See A Truck Trailer Hit A Bridge On A Highway

See A Truck Trailer Hit A Bridge On A Highway

A big rig hauling a dump-trailer full of canola seed crashed into a pedestrian bridge in Canada.

The accident took place just outside of Montreal, Quebec on Highway 40. The incredible scene was also caught on camera by a nearby driver in the collector lanes who noticed the big rig had its trailer raised while traveling at high speed toward the pedestrian bridge.

It seems so unlikely for the driver of the big rig to not notice his trailer was raised since it would cause an incredible drag on his vehicle. Nevertheless, you can see for yourself how the driver casually plows into the low-hanging pedestrian bridge, scattering debris and canola seed all over the highway.


Aujourd'hui 04 Avril 2018 un camion charger de graines frappe une passerelle piétonne sur l'autoroute 40 près de Repentigny au Quebec à vive allure.😱😱😱

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The accident occurred at 11:30 in the morning on Wednesday. All westbound lanes were shut down for hours as workers attempted to clear the debris. According to The Montreal Gazette, bits of the trailer were embedded into the bridge superstructure.

Luckily, nobody was injured in the accident.

After the debris had been cleared, the Ministry of Transportation had to inspect the bridge to ensure it had not been structurally compromised. The Ministry said that the bridge will survive, but part of the bridge will be dismantled “as a preventative measure”.

The entire incident was caught on cell phone camera by a passing motorist and posted on Facebook where it was then shared with Quebec Police. Authorities are now investigating the incident to determine whether the driver was negligent or some sort of mechanical failure caused the bed to raise without the driver’s knowledge.

Currently, Quebec Highway code does not require trucks to have any notification system to tell the driver if the bed has been raised. Quebec laws are currently being reformed, however, to require that a red light is placed in the truck cabin to notify the driver if the trailer is raised or lowered.


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