Trans Am Is Challenging The Demon With Insane Firebird

The Trans Am lives on... Kind of. Regardless, one is going to take on the Dodge Challenger Demon with a suped-up dragster.

Trans Am Is Challenging The Demon With Insane Firebird

Trans Am Worldwide is taking on the Demon with a new Firebird that is absolutely insane.

Firebird might not be a name you’ve heard in a while. Ever since Pontiac bought the dust in 2010, the fabled muscle car has languished in the dustbin of history and the memories of men and women who owned the big car with a lot of heart (and noise).

But what if we told you that Pontiac lives on? A custom car maker in Florida bought the rights to the Trans Am name and Pontiac logo, and then entered in a deal with GM to take Chevy Camaros, strip them down, and remake them as all-new Trans Am cars.

The company is called Trans Am Worldwide, and they keep the legend alive with bespoke, boutique, and utterly mad muscle cars bearing the Pontiac logo.

via Motor Trend

Last year, Trans Am Worldwide unveiled the Trans Am 455 Super Duty, a car that was notable for boasting 1,000 horses under the hood from a 2.7-L supercharged engine. But that was the same year that Dodge came out with the Demon. Nevermind the fact that the Super Duty had over 100 more hp than the 840 hp Demon--Dodge is a big carmaker and Trans Am Worldwide is small time, so most of the media coverage went to Dodge.


This year Trans Am Worldwide didn’t have to worry about Dodge making a brand new, drag-ready muscle car. This time, they could have a second unveiling of sorts with an even newer, even more powerful version of the 455 Super Duty, to the tune of 1,100 hp.

It’s the same 2.7-L engine but rather than take premium unleaded at the pump it takes racing gas with direct methanol injection. This gives it a power bump and requires that the 8-speed automatic be strengthened to handle the extra ponies.

Trans AM Engine
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Along with the added power comes a roll cage, 5-point harness, and a carbon fiber body to cut down on weight. There’s also a parachute hidden behind the rear bumper which despite the added weight savings and better brakes, this car will absolutely need.

Trans Am Worldwide hasn’t tested their monster yet, but they expect the quarter mile to be done in around 9 seconds, and are hoping to get it into the 8-second range.

And for 1,100 hp, this car is a steal: $190,000 is expected to be the final price tag, but you can’t buy it from Trans Am Worldwide. It’s a one-off, so you’ll have to appease yourself with the 1,000 hp version instead.


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