Hot Stone Massage Seats

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Don’t get the idea that Rogan is only interested in whether his cars look good or how they perform on the road. He is only human, after all, and everyone enjoys a little comfort from time to time. When he wants to enjoy a little luxury, Rogan also has a stylish Mercedes-Benz in his collection of vehicles, with all the latest mod-cons, including comfortable leather seats and interactive infotainment systems. Perhaps the most luxurious feature of Rogan’s Mercedes vehicle is the various massage options which are available on the driver and passenger seats, including a hot stone massage setting.

1 Although Even Rogan Has A Sensible SUV For Family Trips!

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From muscle cars to high-performance sports cars to luxury cars, Joe Rogan’s love of motoring seems to encompass every aspect of the motoring industry. The gearhead even has a very sensible SUV for when he wants to take his family out on a ride; a much safer option for his wife and kids than a 1965 Corvette Stingray or a customized Porsche. Rogan married his wife, Jessica, in 2009, shortly after the couple had welcomed their first daughter, with a second daughter being born in 2010. And it is obvious that Rogan is just as devoted to his family as he is to his cars!

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