Ranking The Top 25 Cars Driven By NBA Superstars

When you think of the colossal amounts of money doled out to athletes in this day and age, sometimes, it takes you back to your days in junior high, when the sports coach would stretch you beyond your limits on the basketball court or football pitch or even the track, and you didn’t like it one bit. In fact, it was much easier to get a note excusing you from participating either because of health reasons or something else.

As time went by, though, we started cheering on athletes during big games, such as the Olympics, the World Cup, golf tournaments, and exciting matches like the Super Bowl and the NBA. It wasn’t until we got to know how much these guys earn and their lifestyles were flashed right before our eyes that we remembered how we used to skip physical education classes. The kids that stuck it out and put in hours on the court or the race track are now on everyone’s lips–they’re our role models, our idols, and they live large! Some of these kids went on to become the biggest names in the NBA, and their earnings are over the roof. We checked out the guys whom we adore on the basketball court and their rides, and boy... are they living our dream lives! The range of cars they call their daily drives is impressive, some of them with luxury supercars, while others prefer muscle cars and even Oldsmobiles. Without further ado, check out the top 25 cars driven by NBA superstars.

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25 Joe Johnson

via doseng.org

Joe plays with the Utah Jazz as a shooting guard. Previously, he was a star player for the Phoenix Suns, the Atlanta Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets, Johnson raking in over $200 million cumulatively. His career was nurtured in high school while playing for the school team, and this continued into college where he was drafted for the Celtics. Joe stands at 6’7” tall, the perfect height to score points for the team, but he’s also scored points for himself.

Unlike fellow NBA players who spin luxury supercars, Joe went with a super, giant F650 pickup truck worth about $250,000.

This truck has 55-inch tires, 3 TV screens, cameras in the front, the back, and the sides, a train horn, a back seat that folds into a bed, and a huge 200-gallon diesel gas tank—the stuff of fantasy. For a guy with one of the richest contracts in NBA history, this is well within his budget.

24 LeBron James

via sohu.com

LeBron James, aka King James, is one of the richest NBA superstar players, with an annual salary of $25 million from the Cleveland Cavaliers where he plays as a small forward. As if that’s not enough, he bags $55 million from endorsements with top brands like Beats by Dre, Coca-Cola, Dunkin-Donuts, Samsung, Nike, McDonald's, State Farm, and many more–you can do the math!

His car collection includes a sleek yellow Camaro SS, a Porsche 911 Turbo S, a Hummer H2, a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, a Ferrari F430 Spider, a Dodge Challenger SRT, a Maybach 57S, a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, a Chevrolet Camaro SS, and a 1975 Chevrolet Impala–and we’re not done yet.

The showstopper is his Lamborghini Aventador, specially wrapped to celebrate the Nike LeBron XI and King James Legacy sneakers launch. In fact, the liner of the shoe has the same pattern as the unique wrap on the supercar that was commissioned by Nike for $670,000.

23 James Harden

via complex.com

Harden is a point guard for the Houston Rockets, a team he joined after being traded by Oklahoma City Thunder before the 2012-2013 season. Since then, he’s been with the Rockets, rising to become one of the most prolific scorers of the NBA and bagging the best shooting guard title. His story is a lucky-to-be-alive one because, before his birth, his mom had suffered several miscarriages, so he’s a miracle child really. The first thing you notice about this guy isn't just his height but the trademark beard he started growing in 2009. Then, there’s the money! Besides his salary, Harden has an endorsement deal with Adidas for the next 13 years worth $200 million, out of which he’s spent quite a sum on supercars. Some of the notable ones in Harden’s stable include an all-black custom Chevrolet Camaro convertible, a Mercedes Benz S550, and a Range Rover.

22 Chris Paul

via toyznation.com

Chris moved to the Houston Rockets, joining James Harden as a point guard after his former team, the Los Angeles Clippers, traded him in exchange for Patrick Beverley and other players. When he’s not making ads with James Harden, he makes millions from endorsement deals with brands like Nike’s Jordan Brand, FanDuel, Spalding, Panini, Tencent, Kaiser Permanente, and State Farm. One of his top accomplishments was when he partnered with an automotive brand.

