24 Things We Never Knew About Cristy Lee (Until Now)

We’ve discovered 24 things most people may not have known about Cristy Lee until now.

If you love cars and motorcycles as much as we do, then there’s no doubt that you also know all about Cristy Lee. Lee is one woman that you can definitely associate with speed. After all, she has practically been to every racetrack imaginable across the United States.

No, she’s not exactly racing for a living. Although, she's more than happy to go riding around the track when opportunity presents itself. Instead, you can usually find Lee making her rounds in the paddock and chatting with everyone because that’s her job.

As The Workshop Hero puts it, “Cristy Lee is a living testament to the quote “love what you do, do what you love” as she has masterfully found a way to combine all of the things she is most passionate about–cars, motorcycles, reporting, hosting–and turned them into a successful and thriving career. Not an easy feat for anyone, let alone for a female working in a male-dominated field/industry.”

Aside from hosting and reporting in various auto events, Lee is also a familiar face on television. After all, she’s 1/3 of the amusing trio behind the show All Girls Garage. In each episode, you can catch Lee and her co-hosts working on various performance cars and motorcycles. And clearly, these women are doing something right, considering that the show has been successfully running since 2011.

Without a doubt, Lee continues to be one of the most interesting people to watch in the automotive scene today. She has an amazing personality and a whole lot of knowledge and experience to share. Curious to find out more about Lee? Well, we’ve discovered 24 things you may not have known about her until now.

24 You can book Lee to come to your events

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Now, if you’re a huge fan of Cristy Lee, you would be happy to know that it’s possible to have her at your next event. As she had stated on her website, “Want me to swing by your next car show or event? It’s so great to meet other car lovers from around the country, to hear their stories, and to meet some of the fans of my shows.” If you have an inquiry regarding this, all you have to do is fill up an online form that can be found on her website. After this, Lee says, “I’m only a drive, ride, or flight away from your event!”

23 She used to be a dancer

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Sure, you may know Lee as a woman is simply obsessed with motors and anything that moves fast. However, did you know that she had also worked as a professional dancer at one point? Looks like she did make good use of what she had learned at Daytona State College. According to Lee, “With many years of experience as a trained dancer, I auditioned and made the Detroit Pistons Dance Team ‘Automotion’ in 2006. Soon after my stint with the NBA, I also performed for the MISL Dance Team…” And if you check Lee out on social media, you’ll sometimes catch short videos of her dancing around in the garage or near a race track.

22 She takes her voting rights seriously

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Without a doubt, Lee is one patriotic woman. In fact, she strongly believes in exercising your rights. These include your right to vote, which Lee had spoken about passionately on social media. In a post she made on November 7, 2018, Lee said, “I exercised my right, did you?!?? It’s easy to take for granted the rights and privileges we have as US citizens in a prosperous economy - but don’t neglect that someone (lots of someones) fought hard for those rights! Pay homage to our predecessors by exercising your right, because it truly is a privilege!!” She also posted a photo of herself holding up an “I Voted” sticker.

21 She once worked as a traffic reporter

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You may not realize it, but Lee also once worked as a traffic reporter when she was just starting out in the media industry. Apparently, this happened after her dancing career took off with the Detroit Pistons Dance Team and MISL Dance Team. On her website, she had explained, “My next big break was around the corner, when I won a contest and landed a gig as a traffic reporter and DJ for 101.1 WRIF FM Radio in 2008.” Knowing Lee, we could only imagine how well she had done on that job. After all, this woman is a true professional. And aside from that, she has always had a fun personality on the air.

20 She has been taking on hosting gigs since 2008

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For Lee, hosting shows and events seems to be a natural skill. After all, she has been performing this job since 2008. According to her very comprehensive resume, one of her first major jobs was as an on-air talent and DJ for 101.1 WRIF FM Radio Detroit back in May 2008. Meanwhile, she also served as a narrator for the Jeep-Dodge Autoshow from beginning January 2010 until the following year. In 2011 too, Lee served as the live MC for Dodge Racing and NASCAR. The following year, she once again served as an event MC for Indian Motorcycles at the International Motorcycle Show. Later on, Lee also became an event MC for Triumph Motorcycles at the same event.

19 She’s been working as a reporter since 2009

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Aside from serving as an event host across several events throughout her busy career, Lee has also served as an active reporter during various events. In fact, she has been actively working as a reporter since 2009. According to her resume, Lee had started working as a reporter and producer for Red Wings TV back in April 2009. She then went on to continue the job until May 2012. Meanwhile, she has also served as a reporter during events like Supercross LIVE, Monster Jam LIVE, AMA Pro Flat Track, AMA Pro Road Racing, TORC Off-Road Truck Racing, AMSOIL Arenacross LIVE, and Monster Jam & Monster Jam World Finals.

18 One of her most memorable interviews was with Burt Reynolds

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As you can see on social media, Lee has definitely interviewed a number of celebrities who are also car enthusiasts. These include Jay Leno and Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler. However, we believe that one of Lee’s most favorite interviews is the one that she did with Smokey and the Bandit star Burt Reynolds. When the actor had passed on 2018, Lee posted a photo of their interview, saying, “#tbt to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in 2016 with Burt - had the pleasure of chatting before the interview, we talked about cars, life, even cooking! Then the cameras came on and he was fresh outta words about that TA behind him. A memorable broadcast moment for me though.”

