Toyota Auris Confirmed For Geneva

Toyota confirmed their hatchback, the Auris, will officially be at Geneva, giving drivers an opportunity to see the 2019 model.

Toyota Auris Confirmed For Geneva

Toyota is bringing the all-new 2019 Auris to the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Geneva is set to be a big deal for Toyota. They’ll be unveiling the new Supra sport compact which is sure to turn heads as well as the recently refreshed Aygo subcompact city car. Along with those two vehicles, Toyota will unveil the all-new 2019 Auris.

If you haven’t heard of the Auris, that’s because it’s sold under a different name here in North America—the Corolla iM. Hatchbacks are a bigger deal in Europe, so Toyota decided they needed to differentiate the car more than just slapping it with a Corolla nameplate. Here in the West, we’re so used to Toyota naming everything Corolla or Camry that when they came out with the Prius we almost didn’t think it was a real car.


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But the Auris, or Corolla iM, is a real car, and it’s really new. Built using Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA), the teaser pic released shows a far sleeker, sexier car than the previous generation. Nothing is blandly horizontal on this vehicle, as the roofline gently slopes down to the bumper while the window line gracefully slopes up to meet it. Curves always scream speed, and this car is giving that sporty wink to every passerby.

The bodywork also seems to catch the light, indicating it may bulge out a bit compared to the previous model. We may be in for a wider, more planted car than the outgoing Auris.

But we’re not done with styling yet. It looks like the roof has been painted a darker color than the rest of the car, following similar design choices for the new Camry, C-HR, and Yaris. A darker roof is quickly becoming a Toyota signature design choice and one that makes you think you own a sunroof even when you don’t.

In their press release, Toyota also announced a brand new 2.0-L hybrid engine option for the new Auris. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether this engine will make its way stateside as the current Corolla iM doesn’t offer a hybrid engine and only comes with the 1.8-L four-banger. Here's hoping.


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