Toyota Reveals New Auris

With Geneva in full swing, manufacturers are showing off their new wheels. For Toyota, it's a new Auris.

Toyota Reveals New Auris

Toyota revealed their brand new Auris at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday.

If you’ve never heard of the Auris, that’s probably because you know the car by its North American name, the Corolla iM. Because nothing from Toyota can exist in the United States without being called a Corolla or Camry. Unless it’s an SUV, then it can be called whatever the heck you want.

But anyway. The new Auris is something of a departure for the older model as the new one ditches the many engine options it previously had (most of which were only available in Europe), and drops them down to but three choices: a 1.2-L turbo, a 1.8-L hybrid, or an even bigger 2.0-L hybrid.

The 1.2-L turbo is a super efficient gas burning engine that puts out a modest 122 hp—comparable to base level hatchbacks found all over the world. The 1.8-L hybrid steps things up to 180 hp and boasts the impressive feat of driving 50 percent of the time in all-electric mode. That will give it some truly impressive fuel economy numbers whenever Toyota deigns to release such information.


via Toyota

The 2.0-L hybrid will be the sportiest of the bunch, pumping out yet more undisclosed numbers of horses. But Toyota assures us it’ll come with paddle shifters, which basically guarantees more than 200 hp.

The previous model also had a hybrid option that was only sold in Europe. Whether or not the new hybrids will come to America is hard to say, but here’s hoping that the option does come in some form. We’re certainly getting tired of urban smog in the Hot Cars offices.

The new Auris will also be lower slung thanks to being based on Toyota’s New Global Architecture platform. The car is about 1.6 inches longer, one inch wider, and one inch lower, with a lower center of gravity and better handling, according to Toyota.

Externally the car looks mostly the same, but has some differences in the window line and LED clusters. Although you’d have to stare at them while engaged to notice the difference—something we don’t recommend.

The big question is whether the Auris—we mean, the new Corolla iM—will come to the US or not. Hopefully yes. Hopefully.


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