17 She is a self-confessed adrenaline junkie

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For Lee, it seems that she’s always high on adrenaline. Even when she’s not working, she keeps herself busy with all sorts of adventurous hobbies. After all, this is one woman who is never afraid to let her hair down and get on a bike. On her website, she wrote, “One thing that will never change is my addiction to adrenaline, I can’t get enough! There are so many other hobbies I have besides being an avid motorcyclist on the track, street, and dirt like mountain biking, mini-moto racing, rock climbing, snow boarding, I’ve even spent time behind the wheel at racetracks, Autocross events, and performance driving schools!”

16 She’s a hit with kids

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On social media, you can see several photos of Lee signing autographs for her dedicated fans. Surprisingly, some of these fans happen to be children. In fact, on her accounts, she can be seen doing meet and greet with some of her youngest fans, particularly girls. With a collage of photos, she posted, “Getting the chance to meet and talk with young girls at these events is beyond rewarding. It always makes my day when I hear how much they like watching #allgirlsgarage , how they are into cars, how they like to even help out on car projects... but whatever their story may be, what’s more amazing, is that our show inspired them in some way”

15 She’s worked for several major motorcycle companies

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As you might imagine, Lee has already worked with a number of major motorcycle companies over the years. After all, she herself is a true motorbike enthusiast. On her website, she explains, “As a recognized figure in the automotive and motorcycles industries, I’ve had the opportunities to represent some big companies and brands within the industry as a spokesperson and brand ambassador. I’ve been lucky enough to work for companies like Kawasaki Motors, Dodge, Ford Performance, Triumph Motorcyles, Toyota, Pirelli Tires, and many more aftermarket performance companies and high performance gear manufacturers.” And in the future, we can certainly expect Lee to work with even more brands.

14 She has a blog

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Yes, believe it or not, Lee has a blog of her own. You can readily find it on her official website. Although, it seems her schedule has been really busy as Lee has not been able to update her blog since 2017. If you check it out, the last entry was done way back in March 2017 when Lee talked about the Pirelli Calendar. She explained, “The tire powerhouse has translated this edgy appeal to print, producing The Pirelli Calendar, a highly regarded branded calendar featuring some of the world’s most famous models and actresses/actors, captured by legendary photographers dating back to 1964. This exclusive calendar, infamously dubbed “The Cal”, is not available for purchase anywhere, but only available to Pirelli’s most elite clients, consumers, and VIP’s.”

13 She has an estimated net worth of $13 million

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With all her hosting and reporting gigs, it’s easy to see how Lee could successfully make money in the media industry. If you ask her, she probably would not tell you what her net worth is by now. However, a report from the website Celeb Tattler claims that Lee’s net worth is already as much as $13 million. At the moment, it is unclear how much Lee is earning for her television show as well as hosting and reporting gigs. Nonetheless, it is possible for her to have already amassed a fortune since she started. Despite her earnings, though, it doesn’t seem that Lee has made any big purchases for herself. Indeed, she’s very smart about handling her finances.

12 She learned about “All Girls Garage” at an event

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As you may know, Lee currently serves as a host for the hit Velocity Network car show, All Girls Garage. As it turns out, she learned about the show while she was at an event. It was not immediately clear if she was in the middle of a hosting gig or was simply attending as a guest. On her website, Lee explained, “I was approached at an event and asked to audition for the spot as a host of a brand new show. It was only a few months later in 2011 that I was cast as one of three hosts on an all-female automotive how-to show, called All Girls Garage, that would air on the Velocity Network!”

11 She has covered more motorsport events than you can imagine

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So long as there’s a motorsport event across the country, you can be sure that Lee is around to cover it. In fact, she stated on her website, “Besides my success with TV’s leading automotive network, I continued to cover a variety of racing series in the world of motorsports for a variety of networks. Over the years, I have been seen covering Motocross Racing for SPEED and Fox Sports 1, Off-Road Truck Racing for NBC Sports Network, Supercross, Monster Jam, Flat Track Racing, and even the XGames on ESPN and ABC.” As you can see, this woman has been around!

10 She was in the pits when AMA Pro become MotoAmerica

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If you’re still wondering just how long Lee has been around in the industry, just consider this: she witnessed AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) Pro become Moto America. As she explains on her website, “Never forgetting where I started or leaving behind my passion for motorcycles, I continued to cover motorcycle racing for AMA Pro as a pit-reporter, staying with the same series when it became MotoAmerica in 2015. For the annugural season, I lead the TV broadcast on CBS Sports Network as the lead host, and returned to my role as pit reporter once again in 2016 covering not only MotoAmerica again, but MotoGP and WorldSuperbike for BeIN Sports Network.”