Any athlete knows that an endorsement deal with an automotive brand is the pinnacle, and Chris hit it with Jeep, which is probably why he drives a 2014 Jeep JKU Wrangler Unlimited.

The car’s interior got was upgraded to an all-white diamond pleat, with custom CP3 embroidered headrests, while the 22-inch wheels were custom made with titanium hardware, fitted with Brembo brake kit and calipers, plus Chris’s CP3 logo embossed into each wheel’s center cap.

21 Dwight Howard

via instarix.com

Howard got his basketball talent from his mom, who played at Morris Brown College on the inaugural women’s basketball team. At just nine years old, he decided to follow his dream of being picked in the NBA Draft someday. A self-driven young man, Howard rose to become one of the best American high school basketball players, and it's his prowess on the court that got him picked in round 1 of the 2004 NBA Draft as first overall to play for Orlando Magic team. Today, Howard plays for the Charlotte Hornets and has five kids, 20 pet snakes, and a handcrafted, fully armored SUV–one of only 100 ever manufactured—the Knight XV. This $620,000 car’s design was inspired by military vehicles and is built to resist various types of ammunition with bulletproof windows and tires and a 6.8-liter V10 engine that produces 400 horsepower. It also delivers a speed of up to 100 mph.

20 Russell Westbrook

via pinterest

Westbrook is a seven-time NBA All-Star and two-time NBA All-Star Game MVP who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder team as a point guard. His career profile is littered with one accolade after another after he was selected in the 2008 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics and, barely a week later, joined the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s known to be one of the most stylish NBA players, what with his own signature Jordan shoe, a clothing line, and the car he parks in his luxury-home garage. There’s no doubt he knows where to put his hard-earned money. Westbrook paid $387,000 for his bright orange Lamborghini Aventador that has a 6.5-liter V12 engine mated to a 7-speed transmission. This car produces 690 horsepower and can zip from 0-6- in 2.9 seconds at a top speed of 217 mph.

19 Kevin Durant

via Booska-p.com

With a net worth of about $150 million dollars, Durant, a 29-year-old NBA player with the Golden State Warriors, lives the life most people only dream of. His talent was discovered way back in high school, where he played for three different schools. However, it wasn’t until his college days at the University of Texas that he opted to enter the NBA draft, having been selected by the SuperSonics in the first round of the 2007 NBA draft. With an impressive series of wins and accolades, Durant attracted endorsement deals with top brands like Nike, Gatorade, Degree, and many others. Despite his 6’11” height, Durant settled for a matte red Camaro SS, with thin pinstripes on the hood and a customized grille with KD–his initials–on it. The red color is overkill, though.

18 Dirk Nowitzki

via muzul.com

In 2007, Dirk became the first European basketball player to receive the NBA MVP title. His prolific career was born in his home country from where the Milwaukee Bucks picked him in the 1998 NBA draft. Had Holger Geschwindner, a former German international basketball player turned coach, not spotted his talent at 15, and led him to play against the best in the NBA, Dirk would just be another tall basketball hero–in Germany.

Despite his career earnings of about $242 million, the German native chose a car from his home country: an Audi R8.

This luscious car that's accustomed to turning heads isn't just marvelous to drive; it's everything you want in a sports car. It's powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine that packs 540 horsepower with a 7-speed automatic, plus an interior with WiFi hotspot capability, 4G LTE connectivity, and a 12.3” configurable display.

17 Dwyane Wade

via legendaryvideos.com

You’ve probably heard Jay-Z name-drop Dwyane Wade in his track ‘Empire State of Mind,’ but this wasn’t about the player. The 36-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard said he felt like he had made it in pop culture, but, his lifestyle already oozes pop culture. Firstly, he’s married to Gabrielle Union, the hot actress and star of the Being Mary Jane series. Then, there’s his lavish lifestyle, which he easily finances having built a strong brand from brand partnerships and his diverse portfolio of designer socks, shoes, and ties.

