Toyota Confirms 986 HP Gazoo Racing Super Sport Concept Will Hit Production

Toyota announced that their 986 horsepower Gazoo Racing (GR) Super Sport Concept will enter production. Toyota also hopes that they will be able to team up with GR for multiple cars.

According to Driving.ca, the GT1 road car will be powered by a 2.4 liter twin-turbo V6. The same one that powers the TS050 Le Mans car. Interestingly enough, Toyota showcased the new vehicle just before 24-hour Le Mans race. This also marks the Japanese automaker's return to this segment of niche vehicle. These changes were brought about because of the rule changes to FIA racing which go into effect in 2020. The TS050 would go on to win the Le Mans race.

Toyota also confirmed that a new Supra is in the works. It will be followed up by a more hardcore version of the GR. Tetsuya Tada, an engineer for Toyota, also hinted that there would be an AI-App that acts as a rival to Supra drivers who bring their car to the track.


Via Driving.ca

No release dates have been given for either car yet, however, it has been stated that the Supra will debut at some point in 2019 and that the GR will debut around the time of the 2020 FIA rule changes.

Obviously, Toyota is getting into some serious niche territory with these cars, one could ever classify them as supercars. It is, however, a good thing that they are choosing to re-enter this arena of transportation as it will offer those looking for super powerful vehicles far more options to go for. It will also place pressure on other manufacturers to design more and more interesting concepts that we may one day see at the track, or even on your everyday common road. It's always a joyous experience when one can see a supercar on the streets especially when it's from a brand that has the pedigree in the genre that Toyota has.


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