9 She has worked for a lot of big companies in the auto industry

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As far as we can tell, it seems Lee has already worked with every big company in the auto industry. Based on her resume, she has done event MC jobs for Dodge, Indian Motorcycles, Ducati Motorcycles, Jeep, Triumph Motorcycles, Kawasaki Motors, Motorcity Casino Detroit, Detroit Red Wings NHL, AMA Pro Road Racing, Toyota, Ford, and many more. In the near future, we can only expect Lee to keep working with even more automotive companies. Who knows? We might just end up seeing her taking some supercars for a spin. After all, she likes to drive and speed is definitely her game.

8 She’s selling some autographed merchandise

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On the other hand, if you are interested in getting some Lee merchandise, there are also several posters that you can buy on her website. In fact, she is offering free shipping in the U.S. if your order two posters or more. Further, Lee says, “If you place an order, please allow at least two weeks for the order to be processed. I am receiving, signing, labeling, and shipping each individual order myself, on top traveling. I promise, you will definitely receive your personalized order! If you'd like to request a rush order as a gift for a special day, please note that in the comment box when placing your order, and I'll do my best to get it out in time!”

7 She went to Daytona State College

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According to Lee’s LinkedIn page, she attended Daytona State College back when she was still based in Central Florida. According to a report from The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Lee had studied dance there. If you must know, Daytona State has its own College Dance Theatre where students are invited to audition and gain “performance experience.” This company is primarily focused on dances such as ballet and jazz. Moreover, it also concentrates in the disciplines of modern, musical theater and tap dance. The school further stated, “The Dance Theatre produces one concert each semester on campus plus community presentations. The curriculum of study in dance focuses on technique and theory.”

6 She grew up around cars and motorcycles

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Despite studying dance during college, Lee continued to surround herself with all things cars and motorcycles back at home. On her own website, Lee explained, “Cars, motorcycles and racing have always been a big part of my life being born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, not to mention my father was a local shop owner and mechanic. I spent my days lusting over pricey sports cars and flipping through automotive magazines, helping my dad with his garage projects here and there, but I didn’t really get into wrenching until later down the road, when my garage started to fill-up with a motorcycle of my own.”

5 She refers to her move to Detroit as the “big change”

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For Lee, it was a move to Detroit from Daytona Beach that seemed to have made the most impact in her life. In fact, she refers to it as the “big change.” On her website, she wrote, “After graduating college, it was time for a change, a BIG change – moving from Central Florida all the way to the original Motorcity, Detroit, MI. Initially I relocated to Detroit for business opportunities, but this city would prove to offer much more than I could ever expect!” Fresh out of college, jobs seem to have come easily for Lee after making the move. In fact, she managed to explore jobs doing something she has always loved: dancing. Aside from that, Lee also eventually entered the media industry.

4 She’s close with her family

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Based on her photos and social media posts, it’s pretty clear that Lee is very close to her family. As she had said, she spent a great deal of time hanging out in her dad’s garage. Aside from that, Lee has also posted several photos of her and her father when he was teaching her how to ride various vehicles. And that even includes a lawnmower. At one point, she posted, “Happy Father's Day to my awesome Dad!!! Lawnmower rides were my favorite growing up until I was old enough to drive one...thanks for kick-starting my love for anything with an engine at such a young age” Meanwhile, Lee has also posted Mother’s Day tributes to her mom.

3 She’s friends with other ladies who race

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Well, if you’re a woman who likes to drive anything fast, then you’re bound to make friends with like-minded ladies soon enough. In fact, it seems Lee hangs out with professional female drivers from time to time, one of which is National Hot Rod Association’s drag racer Leah Pritchett. At one point, two were photographed chatting as Lee was preparing to get in a car. Lee explained on Instagram, “#FBF gettin pointers from @leahpritchett_tf before I drag race the #Hellcat down Woodward Ave.” Well, if you’re going to race and you need to get some lessons, you might as well consult with one of the best, right?

2 She is mourning the loss of her cat

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If you’ve been following Lee on television and social media, you may realize one thing: she loves animals. In fact, Lee has been pictured with both dogs and cats. Unfortunately, it turns out she’s had to say goodbye to one of her furry pals, a cat named Sylvester, just earlier this year. On January 13, Lee posted, “Had to say good bye to a loved one this morning. Dammit why’s it so hard with animals...RIP Sylvester - one of the greatest, you’ll always be remembered.” Just a few days before Lee posted this message, she posted a photo of a similar-looking cat. This time, she said, “Fur baby vet visit.”

1 She loves the beach

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It seems that when Lee wants to unwind, one of her favorite destinations is the beach. Just a day after Christmas in 2017, Lee had posted a photo of herself casually lounging around the beach. With the photo, she wrote, “A much needed escape for the holidays.” Meanwhile, back in December 2018, Lee took to social media once again and posted a photo herself getting a tan on the beach. This time, she simply captioned the photo, “Escape.” And based on the hashtag she used, it seems that Lee had made her way to the Caribbean this time. Well, with all the hard work, she’s been doing, Lee definitely deserved a break. We sure hope she enjoyed it!

Sources: The Workshop Hero, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Daytona State College, and Cristy Lee Official Website.

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