He also owns a supercar collection, among them a Porsche 911, an Aston Martin Vanquish, an Audi R8, a previously owned McLaren Mercedes M155 SLR.

The latter was gifted to him by an exotic Miami car dealership, and it had autographed seats with his unique signature, plus Wade Limited Edition badges.

16 Carmelo Anthony

via emaze.com

Anthony was drawn to sports as an escape mechanism or diversion from the crazy stuff that was happening in his hood growing up as a child. After his dad passed on, the rest of the family moved to Baltimore where he would commute to high school for about three years. Lucky for him, he grew tall enough to join basketball, making a name for himself, which in turn attracted the attention of the NBA. He rose to become one of the top-earning NBA players, which heralded the end of commuting and the beginning of luxe living. The Oklahoma City Thunder small forward, also known for his fetish for luxury watches, got a black 2014 Corvette Stingray for his 30th birthday from his wife, La La, an actress-cum-deejay. Last we checked, the couple was living separately, but we hope the gift still stands.

15 Derrick Rose

via kknews.cc

Had Rose’s mother not shielded him from the street agents in Chicago’s basketball circles, we probably wouldn’t be talking about his talent and wealth. She couldn’t bear the thought of her son losing a chance to go pro with the NBA. Her gut was right, and it surely paid off. Rose is one of the most talked-about NBA players, with an annual salary of about $34 million, which ideally lets him buy anything he wants. He also has endorsement deals with Adidas, Wilson Sporting Goods, Skullcandy, and Powerade, among others. With so much cash in the bank, Rose splurged on a $1.7 million German whip, the Bugatti Veyron. This car’s speed is so impressive, it got a spot in the Guinness World Record for its top speed of 267.86 mph, thanks to its 2.1-gallon quad-turbocharged W16 cylinder engine that packs 1,200 horsepower, going from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.

14 J.R. Smith

via twitter

Smith is a shooting guard with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a position he’s held since 2015 after moving from the New York Knicks. Perhaps what comes to mind when thinking about him and cars is the grisly accident in 2007, involving his car (an SUV) and another in New Jersey. At the time, he was with fellow NBA player Carmelo Anthony and another passenger who died later after succumbing to head injuries from the accident. But that didn’t dampen his driving spirit going by his car collection.

Smith owns a Bentley Mulsanne, a Ferrari 458 Spider, and the famous bulletproof Gurkha F5 worth $450,000.

With such an armored vehicle, one is left to wonder whether he has many enemies or he’s just looking for attention.

13 Tony Parker

via gethashtags.com

Parker is a French professional NBA player with the San Antonio Spurs, taking after his dad, a former professional basketball player. Looking at his earnings and his lifestyle, he, too, seems to have everything going for him. He’s married to a gorgeous French journalist, plus he’s a hip-hop artist, a philanthropist with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in France, and a shareholder in different companies, and he has endorsement deals with big brands like Renault Koleos, Chinese sportswear brand Peak, and others. He’s also involved in television and filming having co-directed a documentary film and acted in other short films. Clearly, he works hard for his money, which is why he rewards himself with the finest machines. Parker owns a Ferrari F430 Spider, a Continental GTC, a white TP9 Lamborghini Murcielago, a DeLorean DMC-12, and a blue classic car.

12 Blake Griffin

via daily mail

It’s not a rumor anymore that Griffin is romantically involved with Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner. They’ve been seen on many occasions on lunch or dinner dates, with Griffin driving Kendall around in his car. The Detroit Pistons power forward, renowned for his earth-shattering slam dunks, has endorsement deals with Panini America and has appeared in commercials for Subway, GameFly, Kia Motors, and Vizio. He also runs the Dunking for Dollars fundraiser, the proceeds of which go toward fighting childhood obesity. So for each dunk he makes in-season, $100 goes to the fund. You probably remember when he jumped over a Kia sedan car and won the Slam Dunk contest. Yeah, he donated one from that too, for a charity auction that supports the Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser. He owns a two-door Rolls-Royce, the one he’s been taking Kendall out on dates with, but he also has a murdered out, all-black GMC Denali.

