16 Things We Never Knew About O.J. Simpson's Car Collection

Infamous running back and actor O.J. Simpson once said, “I’m enjoying the money, the big house, the cars; what ghetto kid wouldn't?” (Brainy Quote). It seems that the public today either loves or hates Simpson, who’s also known by his nickname “The Juice.” Whether one likes him or not, it’s hard to ignore his rags to riches story.

When Simpson reached the top, he had a car collection that remains the envy of enthusiasts even by today’s standards. While it’s not as vast and diverse as Jay Leno’s, what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

If there’s one car everyone thinks of when they hear about O.J., it’s the white Bronco. This list certainly addresses that infamous car and the slow-speed chase that took place in Los Angeles back in June 1994. What this list reveals, however, are all the hidden details they never knew surrounding the car, like how much it's worth and where it’s been all these years.

Beyond the Bronco, Simpson also had a few luxury cars we highlight, along with the unexpected changes he made to them. With the kind of money Simpson had amassed from a career in the NFL and Hollywood, it’s no wonder he had the extraordinary cars he did. We’re also going to look at what Simpson drives around in today since getting out of jail. Everyone knows Simpson because of his fall from grace, but few can claim to know these interesting tidbits about his mysterious car collection.

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16 He Owned A Red Ferrari Testarossa

via Esquire

It’s arguably the crown jewel of Simpson’s collection. He owned a red 1985 Ferrari Testarossa. There are plenty of photos showing Simpson near this beloved car. Usually, he’s dressed to the nines, ready for a night on the town, and the car is just the cherry on top to the lavish lifestyle he once had.

It isn’t clear what happened to that Testarossa, but Simpson doesn’t appear to own it still today. In a photo by Top Classic Cars For Sale, one can even spot the license plate of the car which humorously reads “JUICES.” No one questioned who it belonged to with that kind of plate until it went MIA.

15 Stowed The Bronco Away For Years, Until Pawn Stars

via stewardshipreport.com; New York Post

Everyone recognizes the white Bronco that Simpson ducked down while Al Cowlings drove. No one saw the car for a while though thanks to Simpson’s former agent, Mike Gilbert. According to Inside Edition, as per a YouTube clip, he kept it in a garage under a blue tarp for over 20 years.

The car emerged from hiding though to appear on the show Pawn Stars. It even managed to make our list of cars that should not have been turned down by pawn stars and those that they bought anyway. All the car needed was a jump and it was rolling again.

14 He Bought A 1988 Bentley Mulsanne New For His Daily Driver

via ClassicCars.com

Here’s one of the nicer cars in Simpson’s collection, which says a lot considering the Ferraris. Autotrader reports that Simpson bought his 1988 Bentley Mulsanne new. It’s no longer in his possession though these days. They go on to note that as of November 2018, Motorgroup LLC has it and even put it on the market.

As is typical with Simpson’s cars though, they’ve appeared to gain value after being in his garage. Motorgroup wants a whopping $350,000 for this luxury car. According to Autotrader, the car had 50,000, proving that Simpson used it a lot to get around Brentwood.

13 He Still Owned The Ferrari and Bentley Even After His Expenses

via lipstickalley.com

Even though Simpson had some financial challenges, he managed to hang on to his cars even after the case. On October 3, 1995, Simpson got acquitted. At this point, even after all his fees, he held on to the Ferrari and Bentley.

Yet in February 1996, according to The Spokesman-Review, he had plans to sell the Ferrari. By February 1997, the New York Times confirms he still had the Bentley Mulsanne, which at the time was worth about $35,000. Although Simpson lost both cars, it’s surprising he was still able to hold on to his toys despite all his legal expenses.

12 People Rented Out The White Bronco For Parties

via kansascity.com

We’re not exactly sure about the timeline on this one, especially when we consider that the Bronco was supposedly in storage for over 20 years. It would seem, however, that the white Bronco was at one time available for party rentals. Vanity Fair reports that the car popped up at an art gallery.

Peter Brant Sr., a wealthy businessman, owned the gallery. It must have cost an arm and a leg to rent out such a notorious automobile. What’s even stranger than having it at a party though is that the Bronco was even for rent in the first place.

11 He Modded The Testarossa With An Audiovox Car Phone

via afropunk

Based on the current owners of Simpson’s cars, he appears to have had a penchant for modifications. He even made changes to his Ferrari, which may have rubbed the automaker the wrong way (if they ever found out). In a description by the owner on Top Classic Cars For Sale, the Ferrari Testarossa has a few mods, including an Audiovox car phone. Before smartphones, drivers could install these big clunky devices if they wanted to make calls while on the go.

In the late ‘80s, this would’ve been a swanky feature to have. To find out more of his Ferrari mods, read further down.

10 He Claimed To Have Once Gone 170 mph in his Testarossa

via Pinterest

No one can say Simpson took it easy on his Ferrari. Instead, he did what many would argue a Ferrari is for, which is pushing its performance to the limit—even if it’s reckless and dangerous. As per Top Classic Cars For Sale, Simpson had once asserted that he went 170 mph in his Ferrari Testarossa.

The source notes that it was during his appearance on David Letterman back in 1989. It’s hard to believe Simpson was posturing when he said this; he more than likely pushed the car to its limits, just like he did the game of football. We’re just glad the Ferrari survived.

