Toyota Recalls More Vehicles, This Time For Rear Wheel Detachment

Toyota hasn't been having some reliability issues, and now it appears that the manufacturer is doing another recall.

Toyota Recalls More Vehicles, This Time For Rear Wheel Detachment

Toyota is recalling their 2019 C-HR crossover because there is a risk that the rear wheels will fall off.

When you’re a car maker as large as Toyota, you just make so many cars that there is just bound to be a recall going on at almost any given time. Although this most recent recall for one of their newest crossovers is pretty hilarious: their wheels might fall off.

According to Toyota, the rear axle hub bearing bolts on certain 2019 C-HR crossovers might not have been properly tightened at the factory. If it comes loose and detaches, “they could damage the rear brake components or could cause the rear wheels to detach, resulting in reduced brake performance or a potential loss of vehicle stability.”

Then, in contention for being this year’s biggest understatement of the year: “This could increase the risk of a crash."

Surprisingly, this is a voluntary recall, which means that you don’t necessarily need to bring your C-HR in to a Toyota dealer for an inspection, where they will replace the rear axle hub bearing assembly and rear axle carrier subassembly for free if they find any loose bolts, but why on Earth would you take that chance?


Toyota knows of no accidents or injuries, but if your wheel could fall off at any moment you just gotta believe that an accident is waiting to happen.

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Notifications will be sent out to C-HR owners starting in November. About 700 C-HRs are expected to be affected by this fault.

In other Toyota recall news, certain 2010-2014 Prius models are also being recalled because of a software fault. This one is a little more substantial than the C-HR recall and affects 807,000 vehicles in the United States.

At issue is the potential for the Prius to randomly enter failsafe mode while driving. This isn’t normally a huge deal, but a specific and rare software problem could cause certain vehicles to completely stall and lose power. This naturally is a problem when traveling on the highway at high speeds.

Toyota will provide a software update at the dealer that will fix the issue. Check out toyota.com/recall for more information and to see if your car is affected.


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