11 Andre Drummond

via twitter

Andre plays for the Detroit Pistons and is one of the highly rated NBA players, having been named an NBA All-Star in 2016. He was recently named as John Wall’s replacement in the NBA All-Star game, a move he's excited about, seeing as he'll get to play alongside top NBA player and slam-dunk champ, Blake Griffin. At 6’11”, this 24-year-old is already going places.

Last year, his annual salary was at $22 million, plus his endorsement deals with brands like Nike (Jordan), Halo Burger, Panini, Kroger, and UDIM rake in about $1 million annually, so he’s quite the wealthy chap.

Drummond rides a red Mercedes S550 AMG Benz, a fast, fun, and comfortable car with an interior suitable for long rides.

10 Anthony Davis

via celebritycarz.com

The 6’10” (height inherited from his dad) 24-year-old NBA player is ranked as one of the top-paid athletes in the world with an average annual salary of $25.4 million. He also makes crazy bucks from endorsement deals with huge brands like Nike, Red Bull, 2K Sports, and H&R Block which recently signed a partnership with the player. With many accolades to his name, including being a four-time NBA All-Star and an All-NBA First Team honoree, Davis had to reward his efforts, which is why he got himself a white Mercedes S550 Coupe and a blacked-out Porsche Panamera, which he tricked out with a simple window tint, spoked alloys, and yellow calipers to match.

9 Stephen Curry

via celebritycarsblog.com

Whether he’s still welcome at the White House or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Curry, a point guard with the Golden State Warriors, continues to rise to the top of the list of the highest-earning NBA players. His dad was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and spent a lot of time with the Charlotte Hornets—possibly where Curry gets pointers from ahead of every game. Like most other celebrities, this guy also parks in his garage some of the top car brands associated with celebrity life. His fleet includes not just SUVs but also coupes and sports cars that amaze in both design and power. Curry has a Porsche GT3 SR with a smashing exterior and a 6-speed manual transmission, a black mean and aggressive Porsche Panamera with a V8 engine, and a black Mercedes G55 AMG, whose brutal exterior design speaks masculinity and power–the perfect collection for a star player.

8 Paul George

via autoloandaily.com

George is a small forward with the Oklahoma City Thunder team. This five-time NBA All-Star set off his basketball career in high school after which the Indiana Pacers selected him for the 2010 NBA Draft. Despite suffering a broken leg while competing for the FIBA Basketball World Cup in 2014, George quickly recovered in time to get back to the court. During his recovery, he received a lot of support from the basketball community, but he also got a brand new white Ferrari 458 Italia, probably what hastened the healing process. He also has a Ferrari F430, with 483 horsepower and a top speed of 200 mph, and a Porsche Panamera, which is common among other top-earning celebrities in the world.

7 Zach Randolph

via dailynewsdig.com

Randolph, aka Z-Bo, joined the NBA through the 2001 NBA Draft right after his college freshman season. He was drafted by Portland Trail Blazers, and he’s been in the game for quite a while. He plays for the Sacramento Kings as a power forward/center and has been an NBA All-Star twice. Randolph has made over $172 million in NBA salary alone over his career, which is more than enough for him to get dope cars.

His collection includes a customized white Bentley Mulsanne with staggered 24-inch wheels and a chrome lip, plus a fleet of seven Chevy donks which he takes much pride in.

The most prominent of his donks is the vibrant red 1976 Impala, whose 26-inch wheels match the car’s vibrant red and chrome for a cool shine. This car is fitted with a unique sound system that includes a Kenwood head unit and a Sony DVD player.

