New Toyota Supra Has Been Turned Into A 700-HP Drift Car By HKS

The old A80 Supra was a drift champion car, so now the new A90 Supra is taking up the mantle as a 700-hp drift racer.

Supra Drift

The new 2020 Toyota Supra has already been turned into a sick drift machine thanks to HKS.

And it uses the old Supra’s engine.

The old Toyota Supra--that being the A80 generation of the ‘90s and early 2000s--was a popular import tuner project car during its day, and more than a few of them morphed into insane drifters. Now that the A90 Supra is about to arrive, it was only a matter of time before someone converted it into a drift monster once more.

That someone just so happened to be HKS. With the help of Toyota’s racing division, Gazoo Racing, they’ve converted the 2020 Supra from a humble sports car into a low-slung and ultra-powerful drift racer with close to 700 horsepower.

Supra Drift 2
via HKS

Strangely, HKS’ drift machine doesn’t use the stock BMW 6-cylinder engine that the new Supra comes with. Instead, they toss it away in favor of the 2JZ-GTE engine from the A80-gen Supra, but instead of 3.0-liters of displacement, it’s been bored out to 3.4-liters. Then HKS slapped a big GTIII-4R turbocharger on it and brought power up to 690 horses and 620 lb-ft of torque.

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Of course, that comes alongside other drift customizations, such as lowered suspension, bigger Yokohama Advan wheels and tires, a widebody kit, and a massive carbon fiber rear wing.

From the shakedown videos, driver Nobuteru Taniguchi makes drifting seem easy despite the fact his experience seems to mostly be in Super GT competing in the GT300 class. He’s got quite a few wins under his belt there, but his only drift win happened way back in the mid-’90s in a Toyota AE86.

We’ll get our first look at this mean machine at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, running from July 4th to July 9th. HKS will showcase their drifter at the Toyota Pavilion, as well as race it up Goodwood’s course. We might even see it attempt to drift up hill, although that might be asking a little too much of Toyota.

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