Toyota & Subaru To Make New 86s

Toyota & Subaru To Make New 86s

Toyota and Subaru are going to make a new version of the 86.

You might remember the Toyota 86 from its myriad other names, such as the Scion FR-S or the Subaru BRZ. They’re the same car, just sold under different badges. You see, sports cars don’t sell in the age of crossovers and SUVs, so the only way a sports car can be produced is by sharing the development costs.

Which is exactly what Toyota and Subaru did to make the 86/BRZ. Toyota provided most of the chassis development, while Subaru provided the manufacturing and engine. The result is an affordable sports coupe that has some pretty impressive performance its the price point.

But, as with all sports cars, it doesn’t sell impressively in the numbers department, and it hasn’t been refreshed since its introduction in 2012. Some analysts believed that the 86 would get eighty-sixed after this year, but sources speaking to The Japan Times say that Toyota and Subaru are actually working on a new model.


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That’s good news since the 86 was basically the only affordable sport coupe still on the market.

The new 86 will still be made by Subaru at their plant in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Sources say that the decision to retain the sporty coupe was to further the image of both Toyota and Subaru, which is basically all a sport coupe does for a carmaker these days.

Besides simply still being made, there’s some great news for 86 enthusiasts. The car is getting a bigger engine, going from 2.0-L to 2.4-L. That should hopefully give a boost in the 86’s power from 200 hp to something approaching 250 if we’re lucky.

The new version is also said to include additional safety features, like automatic braking and safety gears, and may even include Subaru’s EyeSight driver assistance software.

But these are driver’s cars, so expect whatever software is included to be safety-related and not take over any of the mundane aspects of driving.

There’s also no word on when we’ll see production, but hopefully, we’ll get some spy photos soon.


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