6 Michael Beasley

via xxx autohaus wheels

This guy is special because he's one of the rare players in the NBA who are ambidextrous, meaning he can use both his right and his left hand to play, but he actually shoots with the left one. Beasley Jr., a 29-year-old small/power forward with the New York Knicks, grew up with top NBA players like Kevin Durant and Nolan Smith, so their friendship didn’t just start on the court. His contract with the Knicks and his endorsement deal with Nike and Adidas have allowed him to get cool whips like his all-black Range Rover, which he fitted with 24-inch Forgiato Concavos and a chrome lip, plus a four-door Bentley Flying Spur, for which he also recently got a cool set of rims.

5 Pau Gasol

via digestcars.com

This six-time NBA All-Star and four-time All-NBA selection player is a power forward/center with the San Antonio Spurs. The 37-year-old, the only Spaniard and non-American to win the NBA Rookie of the Year award, signed endorsement deals with big brand names like Nike, Banco Popular, EA Sports, and San Miguel. He’s also authored a book titled "Life–Vida," which tracks his life through photos about leadership and teamwork, with proceeds going to his charitable Gasol Foundation. Despite his huge earnings, Gasol settled for an Audi A8—not too posh, but it’s still synonymous with celebrity. Some of the well-known celebs who drive this car include Jason Statham and even Prince Charles of the Royal Family.

4 George Jesse Hill Jr.

via rantsports.com

Jesse grew up wanting to be like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, who are more like the ‘fathers’ of b-ball, and they’re among the top ten richest, with Jordan right at the top. In his quest to fill his role models’ huge shoes, Jesse, whose childhood dream was to play in the NBA, excelled in his high school as one of the top players, forming part of the Magnificent Seven from Indianapolis. This landed him a spot in the 2008 NBA draft when the San Antonio Spurs selected him. Today, he plays for the Sacramento Kings, and from his earnings, he got a 1971 Cutlass, which he painted black and Hemi orange. He dedicated this car to his former school, Broad Ripple High. In fact, each of his cars is dedicated to a different period in his life.

3 Vince Carter

via ultimateauto.com

When an NBA player has hopped from teams like the Orlando Magic, the Toronto Raptors, and the Phoenix Suns, you know he’s seasoned, especially if he started way back in the '90s. Carter has seen many games and seasons, and he’s one out of only seven players to have played in at least 20 NBA seasons in his lifetime. This is probably what earned him the Most Influential Veteran title given him by the NBA Players Association. Today, he’s a shooting guard with the Sacramento Kings, on a one-year contract worth $8 million.

With such good money, Carter is able to afford his Mercedes S63 and Chevy Camaro, which he's done quite some work on.

The Camaro has custom-painted 24” rims and a heavy sound system to keep him entertained on the road. The S63 has Wald fenders, 22-inch NC Forged wheels, smoked lights, and a lowered suspension for the totally ol' skool look.

2 Tyson Chandler

via zimbio.com

Chandler’s love for the game started at a tender age of three years when he began playing basketball on a basket his grandfather fixed on a tree. By age nine, he was already close to six feet tall, which got him teased a lot by kids on his school’s basketball team. His love for b-ball and his height paid off when he became a teenage sensation–goodbye childhood haters, hello NBA pro! In 2001, he declared for the NBA draft and the rest is history. The father of three has an eye for fine fashion but also for strong and expensive cars. The 7’1” NBA star drives a lifted Ford F350 Super Duty, which he likes because it accommodates his huge build and height. He also has a 2011 Range Rover HSE, a white Ferrari, and a Mustang.

1 Reggie Evans

via nba247365.com

If you’re a fan of Evans, you may know a lot about his game and his lavish lifestyle but probably don’t know where he came from. Back in the day, he was known as ‘Slim,’ a street name given him as a crack-cocaine peddler, but he only did this to support his family financially as his mom was already struggling to pay the bills. But this didn’t last long, as he decided to quit when he saw his cousin arrested twice for selling drugs. He moved on swiftly to become a basketball star in high school, and in no time, he was in the NBA. Finally, he could afford anything, and his mom didn’t have to suffer anymore. He also rewarded himself with a swagged-out, ol’ skool, drop-top donk fit for Reggie Evans’s hood style.

Sources: TMZ.com, Wikipedia, complex.com

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