Toyota's Entry Level Coupe Renders Reveal Possible Aesthetic

As we all wait eagerly for the unveiling of the new Toyota Supra—a car that has been in production for almost ten years—Toyota is planning to have a new car to their line by 2020.

The Supra and the is said to be part two of Toyota's three-part car series within the sports cars section. According to Motor1, Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada says that Toyota is planning to come up with a simple but elegant entry level couple that will be slotted under the 86.

With the unveiling of the new Mazda Miata slotted for 2020, Tetsuya says that it has been Akio’s dream to have a three-part series in the company. This will include three of Toyota's best sports cars — the GT86 and the Supra. We really hope that by 2020, Toyota does good by their fans and customers.


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Rendered images entry-level sports cars show that we should be waiting for some really awesome cars. The rendering shows that the two-door, rear-wheel-drive sports car will be directly competing with the Mazda Miata. The car's aesthetic looks borrowed from the S-FR concept car that debuted in 2015 will other features look like they were taken off the C-HR Crossover.

The car has a particularly large lower grille and integrated LED fog light on the front fascia, it also has sharp angular headlights and some very aggressive angles that are in line the C-HR Crossover. With a top like the Miata RF, it is hard to not to think of how pretty it is. Seven bright colors have been picked for the car, while  Toyota is going with gunmetal for the wheels.

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As for the performance of the car, Toyota is still keeping it a secret. But as fans speculate, it might share the same power specs as the S-FR concept car. The S-FR has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 128 horsepower and close to 109-pound-feet of torque. We hope since the Mazda Miata is set to be one of their top line sports car it will have a much more powerful powertrain.

The first entry-level car is to show up by 2020 followed up closely with an updated 86 in 2021. We hope Toyota sticks to their promise and not keep us waiting for another unveiling.


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