Toyota Issues Massive Recall On 2018 & 2019 Model Year Tacomas And Lexus LXS

Toyota Tacoma and Lexus LXS drivers should bring their vehicles into their local dealer as the Japanese manufacturer has issued a recall.

If you happen to be the owner of a Toyota Tacoma or Lexus LX570, beware — the Toyota Motor vehicle company has just recalled these vehicles and this wave dates back a whopping 12 year.

Probably the most stressful time to be an owner of any vehicle is when you get that mysterious letter in the mail. You know which ones we’re talking about, they’re addressed to you, and your car dealership’s name is proudly stamped to the top left corner of the envelope. But what could it be? You changed your oil just last month; your payments are up to date — what the heck? You sit at your coffee table and open the letter with much trepidation as you hope it isn’t the dreaded news.


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The word “Recall” screams out at you from the body of the letter and you pitch your car keys across the room; you even shout an expletive at anyone that’ll hear it, despite the fact that you’re the first one home. You fall to your knees and scream: “Why? For the love of all that is good on this earth, why me?”

Recalls can definitely be the single most stressful type of letter to get, as most don’t have the time for these multiple appointments that these recalls could mean.

A whopping 130 000 vehicles are part of this new wave of recalls and they include the Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks, as well as the LX 570 SUV. For the Tacoma, the 2018 and 2019 model years are in question here, according to auto123.com.

So, what’s the problem?

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Well, as it turns out, it’s quite a tad more severe than would be expected. But with such high numbers, is it really that shocking? As it turns out, the issue pertains primarily with the tension levels and sensors with the front seat belts. This issue alerts itself by the airbag malfunction light illuminating constantly. So if you’ve seen this light brightly illuminating your dash and you haven’t received a recall, take the day off from work tomorrow and get it checked out. As they say, better safe than sorry.

How serious is this?

Well, if the sensors aren’t working because of age or what have you, the airbags won’t work in the horrible case of an accident, so this is serious business. What's perhaps most disquieting about this whole ordeal is that in a statement, Toyota have shockingly claimed that they don't yet know how to solve the issue, but surmise that they should have a plan by the middle of this upcoming February.

The first recalls will be made in January, so check your mail and stay safe out there.


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