10 Traffic Laws Most People Have No Idea They're Breaking

People think they're always obeying traffic laws, but this list has the rules that most people have no idea they're breaking.

Getting your new driver’s license often feels like a ticket to freedom; it means you are finally getting a car. While driving is fun, it comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. Driving today is a lot stricter than it was a couple of decades ago. Simply letting your car warm-up or blasting some of your favorite tunes could get you in trouble with the local cops.

During driver education at the DMV, you are required to be at your best driving behavior. It's important you don't throw away these valuable driving skills the moment you get your license. We all break the rules on occasion, but sometimes, we break the rules without even knowing what we are doing is illegal. Here are ten traffic laws most people have no idea they are breaking.

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10 Text Driving

In the event you are taken to court, you might get away with it if the arresting cop is not able to prove you were texting. Bottom line, don’t text while driving, apart from being a crime, it's dangerous, to both the occupants of your vehicle and other road users as well.

9 Giving way to School Buses

However, when a school bus is waiting for children to get on board, you are required to remain stationary, especially if the red lights are flashing. Furthermore, school buses are allowed by law to overtake other vehicles, just like ambulances and cop cars.

8 U-Turn

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In normal circumstances, cops will let you get away with it if the maneuver is quick and skillful, and the vehicle is in clear view of approaching traffic (giving way to pedestrians as well as vehicles). Next time you miss a turn, it could keep you from getting ticketed if you avoid making such a maneuver.

7 Warming up your vehicle

However, it's important to note that you can only get ticketed for this if you leave your vehicle running for more than half an hour. It's going to be difficult for a cop to wait that long, but in the event they do, you might get in trouble.

6 Standing at the Back of a Pickup truck

Traffic cops could ticket you for pulling this stunt or let you go with a warning since it seems ridiculous to get charged over this. You’ve probably done this back in high school and gotten away with it, but depending on the traffic officer who pulls you over, you could get fined.

5 Mechanical problems

Therefore, having broken taillight, worn-out brakes, or windshield wipers or any other mechanical problems could get you in trouble with your local cops. When an officer tickets or pulls you over for a broken light, it’s not because they are idle; it’s for your benefit. They are trying to save a life, that includes your own.

4 Illegal Maneuvers

Pulling such stunts is thrilling, but you could easily scare or distract other drivers off the road and cause an accident. Remember, the fun usually stops when someone gets hurt.

3 Seat belts

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Restraints are fairly cheap safety features you can purchase on craigslist or even Goodwill. States such as Texas send out messages daily: “Click it or Ticket” it’s a helpful reminder for non-compliant drivers that they could get in trouble for enforcing this law.

2 Right of way

For politeness sake, smile and wave. It’s important for your peace of mind and for such tiny things whether you are sure you have the right of way or not. At the end of it all, it's your life that matters, and you are better off safe than sorry.

1 Speeding During Poor Conditions

Watch out for conditions and take extra driving lessons. Adverse conditions could easily spin your vehicle out of control, causing an accident. During poor conditions, it's advisable to avoid driving too close to other drivers and also ease into corners.

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