Timeless, Ageless: A Jaunt Through Sardinia In The Porsche 911 Speedster

Upon first blush, there might not seem to be much shared with the habits and styles of Sardinian centenarians and the metallic Teuton but there is.

I love this story. It bridges both my passion for automobiles with the wisdom and ineffable beauty that comes along with age. Photographer Luigi Corda, a native of Sardinia, recently embarked on a journey through his home country in the new Porsche 911 Speedster documenting the inordinate number of centenarians that exist in so-called "Blue Zones." What he found while traipsing through the Sardinian countryside with the top down - and I can't think of a better ride to do it in than the Porsche 911 Speedster - is a country and a people full of life.


Upon first blush, there might not seem to be much shared with the habits and styles of Sardinian centenarians and the metallic Teuton but there is. Both have withstood the test of time with grace, durability, and unremitting charm. They both share a tangible link to the past without forgetting the wonder and glory of living in the present. And they are both quite photogenic.

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The Porsche Speedster first appeared in the 1950's as a 356 model. She was a simple car, as the 356 most certainly was, that delivered a raw driving experience from its rear engined motor and drop-top styling. The name was later resurrected in the 911 model in the 930 and 964 generations. The current iteration is based on the 991 version of the 911, and while significantly removed from its old 356 air-cooled roots, it still manages to evoke the simple and clean driving experience of a time gone by.


In his travels across Sardinia from town to town, photographing the residents, and documenting their tales, Corda found an eager Porsche 911 Speedster ready and willing to meet whatever the next bend or bump in the road brought his way. The people too were eager to share their love of life and were quite excited to see the Porsche. It brought a smile to their well-worn faces and seemed to put a spring in their step possibly transporting them back to their youth and filling them with a car story from a time gone by. It's nice to see.

Check out Luigi's trip below. It's definitely worth a look. Adiòsu, Sardinia, and, Auf Wiedersehen, Porsche. Buckle up.

(via Porsche and Youtube)

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