Toyota Moving To Single Platform For Next-Gen Tundra, Tacoma Pickups

Toyota Moving To Single Platform For Next-Gen Tundra, Tacoma Pickups

The next generation of Toyota Tacoma and Tundra will share a platform, according to sources within the company.

For over a decade, Toyota has enjoyed a lock on the midsize pickup segment thanks to the Tacoma, but things are changing. New entrants from Ford and Jeep are set to stir up the market, and while the Tacoma enjoys a bulletproof reputation for reliability, it’s not exactly on the cutting edge of pickup technology any longer.

With the Ford Ranger already making waves and the Jeep Gladiator set to make further disruptions, it makes sense that Toyota might want to get a head start on making the next generation of their best-selling midsize truck.

Sources speaking to Automotive News say that the Toyota is hard at work making their next generation of pickup platform. Not only will they be developing a new platform for the Tacoma, but it will also share its platform with the next generation of Toyota Tundra to save on development costs.

This isn’t particularly surprising; lots of carmakers make pickups in both the full-size and midsize segments that share the same platform. Nissan, for example, uses the same F-Alpha platform for their Frontier midsize pickup and the full-size Titan.

Others tend to share platforms across similarly-sized pickups and SUVs, such as the Ranger sharing its DNA with the upcoming Ford Bronco.

Toyota Moving To Single Platform For Next-Gen Tundra, Tacoma Pickups
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Sources also told Automotive News that the new Tundra and Tacoma will have an electrified powertrain. No further details were provided, so we’ll have to wait and see if it will be the same 48V architecture that Toyota has used in many of their hybrid vehicles or if it will be something a little newer.

Expect to see the Tundra arrive first as it hasn’t seen a full redesign since 2007. The Tacoma will come a little later as it was recently given a facelift. Rumors point to a 2020 arrival for the new platform on the freshly designed Tundra.


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