Toyota 86 "Hakone Edition" Brings British Racing Green To America

The previously announced British Limited edition 86 in Japan is coming to America after all, only it will be called the Hakone Edition.

Hakone Edition 86

The Toyota 86 “Hakoke Edition” is here to bring British Racing Green to America.

A few months ago, Toyota introduced the British Green Limited edition of the 86 sport compact. It featured a British racing green exterior paint job and a unique black-and-tan interior. The whole look was set off with a set of bronze-painted wheels and big red Brembo brake calipers.

And it was only for the Japanese market, so we were more than a little disappointed. Only now it seems that Toyota has brought the British Green Limited to America after all, albeit under a new name.

Toyota USA calls it the Hakone Edition, named after the Hakone Turnpike in Japan. “This famous stretch of road is on the top of many bucket lists, and Toyota is paying tribute to this iconic spot, as well as other international sports car driving, with the 86 Hakone Edition," writes Toyota in their press release.

Hakone Edition 86
via Toyota

Everything else is pretty much the same as the Japanese version of this same special edition. We get the same LED projector-beam headlights, the same color-keyed power mirrors, the same chrome-tipped dual exhaust, and the same front fender-mounted vortex generators. We also get the same interior features as on the 86 GT, which includes dual-zone climate control, heated seats, cruise control, push-start ignition, and remote keyless entry.

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The only differences are that we here in North America don’t get the bright red Brembo brake calipers or the full-leather seats. Power remains unchanged from any other Toyota 86, which is 205 hp and 156 lb-ft from a 2.0-L boxer 4-cylinder engine.

Hakone Edition 86
via Toyota

Toyota didn’t reveal pricing, but the regular 86 GT is just under $30,000, while the fancy new TRD special edition clocks in at $32,470. We’d expect the Hakone Edition to be somewhere in that ballpark.

Availability will be sometime this Fall. Talk to your local Toyota dealer if you’d like to secure one as we’re not sure how many Toyota plans to make.

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