10 Tips To Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean All The Time

It's easy to let garbage pile up inside your car and forget to take your vehicle to the car wash. These helpful tips will keep your car sparkling.

Getting a car cleaned up and looking like it's always brand-new is no trick. It's definitely something that any regular car owner can do themselves. So unless you plan on going to the car wash every other day to achieve this level of sparkling clean on your car, you're going to want to know some helpful tips for cleaning your car regularly. It's not going to be that hard... at least not any harder than having the car washed more than twice a week.

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From finding the right products to knowing which areas of the vehicle to clean (plus where to park your car), here are 10 tips to keep your car sparkling clean all the time.

10 Car Wax

The most effective coat of protection for cars is the car wax. Car waxes vary in price and duration of its shine and protective coating on a car, but most people don't know the proper method of application. Sometimes it doesn't matter how cheap or expensive a car wax is as long as the user knows the proper way to apply it to their car, and has the tools to do it correctly.

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In order to get that professional shine and finish on your car, use a buffer or polisher. If you have one lying around in your tool shed, get it out and learn how to use it because you'll be happy with the shiny results.

9 Wash The Car

We can't have a sparkling clean car all the time without giving it the proper wash that it deserves. So let's have it washed, it's the first important step. Go to the nearest car wash in your area or do it yourself if you know how to do it and if it's not much trouble.

To reach and maintain that level of cleanliness, we must first do the simplest and most basic cleanliness routine: rinsing the car with water. After all, we rinse fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking them, and we wash our hands before eating. Let's wash our cars regularly, too.

8 Car Wax Finishes And Protection

While waxing the car, we need to make sure that aside from a buffer, we're using the optimum applicators like microfiber towels and sponges to get a perfect shine. But there will be scratches on our car that just won't let up, so we have to spend some more time with them.

These scratches can be taken care of by paint sealant. Some people even use toothpaste. It all depends on how light or deep the scratch is. To make sure the newly-waxed car is protected, use a car cover. If you don't have one, those lightweight disposable car covers will be perfect and not expensive.

7 Cleaning Glass And Windows

Our car's glass can get dirty really quickly and it might be the first thing to get dirty after we have the whole car cleaned. Glass cleaners are our best bet. Some of the best brands are Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner and Sprayway Glass Cleaner. Many car waxes can actually be put on the glass to provide water protection and help keep stuff like bug carcasses from sticking.

We can also use them to clean the windows and mirrors at home. Avoid additional dirt and try not to park under trees just because of the shade. If you park there, you'll also get an assortment of insect, creature, and bird droppings on your car.

6 Clean Tire And Leather

Your car's tires and leather interiors look clean enough after getting washed and wiped. But we can still achieve that sparkling finish and make them cleaner for a little while longer. Car tires can get even blacker, making them look more handsome, by using tire cleaners, and there are some tire dressings that have UV protection.

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Leather interiors and the black or dark surfaces inside the car can be finished by all-purpose cleaners from Mothers, Chemical Guys, CarGuys, and Meguiar's. These popular car cleaning brands have all-purpose cleaners so choose the best for you and get to work on the car's interior.

5 Organize The Inside Of The Car

Applying an all-purpose cleaning compound to the interior of our car is not enough to keep it sparklingly clean all the time. When the inside of your car has a whirlwind of mess inside it, there's not much point to cleaning the outside.

Let's work on organizing everything and take out the trash first. All those receipts and food wrappings and paper bags have to go.  Then clean up the covers, mats, and carpets, that cup or can living in the cup holder, and anything else. A clean-looking car interior is one that's free of garbage and clutter.

4 Clean The Seats And Floor

We've started cleaning the inside of the car, so let's finish it. The seats and the floor may look clean after that first sweep of trash, so now it's time to get surgical with some suction power. Take out that vacuum cleaner and work on the seat covers, get those corners and in-between crevices where coins and keys always end up falling into.

Clean the dirt off the car floor, you'd be surprised what the original color is of that mat or carpeting after having it dust-busted with a vacuum cleaner. Change mats and seat covers if that's an option and a need. If the floor mats are rubber, wash them with soap and water and let them dry before putting back in the car.

3 Rubber Mats and Other Cheap Products

Using cheap products can make our car cleaner for a little while longer. Get those cheap rubber mats and put them in the car but make sure not to get those smelly ones. These will extend the life and the beauty of our original car mats and are great for the rainy season. When cleaning windows the best way to dry is not with an absorbent microfiber towel, there's a cheaper way that gives it the same finish.

Use old newspapers to wipe the windows dry, we're saving on stuff and we're also re-using newspaper, what an eco-friendly way to keep our car window and windshield clean, yeah.

2 House Your Car

We have a garage for a reason. We can think of it as our car's house sand domain. Sometimes people don't use the garage because they're going to be using their cars and running errands again later in the day, and then a light rain shower will happen and wet the car. Then the car gets a blast of sunlight after the three-minute rain shower.

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This could ruin a perfectly clean and sparkling car for sure. If only we parked the car in the garage, right? No garage, no problem. Let's get those better-looking car covers so that the car has protection overnight from dirt, morning dew, etc.

1 Maintaining The Car

It's easy to maintain a buffed car wax finish. It not only gives the car shine and sparkle, but it also makes it easier for us to clean dirt off with much fuss. Dirt will come off the car easily if you use a clean and dry microfiber towel and do it every day.

If wiping it won't do, or if the car got wet, a bucket of water and a wet and dry towel does the trick. No soap is needed. Just wipe it clean with the damp towel, then finish right away with the clean one. The same method goes for the windows and windshield.

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