The Top 10 Best Car Chargers

Chargers are something of a necessity today for the frequent traveler. Whether it's getting stuck in traffic or cruising down the open road, a device that's charged and ready to go is the perfect road companion. This is why getting low on battery power is such a pain whenever we travel, that's why people have USB chargers in their cars and similar contraptions that can juice up their mobile devices for further use.

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Today, car chargers are not just simply car chargers anymore. They have certain other uses and other features more than just plugging in and charging. This article shares 10 of the best car chargers on the market today.

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10 Anker

Anker is part of a 5-pronged innovation company composed of Soundcore (speakers and earphones), Eufy (home connected smart-appliances), Nebula (smart-portable entertainment), and Roav (smart-connected devices for vehicles). Anker's focus is on charging technology. Anker's products center on chargers, power banks, and cables. Their chargers are categorized into five divisions: universal hi-speed chargers, wall, desktop, wireless, and car chargers. Anker offers 16 different kinds of car chargers.

They range from 12W, 24W, 30W, 29W and 50W chargers, some are single, dual, and 5-port car chargers. They also have wireless car chargers, but we recommend the scratch-resistant PowerDrive 2 Alloy Metal Mini Car Charger at $13.99. But feel free to check their website for more options.

9 Maxboost

Maxboost is a company that designs and manufactures various mobile accessories. Think soft and hard cases, screen protectors and charging stands. They cater to various phone brands like iPhone, Samsung, Google, even iPad Pro and Apple Watch. Maxboost also has car accessories like phone mounts and car chargers.

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So if your device is an iPhone or Samsung, this might be the best place to get a car charger. The company offers seven different car chargers, all with different features but their shapes and sizes look relatively similar. We recommend the Maxboost Dual-Port USB Charger since it's only $7.99 on Amazon.

8 RavPower

RavPower is a company that's been in the charging business for eight years. They have everything, chargers for any place one can imagine: power banks for air travel, wall chargers, charging cables, solar chargers, and car chargers. RavPower has 11 car-charger models on their website, and the price of these products range from $7.99 to $19.99.

The smartest buy would be the two-pack or 2-for-1 RAVPower 24W 4.8A Mini Dual USB Car Adapter for only $15.99. It's cool because you get two car chargers for less than $20. RavPower also claims that this is the smallest metal charger in the world.

7 Aukey

Aukey is a top-selling brand in areas such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, East and Northern Europe, and Latin America. They manufacture and distribute quality electronic hardware and mobile accessories. From computer keyboards to adapters and cables, Aukey has products like power banks and car chargers.

There are only none car charger variations to choose from according to their website, and the best one we recommend is not on there yet but is available on Amazon. It's the AUKEY 36W USB C PD Car Charger. The build of this one looks sleek and more advanced than the rest of the others in Aukey's website.

6 Jelly Comb

Seenda is a company well-known for its stylish wireless mouse and keyboards. It's been making products since 2008, then in 2014 they established a new company that will continue to produce wireless office hardware and other charging accessories like a USB car charger. The company is called Jelly Comb. This company focuses mainly on accessories for home and office computer use.

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But they have a car charger that's amazingly affordable for the features it offers. This is the Jelly Comb 65W 6-Port USB Car Charger and it's sold for only $16.99. The charger comes in black or white and for a car charger with six ports, that price is a bargain.

5 Ainope

Ainope is quite popular on Amazon for its affordable products and good quality. They sell phone accessories like screen protectors, cell phone holders for cars, Bluetooth FM transmitters for cars, and of course car chargers. There are only two options for car chargers by Ainope, and their more popular one has more than 3,000 customer reviews.

What's more impressive is that above 67 percent of these reviews are outstanding, it's not just the price but the quality of the car charger. The Ainope Car Charger is a 4.8A aluminum alloy dual-port car charger that's priced on Amazon at an affordable $12.99. It's available in black, red, and silver.

4 Scosche

Scosche may be the oldest company in this list, and it was founded in the United States. Roger and Scotia Alves were the founders and they started the company as a car audio consulting business in 1980. Their products are all connected to automobiles, from speakers to headphones and other car accessories.

It's such a big company based in California that they also have health and fitness products and Powersports accessories. They have at least 12 different car chargers available, but the best of them all is the ReVolt Dual at $19.99. It has two ports and can charge two iPads at once.

3 Trianium

This brand offers four different kinds of car chargers to choose from and they specialize in anything about mobile devices. Cellphones and tablets, generally the new iPhone and Samsung devices. They have phone mounts, slim cases, screen protectors, power banks, and other computer and laptop accessories.

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The car chargers are either $19.99 or $39.99. But their bestselling charger is the 2-for-1 Trianium 24W 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger for $11.99 available on Amazon. We get a back-up car charger and one to use right away for less than $12. This may be the cheapest car charger here at $6 a piece.

2 Choetech

Choetech is a company based in China established in 2013 and is focused on creating what they call 3c products. These three are computer, communication, and consumer electronics. That's basically anything that anyone might need for their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and any other electronic device being used at home, in the office, or on the go.

The car charger they have is the $18.99 CHOETECH USB C Car Charger. But what we recommend is the package that includes the same car charger and a Choetech wireless car-charger-car mount phone holder all for $44.96 on Amazon.

1 iOttie

An American company headquartered in New York, iOttie is homegrown and was established in 2010. With their vision of bringing the future one step closer each day, the products they offer are definitely advanced-looking and top of the line in quality. Their iOttie Wireless Car Charger ($54.95) is one of the best-looking wireless car charger and phone mounts in the business.

This car charger comes in three different models: dash and windshield mount, CD slot mount, and air vent mount. The technology is definitely one step closer to the future as we go about our life with no wires, no tethers and no holding back.

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