Man Gets In Someone Else's Corvette, Refuses To Leave, Gets Shot By Cops

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A man in Vancouver, Canada was shot by a beanbag gun after getting inside someone else’s Corvette and refusing to leave.

Possession is 9/10ths of the law, but the law also prohibits stealing other people’s stuff. It can sometimes be confusing when you have these diametrically opposed mindsets, but most people opt for the rules that don’t make them into jerks.

But not this guy. A 36-year-old Vancouver man was seen sitting in another man’s Corvette last Sunday and refused to leave even after being repeatedly asked by both the Corvette owner and local police.

Here’s how it all went down. The Corvette owner parked his car at Sunset Beach, a popular summer destination, on Sunday afternoon. At around 6 PM, he returned to his parked Corvette to find someone else sitting in the driver’s seat. He’d managed to climb in through the open top in the coupe’s roof and just decided that this was his car now.

The owner asked him to leave, but he refused. So the cops were called. After arriving, the police officer asked nicely for the man to leave the car, but according to Sgt. Jason Robillard of the Vancouver Police Department, he just kept saying "that this was now his car."

Convinced that civic discourse had failed, the police brought out the big guns. In this case, beanbag shotguns, which were shot at the man’s legs.

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Properly incapacitated, police dragged him out of the Corvette and cuffed him. The man was treated for minor injuries, although he adamantly refused treatment. He was charged with criminal mischief, according to the Vancouver Sun.

As for the Corvette, it was completely undamaged. Well, besides the fact that it had someone else’s butt-sweat covering the driver’s seat while this altercation went down. That said, we’re pretty sure that the latest Corvette-gen has vented driver seats, and if not, detailing isn’t too costly in Vancouver.

Also, despite the fact this guy did something unbelievably stupid resulting in getting shot and arrested by police, there was no mention of drugs or alcohol anywhere in the story. We know that BC is the bud capital of Canada, but this still seems out of character for even the hardest-headed of stoners.

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