Toyota Dealer Lists New Supra For $40,000 Above MSRP

Red Supra

Dealer prices for the new Toyota Supra are already reaching absurd levels with one dealer charging over $40,000 above MSRP.

When there’s a hot new vehicle on the market, dealers aren’t going to stick with the recommended manufacturer’s price. They’re going to charge whatever the market can bear and chalk it up to the old economic standby of supply and demand. A new car has very limited supply, so if there’s a lot of demand, someone will pay out the nose for one.

We saw this with the new Jeep Gladiator when manufacturers were charging as much as $50,000 over the recommended price of a base Sport trim model. Now we’re seeing a similar issue with the Toyota Supra.

A Toyota dealership in Baltimore is charging an “internet price” of $100,000 for its sole Launch Edition Supra. The normal MSRP on such a vehicle is $57,795, which Jerry’s Toyota says “excludes taxes, tags, and $300 dealer processing charge.”

The ad was spotted by Auto Evolution and has since been taken down. Likely for good reason: a brand new Supra equipped with the 3.0-L turbo engine should cost $50,920, with the Launch Edition getting a few extras like a red leather interior, red side mirror caps, matte black wheels, and a carbon fiber numbered dash plaque. Only the red leather is exclusive to the Launch Edition, meaning you can get the exact same car for way less than $100,000 if you were just willing to wait for Supra deliveries to ramp up.

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Jerrys Supra
via AutoEvolution

Autoblog points out that the best way to find a Supra for the price that Toyota recommends is to head over to the Supra MKV Forums. There’s a long-running thread where Supra fans are mentioning dealers willing to sell a Supra slot for MSRP without the outrageous markups.

However, those dealers might be hard to find this early in the A90 Supra’s life. Expect to find more overcharging dealers for now, with prices to come back down to reasonable levels later this year.

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