Toyota's Most Budget-Friendly Cars, Ranked

Since the company's inception, Toyota has worked diligently to produce reliable and affordable vehicles.

Unfortunately, the business of purchasing a car can be a difficult one. Not only does the process take a lot of time and energy, but it's also a pricey endeavor. Thankfully, there are manufacturers that specialize in making vehicles for every budget. More specifically, the Japanese powerhouse of Toyota.

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Since the company's inception, Toyota has worked diligently to produce reliable and affordable vehicles. Because of this, they've become one of the world's most high-selling, cost efficient, and reliable automakers ever. As such, they have a large list of affordable cars for the everyone. To showcase this expansive list, here are some of Toyota's most budget friendly-cars, ranked...

10 Toyota RAV4

When people think about cheap cars, their minds might wander toward small, ugly vehicles that aren't worth their time. However, this isn't the case, especially with Toyota. Because of their methods, Toyota has built a cheap vehicle that can hold a family and go off road: the RAV4.

Usually, it'd appear that American manufacturers like Ford and Chevy have the "affordable off-roaders" category on lockdown. In reality, Japanese companies like Toyota have been pioneering the industry for decades, including the RAV4's creation. Since the RAV4's beginning, they've been useful to the common man with a low M.S.R.P. Now, a new one can run you as low as $23,000 (around the cost of a small Civic).

9 Toyota 86

The possibility of owning a competent sports car is no longer a luxury afforded only to the rich. When American companies were making cheap muscle cars, Japan was hard at work doing something similar. Nowadays, Toyota's taken that knowledge and put it into their newest sports car, the 86.

If you're a fan of Toyota, you probably know that the 86 gets its name from the classic AE86; an outstanding hot-hatch. With assistance from Subaru and Scion (Even though Scion was a subsidiary of Toyota), the 86 was made. However, it was originally the GT86, and was reserved for non-American markets. Luckily for those State-side, the 86 is open to everyone at a lax cost of $24,000 or less.

8 Toyota Prius C

Before Tesla was out revolutionizing the electric car industry, other businesses were doing something similar, except with hybrid technology. One of the first companies to successfully implement said tech into their lineup was Toyota with the infamous Prius.

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Now, not everyone liked the Prius. It's got a strange appearance and little power. Although, that wasn't the goal of the Prius. Instead, it was to make a fuel-efficient, reliable, and affordable car that could both save the environment and the owner's wallet. Today, the Prius is still kicking, now with an even more cost-efficient version: the Prius C. For those interested, a Prius C can get you into the "hybrid club" for as cheap as $21,000.

7 Toyota Corolla

Throughout the late-'60s to even today, there have been a select few vehicles that are held as the benchmark for reliability and build quality. Perhaps the best example of this (That doesn't cost hundreds-of-thousand of dollars) is the Toyota Corolla.

Since 1966, Toyota has been building the Corolla for middle-class individuals and families throughout the entire globe. Due to this, they've essentially mastered the art of building a good car that costs the manufacturer less. With that benefit, they pass the savings onto the consumer without harming profit margins. That is why a brand new Corolla will set you back for as little as $19,000 (Even cheaper for a lease).

6 Toyota Yaris

Once again, Toyota has given the consumer the epitome of a compact, high M.P.G., reasonably priced car. This time, it's not in the form of a Corolla or Camry, but the Toyota Yaris.

Even though the Yaris has been produced by Toyota since the late-'90s, they've become much more popular in recent years. Perhaps the reasoning behind this is an M.S.R.P. of no more than $17,000 and an engine that won't conk out after 100,000 miles. Regardless of the thought process behind it, the Yaris is most certainly the car to get when thinking about price and longevity.

5 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ

With intense competition from carmakers like Land Rover and Ford in the '80s, Toyota decided to step up to the plate once more. For this occasion, they'd use the tried and true Land Cruiser FJ; a perfect classic off-roader.

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The Land Cruiser has been in Toyota's lineup for decades (Even now), with some of the antiques going for close to $100,000. Luckily for the rest of us, not every Land Cruiser is as expensive, chiefly the 1985 FJ. They usually run for $20,000, but can be found for much cheaper with the proper research.

4 Toyota Supra (Mark III)

As far as automotive legends go, the Toyota Supra is definitely up there. Its biggest draw is the late-'90s Mark IV, yet, the older alternatives still garner tons of support and love. Alas, it may be overshadowed by its predecessor but, the Mark III Supra is still a masterpiece.

Among the J.D.M. community, the Mark III Supra is still a heavy hitter. The renowned 1JZ  (Especially the 1JZ-GTE) engine sounds amazing and is capable of ludicrous power outputs. What makes it even better, though, is knowing you can get one for anywhere between $9,000 to $17,000.

3 1970's Toyota Celica GT Coupe

Toyota isn't just a "one-hit wonder" as some may believe them to be. In fact, they've continually made great vehicles, not just the Supra. One such vehicle of theirs is the classic Celica GT.

The Celica GT has seen a lot of renovations and upgrades throughout its life. One of the best looking, though, is still the original coupé from the 1970's. These bad boys could drive your family to the store and win a race, if you did so please. If the classic Celica GT Coupe is your style, you can get a good one (From a private seller, usually) for no more than $15,000. However, that is for those in the best condition, with used ones going for even lower.

2 Toyota MR-2

Once upon a time, Toyota themselves wanted to venture into the illustrious world of mid-engine sports cars. Their idea was well designed and competent, but occasionally experienced some flaws. Of course, this is a reference to the notorious MR-2.

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The MR-2 isn't a bad car. In fact, many liken it to the appearance of a Ferrari 355 and others like it. The car is a fun one to drive, but had a real problem with oversteer; causing drivers to accidentally spin out. If you're careful though, you can avoid any troubles and just enjoy the MR-2 for what it was intended for, fun. The great thing, though, is that just about anyone can get one, as they rarely go for over $8,000.

1 2000's Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry: the peak definition of what it means to be a cheap and reliable car. When discussing the world's most affordable, well built, and time-tested vehicles, there's no way you could forget the Toyota Camry, especially the early-2000's versions.

For thousands of teenagers around the world, the Toyota Camry was their entry point into driving. Their parents decided to get them these vehicles not for their speed or looks, but for their quality engines that will last a lifetime, high safety standards, and budget price.

If this sounds like a good deal to you, then consider picking up a Camry. After all, they're only a couple thousand (as low as $2000, used).

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