Toyota Supra Appears To Borrow BMW Parts

Toyota seems to have borrowed a lot of BMW parts to make their latest version of the Supra sports car.

Toyota Supra Appears To Borrow BMW Parts

Toyota seems to have borrowed a lot of parts from BMW in the creation of their Supra sports car.

Like, a lot of parts.

We got our first good look at the new A90 Supra at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, and while the car was still wearing the GAZOO racing-themed semi-camouflage, journalists on the ground were still able to get up close and personal with the car to make a few startling discoveries.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Scion Life, we now know that the Supra borrows a startling amount of technology from BMW with very little sign of Toyota influence other than the name.

To be fair, we already know that the upcoming Supra is being jointly developed with both Toyota and BMW (with their version of the car being called the Z4), so it makes sense for the car to share many components with its German counterpart. But so far we haven’t seen much other than the Supra’s body that can be definitively identified as being from Toyota.


So far, the Supra shares its brakes, windshield, tires, and a heads-up display with the current generation of BMW M4, with Scion Life also suggesting it shares a suspension with BMW as well.

Let’s go over the evidence. The Supra’s tires are a set of 255/35 rubbers up front and 275/35 in the rear--same as the M4. The Supra’s brakes are also the same 4-piston calipers and steel discs as found on the M4. With the same brakes comes the same 5x120 hubs, and most likely a BMW-sourced suspension.

The windshield too is from BMW thanks to a “Pilkington #43R-001622” part number. That’s the same windshield as found on the BMW M3, M4, and some M5 versions.

We already know that the Supra’s engine is a BMW-sourced B58 3.0-L turbo inline 6-cylinder, so where exactly is Toyota in all of this?

Perhaps the reason why Toyota is so shy to take off the camouflage is that people will realize there’s actually very little Toyota in the car at all, and we’re mostly looking at the BMW Z4 that has been rebadged.


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