Toyota And Subaru Making New Electric Crossover Platform

Toyota Electric Crossover

Toyota and Subaru are teaming up to create a brand new electric vehicle platform that will be used to create an electric crossover.

When it comes to making cars, there’s no bigger team player than Toyota. Recently the Japanese carmaker created the brand new A90 Supra with the help of German carmaker BMW (although looking under the hood reveals BMW to have done most of the heavy lifting there), and now it looks like Toyota will once again turn to Subaru for their next generation of electric vehicle platform.

Subaru and Toyota already work quite closely together on a number of other vehicles, including the Toyota 86 (sold as the BRZ under Subaru) as well as the Subaru Forester (which uses electric powertrain components supplied from Toyota). With such a solid foundation, it’s no surprise that the two companies are once again joining forces to tackle the problem of battery-powered cars and crossovers.

Both companies bring something to the table. Subaru brings its world-renowned all-wheel-drive technology, while Toyota brings its electric powertrain expertise. The new platform will be flexible enough to serve as the basis for "midsize and larger passenger vehicles,” with the first vehicle to be jointly developed between the two companies.

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Autoblog reports the size of the vehicle to be around the same as a Toyota RAV4 or a Subaru Forester, planting it firmly in the C-segment, but the platform itself will likely be used for larger D-segment sedans and SUVs.

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Carmakers around the world are aiming to make partnerships when it comes to electrification. Ford has teamed up with Rivian for their electric pickup platform, while Fiat Chrysler recently attempted to merge with French carmaker Renault to save costs on creating their electric vehicles--a merger that sadly fell through when France placed conditions on Renault merging with the non-French company.

Expect to see more of these partnerships pop up as more carmakers try to break into the growing electric car market.

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