Top 10 Racetracks In America & The U.K.

From F1 to NASCAR, these are the best racetracks that the US and the UK have to offer race fans.

Throughout the generations, racing has been a favorite sport of gearheads, and there are a great deal of wonderful tracks that have been in use for decades all around the world. There are thousands of them in the U.K. and the United States alone. Some are as old as World War Two while others can be as new as the past few years.

So, if you're itching to track your car or participate in a race, there's plenty of options to choose from (some of the best may even be local).

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10 Barber Motorsports Park

Soon opening its doors in 2003, Barber became a hot spot for racers and car enthusiasts alike. Since 2010 though, Barber Motorsports Park has hosted one of the seventeen races in the IndyCar racing series.

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The track is approximately 2.38 miles long with a total of sixteen turns going up and down Alabama's hilly environment. Being located in the middle of the state also makes Barber relatively easy to get to for most surrounding southern states.

9 Donington Park

This one's for the U.K., located just south of Derby toward the middle of the country. Donington is a very old circuit having been built in the early '30s, but is still in use to this day. The track host a whole manner of different series including World SBK, Vintage racing, GT racing, and so on.

Donington failed to get a Formula One race on the calendar quite some years ago, but do not be dissuaded. This circuit is a great one, with plenty of long straights and difficult corners to balance everything out. If you ever find yourself in the area with a biting urge to drive, definitely check this one out.

8 Road America

Road America is the dream for many American racers. This track has just about everything a circuit can have: hairpins, long straights, off-camber corners, elevation change, and G-force sections.

Road America is the longest track in America with a total distance of 4.048 miles. Making up that distance are fourteen turns and a whopping 640 acres of property for spectators and drivers to use. All of these features, and many more, is the reason why motor sports aficionados call this track "the center of North American racing."

7 Brands Hatch

Fans of the British Tour Car Championship (BTCC), like Donington, will be familiar with Brands Hatch. Brands Hatch is another historic track used in many different racing series throughout the world.

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The thick forest surrounding the last half of the circuit gives the driver a real feeling of speed and the high-speed corners certainly help too. The track is masterfully crafted for any vehicle (Yes, even Semi trucks) to provide the best possible racing experience.

6 Silverstone

Once again, the U.K. designs a beautiful track. Silverstone is the perfect example for most tracks to follow. High-speed sections, foot-to-the-floor chicanes, and even an FIA certification for Formula One races.

Silverstone is the home to many U.K. racers who see the track as the one they remember and cherish from their childhood. It's certainly true for the case of Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton and a vast spree of European drivers who sought their fame in the United Kingdom.

Whether driving is the goal or watching an important series like F1 or WEC, Silverstone will have everything, and even more.

5 Laguna Seca

Located in the Golden State (California), Laguna Seca sits comfortably south of Salinas. Like other tracks on the list, L.S. has multiple venues from GT racing to Amateur, but is mostly well-known for it's infamous "Corkscrew" corner at turn eight. The corkscrew catches many experienced drivers out and serves to spice-up any race/track day going on.

Laguna Seca is a must see for any racing fans, especially those located California and the United States more broadly. It has something for everyone, even non-racing drivers with simple karting days and family events, and is affordable too.

4 Sebring International Raceway

If history is what gets you going, look no further than the legendary Sebring International Raceway. Originally, Sebring was the home of a World War Two Air Base. Soon after the war, however, Sebring was converted to a race track for Endurance racing in the early '50s by a very insightful investor.

Since then, the raceway has undergone many changes to its layout. Switching up corners, adding longer/cutting away straights, and fulfilling new regulations. One thing that remains the same though is back straight, which is still comprised of airport runway concrete. Needless to say, it is very bumpy.

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Now, Sebring has a total of 17 turns and a diverse setup of different track highlights placed throughout. It still hosts the IMSA championship as well, and now (as of 2019) the World Endurance Championship once again.

3 Circuit of the Americas (COTA)

Built in 2012, Circuit of the Americas (Or COTA for short) was designed with Formula 1 specifically in mind. The first race was hosted there in the same year, with an outstanding show and impressive maneuvers throughout the complex course.

Not only does the Circuit of the Americas offer an amazing spectacle, it also has many track days during the year. These events have all different numbers of vehicles; even motorcycles, supercars, and tuners.

On a secondary note, the exquisite design of the surrounding architecture and the bright colors engulfing the circuit don't hurt the experience either.

2 Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Known by many racing fans as "The Brick Yard," the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a landmark of American automotive racing and revered by oval drivers and circuit drivers alike.

After its first race in 1909, Indianapolis (also known as "Indy") has hosted the world famous Indy 500, the largest and fastest racing event in the world. With literally hundreds of thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers, Indy is one of the most popular events in all of sporting history. Teams and drivers from around the world put up everything just for a chance of winning such a race.

Like many other American oval tracks, Indy also offers a circuit layout with multiple types of corners and elevation changes. Due to this, Formula One was, at one point, at the Brick Yard for a handful of years during the 'Schumacher era.'

1 Daytona International Speedway

IMSA, NASCAR, Endurance Racing. All of these, and more, are here at the Daytona International Speedway. Daytona is home to two of the most famous races in the entire motor sport world: The Rolex 24-Hour and the Daytona 500. Each of these brings thousands upon thousands of in-person viewers and millions more over broadcast.

Daytona is a hybrid track, one that can switch up its layout for either oval racing or circuit racing depending on what is happening during that particular day. This means drivers can experience the best of both worlds and viewers won't have to go far to see something different.

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