9 Drives A Convertible Bentley Continental Today

via Gravity Autos Atlanta

Just because Simpson had legal troubles and ended up going to prison doesn’t mean his luxury car days are over. The Daily Mail caught Simpson back in May 2018 going golfing. He ended up going there in his black convertible Bentley Continental. This somewhat pays homage to his 1988 Bentley Mulsanne, supporting the notion he’s a big fan of Bentley rides.

The jury is still out about whether he’s more a fan of Ferrari or Bentleys though. The same source notes that the Bentley he owns today has a disabled pass on the windshield, which they spotted while parked at the golf course.

8 He Bought Nicole A Ferrari Mondial

via New York Post

One of Simpson’s Ferraris was technically a gift for his wife at the time, Nicole Brown Simpson. According to The New York Post, it was a 1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet. While not as impressive as his red Ferrari Testarossa, it’s still a Ferrari nonetheless. The same source notes that there were only 14 white Mondial 3.2s ever made from ’86 to ’88, so it’s worth more than it seems on the surface.

They even note that Simpson once slashed the tires of this Ferrari. It wouldn’t be the only time he caused damage to one of his cars, which we reveal down below.

7 There’s Actually Two Broncos

via The Hollywood Reporter

Not everyone realizes that there are actually two Broncos that got wrapped up in the O.J. Simpson saga. First, there’s Simpson’s, which the police seized. The site Crime Museum notes that Simpson’s Bronco was part of the evidence in the case.

Then there’s Al Cowlings’, Simpson’s close friend, who owned the one in the chase. The same source notes that Cowlings intentionally bought the same exact white Bronco. People just assume that the one they saw on June 17, 1994, was Simpson’s since he owned one that looked similar. Cowlings must have liked Simpson’s so much, he just had to have the same version.

6 He Used After Market Parts To Customize Vehicles

via stars and stripes

They say a car says a lot about its owner. In Simpson’s case, it would seem that not only did the car say a lot about his tastes, but the parts he used to make it his own did as well.

According to a description by the owner of the Ferrari Testarossa on Top Classic Cars For Sale, Simpson put an aftermarket stereo system in. Even more, he added Bazooka speakers, which would have made for a loud and boisterous audio experience. Many will relate to Simpson’s penchant for music and fast cars when they learn about how he personalized his Ferrari Testarossa.

5 Simpson and His Wife Appeared In A Chevy Caprice Ad

via Flickr user Alden Jewell

Early indications point to Simpson being a Chevy man. Then again, he may have just been doing it to get a paycheck. As an image posted to Pinterest reveals, Simpson and his first wife, Marguerite, were in a GM ad showing off the Caprice Coupe. Underneath the photo was the tagline, “Not all big, comfortable cars have big, uncomfortable prices.”

In the text at the bottom of the ad, it details the specs but never talks about Simpson. That only speaks to how famous and recognizable Simpson was, that they didn’t even need to remind readers of who it was standing by the Chevy.

4 The White Bronco Went On Sale For $700,000

via YouTube

Many find it hard to believe the value Simpson’s Bronco goes for since the chase that took place in June 1994. The vehicle emerged in 2017 when Mike Gilbert, his agent, put it up for sale.

According to The Daily Mail, he put a lofty price tag of $700,000 on it. At the time the vehicle looked like it was in great condition. What really raises the car's value is its historical significance. Having cruised on the Los Angeles freeway, back when helicopters and cop cars trailed behind, it could have been any car—a Bronco just happened to be the one Simpson and Cowlings got into that day.

3 Many Of His Cars Bounce Around Museums And Collectors

via New York Post

Instead of Simpson’s cars all sitting together under the same roof, they’ve split up in multiple directions. After his legal troubles, the cars became fractured with some of them finding unexpected homes. Since many of the cars became notorious due to their owner, they went into places like museums, Autotrader notes.

Others fell into the hands of private collectors. Even more, some are still up for sale. Whatever the cars’ present state, they seem to ever be in flux and in search of a permanent residence ever since they left Simpson's garage. He’s probably bitter about losing out on those cars that once belonged to him.

2 He Also Drives A Mercedes SUV

via Mercedes-Benz USA

Now that Simpson is out, he hasn’t wasted any time getting back into the news. This time it was for some comments he made to the cameras that landed him back in headlines. All we care about though is the car he got into during the video interview.

As World Wide Spotlight shows, Simpson hopped into his white Mercedes SUV at the end before driving off. It may not be the most eye-catching of Simpson’s cars, but it shows he still loves nice cars. A Mercedes SUV offers luxury and comfort that’s reminiscent of Simpson’s lifestyle before all his troubles.

1 Simpson Had A Lot Of Strange Items In The Bronco

via MyCentralJersey.com

The Bronco chase raised a lot of eyebrows concerning Simpson and his culpability. Making matters even stranger are all the odd items he took with him during the car ride. CNN reports that Simpson had his passport and $9,000 in cash, which don’t really look good on the surface.

What really makes him look bad though is the fake goatee and mustache he had with him, along with a bottle of makeup. It looks like Simpson had learned a thing or two from the makeup department on Hollywood sets and decided he'd put together a shabby disguise in case he decided to skip town.

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