Toyota Spices Up Tokyo Motor Show With Futuristic E-Racer Concept

The e-Racer was meant to show that in the future the “fun to drive” element can still exist.

The 2019 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show has just opened and as expected of the largest auto event in the Land of Rising Sun, advanced and futuristic concept vehicles are the order of the day. One of these concepts is from the biggest carmaker in the country and it goes by the name Toyota e-Racer.

No less than the Chief Executive of Toyota Motor Corp., Akio Toyoda, unveiled the e-Racer at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show along with a number of innovations. The e-Racer was meant to show that in the future, the “fun to drive” element can still exist, even with the proliferation of technologies that eliminate the need for a person behind the wheel - autonomous driving.


Within this decade, carmakers have been racing to develop and even implement autonomous driving technologies. Toyota doesn’t deny that the game is changing but it is also focused on keeping driving fun.

To prove the point, Toyoda said during the unveiling of the e-Racer that while the invention of the automobile resulted in cars replacing around 15 million horses in the United States, racehorses still exist and have become irreplaceable.


Then, Toyota’s top honcho went on to say that forms of mobility owned by individuals in the future would be “beloved horses,” just like the e-Racer. He added that people will still be the focus even with the advent of e-mobility.

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Too bad the Japanese carmaker didn’t provide the specs of the Toyota e-Racer. With wheels separated from the main body and fierce front fascia, the concept embodies the future. Boasting a two-tone finish (silver and black), the e-Racer also features slim LED lights as well as C-shaped accents. It has neither a windshield nor a roof to protect its occupants from the elements. Open-air driving adds to thrill.


By the looks of it, this low-slung electric-powered car should be fast. Also, we can assume that balance is a major theme with this concept, as the carmaker continues to invest in sports cars such as its Supra and 86.

The e-Racer can accommodate two people. The driver is centrally located while the passenger sits in the back. The driver controls a futuristic steering wheel and wears digital glasses displaying the e-Racer’s vital information.

Toyota’s booth at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show is a Mobility Theme Park dubbed the Future Playground, where it promises to let visitors experience being a resident of the future with access to future mobility, including the so-called e-Broom.

(via Toyota)

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