10 Crazy Rules Truck Drivers Have To Follow

All jobs come with rules that you need to follow, some you may agree with and some you may not. Whether or not you despise or like them they are mandatory, if you want to continue to keep your job that is. With every different job is another set of rules to obey and these are some of the crazy rules that truck drivers have to live with every day of their career.

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They are on the road, so how would their boss catch them in the wrong act you ask? Well, one way is from the camera on the dash.

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10 When In An Accident…

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Strangely enough, drivers need to remain in their trucks when in an accident. Instead of getting out and checking on the scene, they are to remain seated and report and radio in, to the authorities. Although this rule isn’t accurate in every region it has been out in place to cover themselves and the companies they work for, by insurance.

9 Playing Games

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The men and women behind the wheel of a transport truck need to keep their minds alert. Constantly passing by the same scenery hour after hour doesn’t make that easy, and caffeine eventually wears off. So, they play road games. According to TheThings, one includes passing a car when possible, and waiting for the same car to follow your lead, and repeat, without getting the other player frustrated of course.

8 Front Seat Company

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Being alone on the road can get boring and lonely, sometimes the music just isn’t enough. In advance, you can request to have someone you know drive along, but for your own safety picking up a hitchhiker is prohibited. You hope that everyone has the best intentions, but you can’t be sure about such a thing from a stranger, driving with one can be quite dangerous.

7 Size Does Matter

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No, not the size of the biggest vehicles on the road, but instead the trucker’s driving them. They cannot be overweight. If they are it is mandatory for them to book an appointment for a physical every three to five years to make sure their health isn’t a concern, especially their body weight. The main reason for this is because of the labor of loading and unloading the containers. If they did not pass the examination their trucker’s license can be taken away. Plus, they are alone on their commutes with no one to help if something does occur.

6 More About Weight Limits

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Although these trucks are capable of hauling around almost anything there is a weight limit set in place. The total weight of the truck allowed is different from each delivery place. Large weight scales are set up to find out the total mass of the heavy transportation truck. This is for financial reasons, and to figure out what each client should be prepared to pay.

This is a very important rule to follow. If the drivers are overweight by 6,000 pounds the driver must remain where they are. Fines or jail time can be put in place if a driver is transporting too much. A second truck would need to help, and split the load and this would cause delays of remaining deliveries.

5 Deadlines

via The Times Herald

In all job applications, you must be punctual, but as a truck driver, there are deadlines after deadlines. Delivering what they need to, by a certain time or date isn’t always realistic, because the day doesn’t always go smoothly.

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You can’t expect if you will hit traffic, or if the stores you reach have managers there to greet you. Speeding also isn’t allowed. So, better late than never right?

4 Oh Taxi

You’d think that someone that drives for a living can drive themselves anywhere and everywhere. False. There isn’t always space for the giant vehicles to park. Therefore, the drivers may need to call a taxi or Uber to tour around and get to the destination of their choice. Since they may be traveling in places they have never been before, there could be neat sites to see and take pictures of to show their family when they are back home. Only if they are ahead of schedule can they can make pit stops to see local attractions.

3 Take It Or Leave It

It doesn’t matter what you have in your truck, it is your responsibility to take it where it needs to go. Like it or not, it is part of the job. Usually, loading or unloading the truck isn’t part of your daily tasks anyway.

2 Sampling What You Ship

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Certain things in the containing can be eaten. Some friendly companies might give some of their products to drivers to enjoy, or because they don’t want it. If something hasn’t been strapped down well enough, there is potential for something to fall and roll around in the back of the truck.

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This causes damage to the product, and can’t always be sold. From there, the drivers are allowed to keep it for themselves.

1 Sleeping Arrangements

Via edriving.com

They sleep in the truck. There is space behind the driving cabin to rest up for another day on the road. Interestingly enough, when they approach a truck stop or the area they plan to sleep, they must turn their headlights off. This rule is in place so that no other workers are woken up by the bright lights. Their shifts usually begin early in the morning and go till late at night. Usually 11 working hours and 10 sleeping hours. Also, they have to keep track of the hours that they are passed out in their beds.

At least they can have a warm breakfast in their truck the next morning. The cabs are similar to very tiny apartments. It’s loaded with small appliances. It takes eating on the road to a whole new level.

If you notice a driver isn’t following the rules of the road or something off about the person behind the wheel, the number posted on the back of the truck or bumper is meant to be used. If called you will be directed to chat with a safety supervisor. Don’t call unnecessary and remember to share the road.

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