Truck Driver Destroys Multiple Jaguars & Land Rovers By Going Through Low Bridge

Truck Driver Destroys Multiple Jaguars & Land Rovers By Going Through Low Bridge

A transport truck driver has destroyed multiple Jaguars and Land Rovers after trying to pass beneath a low-hanging railroad bridge.

It’s a fine Thursday for most of us, but it is definitely not fine for this poor transport truck driver. If replacing those totaled luxury SUVs didn’t come out of his pay, it very likely cost him his job.

On Wednesday morning at roughly 8 AM, a Scania truck carrying a load of vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover plowed into a railroad bridge in Perth, Scotland. The bridge had a clearance of 13-feet, 3-inches, which was evidently not enough for the car-laden semi truck to pass underneath unscathed.

Multiple warning signs alerted the driver during his approach, so the only explanation here is the driver either didn’t know how tall his cargo was (being SUVs and all), or he simply wasn’t paying attention. This resulted in multiple crushed roofs.

From what we can see, it looks like the frontmost SUVs, including a Range Rover Sport and a Jaguar F-Pace, have had their roofs completely caved in from their impact with the bridge. The remaining vehicles seem to have sustained damage as well, although not nearly to the same extent as the first two.

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After what was surely a hellish screech of metal on metal, the transport came to a stop wedged beneath the bridge. It was able to extricate itself, but debris and glass closed the road for at least an hour as police cleaned up the mess.


One witness, a local taxi driver who was parked at the railway station, said he heard an "almighty crash" when the truck hit the bridge.

“The Range Rover had its roof torn clean off and the car behind it was pretty badly damaged as well,” he said.

Engineers from NetworkRail Scotland eventually arrived to inspect the bridge and declared that it was still structurally sound after it’s run-in with the transport truck. “Bridge has been inspected and has been passed fit for rail traffic,” the agency wrote. “Can't say the same for the vehicle(s) that struck it…”

There are likely to be a few discounted Range Rovers available in Scotland soon.


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