Top 10 Entry-Level Drift Cars, Ranked

We all watch as professionals drift in their cars across our television screens, but there are some of us who want to try it for ourselves. We dream of flying across the pavement, leaving a trail of dust in our path as we shred the roadways with our vehicle. It can be difficult to decide which car you should purchase as your first drifter, but luckily, we have laid out some options.

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We have compiled a list of the best entry-level drift cars for newbies looking to break into this adrenaline-filled field. These vehicles will allow you to practice and work on your technique, so eventually, you can purchase an intermediate model. Keep reading to learn about the ranking of the ten best entry-level drift cars!

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10 Toyota Corolla AE86

This car may not be fast, with only 130 bhp, but it can be easier to learn on a vehicle where you can take it step by step. People also tend to enjoy the overall drive of the vehicle, but the 1.6-litre 4A-GE motor is what leaves its admirers drooling.

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Drivers feel like the illegal street racers of the '80s as they drift around turns and race their friends. This car has jumped in price over the years as collectors have searched to add them to their collection after it became a cult classic.

9 Mazda RX-7

This car not only looks good, but it is one of the best cars on the market for entry-level drifters. The engine is pistonless which can create issues once the mileage increases on the car, so after a time you will have to rebuild the engine or perform an engine swap.

It might be a hassle or a bit expensive for your budget, but it is highly used in drifting circuits. If you are unfamiliar with engine rebuilds then this car may not be the one for you, but nonetheless, it performs phenomenally on the track.

8 Nissan S14

This vehicle was produced in 1993 and came in two different models known as the Zenki and the Kouki. It doesn't matter which model you choose as they are built sturdily enough to handle the rough driving of any amateur. It has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can reach 350 bhp.

The only downfall of this vehicle is that over time the stock gearbox tends to wear out. Many people choose to replace this off the getgo to avoid its self-destruction by upgrading to a sturdier Nissan box, but all of the parts are relatively cheap to replace.

7 BMW M3 E36

This car was created between 1992 and 1995, but it is perfect for the entry-level drifter. They are cheap to obtain on the market, but what's on the inside makes it desirable. It has a five-speed manual transmission and comes with a limited-slip differential which any drifter knows is a requirement for drifting.

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The three-litre engine is also a nice bonus, as well as the whopping 282 brake horsepower it gives the driver. You will be drifting comfortably in no time when you practice behind the wheel of this vehicle.

6 Mercedes C230 Kompressor

The Mercedes C230 Kompressor was created with drifting in mind after it was equipped with a 2.3-litre engine and a total of 190 bhp. Thee engine was made to be abused, and as a first-time drifter, it is exactly the kind of thing you need.

These cars are fairly cheap and can generally be picked up for around $1,000. They can be difficult to find and are generally not in the greatest of shape, but the good news is that it is not hard to find spare parts.

5 Toyota Chaser JZX100

This car is a fantastic drifter, but it also provides a nice view for its owner. The design is sleek and stylish, but unlike many of these vehicles, it can hold up to five people. It comes with a 2.5-litre six-cylinder turbocharged engine that provides more than enough horsepower for its driver with 350 to 400 bhp.

This is a ridiculous number and maybe a bit high for many newcomers, but luckily the engine is capable of powering through your destructive abuse.

4 Mazda MX-5

This vehicle is more commonly known as the Miata in the states, but it is valued as an entry-level drift car mainly for its price. They are so cheap due to their consistent production since 1989, which means there are thirty years of this particular vehicle out there for the taking.

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The power might be low with only 130 bhp for the 1.8-litre engine, but it doesn't take much for this vehicle to begin drifting. You can always upgrade the engine block if you feel you need more, but it might be worth it to go with another model if you require more bhp.

3 Nissan 200sx S13

This car, more commonly known as the Nissan Silvia, is popular among first-time drifters. The only reason this is not ranked higher is due to the fact that prices have skyrocketed for this vehicle in recent years as people have scooped them up like candy. Its light frame combined with the 1.8-litre engine sounds as good as it drifts.

There are those who argue that the S14 might be a better option, but it is argued that the modifications needed are not worth the cost.

2 Volvo 340

This Volvo 340 might be a sight for sore eyes, but its the way it drifts that counts for something. It is perfect for those interested in trying the sport, but not sold on the idea of emptying their wallet. You will need to weld the differential and lower the suspension, but it is easy enough for anyone to figure out with a little bit of assistance.

The 80 bhp might be a turnoff, but by the time you learn how to drive this bad boy, you will be able to drift in basically anything.

1 Nissan Skyline R33

There are several Nissan Skyline models to choose from that will work as drifting vehicles, but the R33 has been pinpointed as the best for entry-level drifters. You want to make sure you choose the rear-wheel-drive model, and the 2.5-litre engine with six cylinders is the one you should be searching for.

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This puts out around 250 bhp, but you might find yourself upgrading the suspension after a spell. The R32 and R34 models are also excellent choices, but the R33 is by far the best for your budget.

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