Top Gear: 10 James May Quotes That Are Still Hilarious Today

James May continues to be known as one of the funniest hosts of Top Gear. His grumpy nature won over fans and will not be forgotten any time soon.

Throughout the 20+ seasons of Top Gear, and subsequent hosting of Amazon's The Grand Tour, fans around the world have become endeared to the show's three main hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

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Since they've been around for so long, they've said some hilarious and taboo things during their time as TV presenters. One of the funniest, and most grumpy, of the three, though, is James May. May is particularly set in his ways and truly acts his age, as seen by the several altercations and jokes between the three. To showcase how funny Mr. May can be, here are ten James May quotes that are still hilarious today...

10 "France Is Just A Country You Drive Through To Get To Italy. That's All It's There For"

Being a television presenter for a show as popular as Top Gear will, obviously, see you travel quite a bit. Hosts like May, Clarkson, and Hammond have all traveled around the globe for their jobs; some places better than others. Apparently, though, one of May's most hated is France.

As James May puts it, "France is just a country you drive through to get to Italy. That's all it's there for." It seems that May is seriously against France and French people. For long time Top Gear fans, this is hilarious as it represents his multiple troubles in the country, the rudeness he's dealt with (In many episodes), and overall desire to just stay home.


There are a lot of benefits to becoming a Top Gear host, especially if you're Jeremy Clarkson, as you'll never need to buy an alarm clock. This is due to James May's tendency to alert Jeremy with a single yell: "CLARKSON!"

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Unfortunately for May, Clarkson and Hammond love to pick on him (When they're not bothering each other). Many times, this is done without May's knowledge, leading him to scream out in frustration upon realizing what's been done. To see an amazing instance of this, observe Top Gear's classic "Africa Special."

8 "'Normal Bloke' Is My Style"

Of all people on the silver screen, not many have accused James May of being underpaid or undervalued. However, he never seems to flaunt his wealth. Often, he can be seen in a normal car with standard clothing, but there is a method to his madness.

Mr. May frequently describes himself as a "Normal bloke." Actually, he went as far to say that, "'Normal bloke' is my style." This shows that May is an easy going and doesn't take material objects too seriously. What really makes it comical, however, is how far James May takes this philosophy. After all, he rarely dresses up and (non-ironically) loves Dacia's.

7 "I've Got This Theory That There Is A Volvo In Any Sane Person's Future"

It's hard to pinpoint which of the three hosts are the most opinionated. Honestly, it would seem as though they are all equal in that regard, including 'Mr. Slowly' himself: James May.

As mentioned previously, Mr. Slowly considers himself to be a normal kind-of guy, wanting nothing more than the simple things. One of these 'simple' objects, to him, is a Volvo, as they're safe, reliable, and well-built. With that being said, of course someone like James May would believe you're insane not owning a Volvo.

6 "Sending A Car Around The Nurburgring Just Spoils It"

Like Morgan Freeman, a select set of jokers laugh about how James May has always been old (in terms of his mind). People think this because of his grouchy attitude and hatred of loud/fast things, and they wouldn't be too far off.

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In May's withered mind, "Sending a car around the Nurburgring just spoils it" chiefly cause their ride is 'ruined.' What's really funny about this, is how accurate the nickname "Mr. Slowly" is for James May. In reality, he isn't fast and hates a car with little comfort, even if it means extra speed and a cooler look in exchange.

5 "Would The Element Be A Car For People Who Like Hip-Hop, Or People Waiting For A Hip-Op?"

Although Mr. May doesn't go fast, act crazy, or love wild cars, he is still a hilarious member of the popular trio. He likes to show off his quick wit often with banter between the hosts and producers, as well as in his own independent car reviews.

For example, when reviewing the Honda Element, May let out this gem that has been remembered since its showing in series six: "Would the Element be a car for people who like hip-hop or people waiting for a hip-op?" Instead of being just talking about driver demographics, he makes it a funny and interesting topic; showing off why he was hired to begin with.

4 "You Utter Pillock!"

As the years of being on popular television shows roll on, a personality may develop a 'catch-phrase' of sorts (even if not intentionally). It would appear that James May has fallen into this classification as well, since one of his many common phrases is, "You utter pillock!"

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If you weren't already aware, "pillock" is an English slang term for 'stupid.' Makes sense, because the people who are, usually, on the receiving end are Clarkson and Hammond. Every time you hear May utter these words, you know something hysterical is about to happen.

3 "I Do Not Wish To Help Jeremy Clarkson Be Amusing In The Event Of My Death"

Dying is no small subject. When you start getting up there in age, like May has, you start to wonder how you're going to go or what you'll leave behind. For May, one thing he certainly doesn't want happening is to Jeremy Clarkson get a laugh.

Throughout their adventures together, the Top Gear crew has gotten into a lot of shenanigans. Some of these incidents seem dangerous (at least on camera), so James is not looking to sacrifice himself for the sake of ratings. The best part of this, though, is the fact that Clarkson would definitely use the event for exactly that: Being amusing.

2 2."Oh, C*ck..."

Like with "You utter pillock," James May has many other catch-phrases in his collection. There are a few not mentioned yet, one being what he says every time something goes wrong for him: "Oh, c*ck..."

To avoid confusion, this phrase is another way of saying "Oh, crap." What makes it good, however, is his accent and perfect timing. Once again, when you hear him say this, something really has gone pretty sideways.

1 "Good News! The Dacia Sandero..."

Running jokes can persist for a very long time. Shows like Seinfeld, Game of Thrones, and so on, all have their fair share of them. Thankfully, Top Gear isn't an exception to this constant, with James May's constant references to the Dacia Sandero.

During Top Gear's news segment, the host joke around and talk about the latest in automotive news. Even though nobody cared, May insisted on bringing up the Dacia Sandero (a cheap daily driver) throughout the series. He would do this in a spectacular manner: Shouting "Good News!" followed by whatever development has surfaced about the car.

Of course, nobody cared about the Dacia, but everyone loved May's discussions of it and obsession over bad cars.

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