20 Trucks Messed Up With Lift Kits, Rims, And Boring Mods

There are tons of mods and customizations you can do to your truck to make it even cooler than it already is. But the ones listed here are not those mods. These are the mods you should stay away from because they’re either pointless, over-the-top, dangerous, against the rules, or a cry for help. The bottom line: there are tons of mods that need to just go away because they are just bad.

It’s easy for people to go overboard when they want to do something to their car. For instance, lifting your truck is a great way to make it more off-road capable. But lifting it 25 feet in the air? (That’s an exaggeration.) Yeah, that’s not helping anyone—least of all you, when you need a ladder just to drive your honking monstrosity across town.

People who own trucks have a certain bravado and gravitas about them, even if people don’t want to admit it. Trucks own the road. You won’t play chicken with a truck on a skinny street, because it will roll right over your Prius and drive off into the sunset. Trucks do have the effect of making a person seem bigger and badder than they might otherwise seem.

But when you go off the deep end with the mods, you lose all that respect that you might have gained. People will now be laughing behind your back, shaking their heads, and slapping their foreheads when they see your truck roll by. “Oh yeah, there goes Tom with his sick modded truck,” said no one ever.

Here are 20 truck mods that are just the worst.

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20 LED Lights

via Pinterest

LED lights might have been cool right when The Fast and the Furious came out, but even back then, the neon colors were pushing it. If done the right way, LEDs can still look pretty cool. But on trucks, especially lifted trucks, they just look sort of tacky. This truck, for instance, clearly has way too much green LED. It’s practically screaming “I want attention,” when all it will really get the driver are some chuckles and facepalms. You’re probably taken the LED fad too far (a fad that should have gone away in the early 2000s) if your lights are brighter than the street lights around you.

19 Gullwing Doors

via CARiD

Scissor doors, gullwings, scorpions—whatever you want to call them, these are another mod that should be kept to Lamborghinis and Ferraris and million-dollar exotics. John DeLorean began the trend with the DMC-12 and look how his company ended up! (It closed after three years or so.) Many high-end and even middle-tier cars have adopted gullwing doors to look cool: Tesla has designed some interesting improvements on the concept; Volkswagen even gave their “dune buggy” some scissor doors years back. But anyone who puts these kinds of doors on their pickup has completely lost the plot. They don’t make any sense on a truck and they don’t look cool.

18 Pink Racing Stripes

via Car Wrap Solutions

There are some sporty trucks out there (but just because your car says “Sports” at the end of the title, doesn’t mean it is a sports car). A Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, for instance, or the Dodge Ram SRT-10, which has the engine of a Viper, could look pretty awesome with racing stripes. But not all racing stripes are created equal. If you’re driving a tough, rugged vehicle like a pickup, you probably don’t want to be seen with pink racing stripes across your vehicle. Trucks are supposed to be strong, durable, reliable, and they’re the workhorse of the car industry—perfect for blue-collar workers or anyone who likes having a lot of space. Even if you’re a lady, please don’t put pink racing stripes on your pickup!

17 Trucks Lowered This Much

via Pinterest

Lowriding is a phenomenon that has taken the car world by storm and, just like many other trends, seems to have gone to proportions that are just ridiculous. A truck lowered this much, for instance, is Exhibit A of taking things too far. You would think that nobody would ever do something like this to their Ford F-150 but you’d be wrong. A truck should be off the ground, period. It should not be scraping the pavement. Trucks are at their best when they’re getting around bumps, rocks, and difficult places. You don’t want your truck falling apart on you when you hit your first pothole, do you? Of course you don’t.

16 Rolling Coal

via Wallpapers Link

One of the worst mods available to any kind of car has to be rolling coal. This fad has gained traction in the pickup world and it just makes you look like an incredible clown. A smoke switcher that rolls coal is going to ruin the appearance of your car, cost you a lot of money to keep up with this inefficient practice, ruin your reputation because every single person around you will think you’re a tool, and help destroy the planet—the only one we have to live on currently, in case you didn’t notice—by giving you a bigger, grosser carbon footprint than anyone else around you.

15 Chopped Muffler

via Tacoma World

While rolling coal might be an evil mod—for the planet and everyone else on the road—a chopped muffler is just a silly one. This mod is when someone takes a saw and hacks off half of the exhaust pipe, creating a chopped muffler. Sawing your tailpipe in two is not going to make your truck perform better or give you any brownie points with people around you. It’s just going to anger them for making your truck so unbearably loud and annoying to the rest of us. And that's not to mention it butchers your truck’s efficiency. Pickup trucks aren’t Harleys, so stop trying to treat them like one!

14 Chrome Trucks

via Pinterest

When is chrome too much chrome? Pretty much always. Chrome only looks good on wheels (on a car) or on motorcycles. This is an opinion, sure, but it’s easy to go overboard with having too much chrome on your car. This truck, for instance, is the epitome of going overboard. When your whole car looks like a reflective mirror because of the chrome frame, you’ve taken the hobby and gone off the reservation. Chrome is the Fool’s Gold of the car modding industry: it looks expensive, and people want it until they figure out it’s worthless. This isn’t a tasteful mod and should just go the way of the dodo.

13 Vertical Exhaust

via Daily Turismo

Whoever thought this would be a good idea clearly is living in the wrong times. Or maybe they just think they’re driving a semi-truck. But the fact is, your pickup looks pretty silly with vertical exhaust sticking out the side of the bed. This ride doesn’t look manly or tough; it just looks pretty ridiculous. There’s also no guarantee that a mod like this even does the job it’s supposed to, since you probably won’t ever see any exhaust blowing out from it (unless that driver is also rolling coal, in which case they are cursed twice over). Your truck isn’t a submarine, so stop trying to make it look like one.

12 Ridiculous Lifts With Tiny Wheels

via AR15

This truck looks so, so, so ludicrous! Whoever thought this was a good idea? Are they hoping to attract the ladies with a car that looks like this? If they weren’t overcompensating before, now they’re just giving mixed signals. What does it mean when you’ve lifted your truck this much off the wheels...and then put on little Hot Wheels rims on your ride? Lifting your truck can be fine and classy looking if done right, and it can be especially helpful if you’re riding over dunes, trails, and mountains off-road. But with wheels this small, this thing was clearly not built for any of that, so it just looks useless.

11 Lifted Limo Truck

via Pinterest

For some people, big is just not big enough. Who knows, maybe the owner of this crazy truck used to be a Monster Truck driver and is trying to relive the glory days on residential streets. He’ll probably regret it when he has to take detours around town to avoid low overhangs and tight turns. Limo-trucks are already questionable: what’s wrong with a regular limo? You’re looking for fancy and classy, not garish and out-of-hand. This is too much car for any one person to ride. And then to lift it so much so you need a ladder to climb in? Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone here, buddy.

10 Limo Tints In General

via Custom Autos by Tim

In fact, having a limo tint on your truck’s windows is probably just a bad idea all around. First off, it’s against the rules in many states, so unless you like getting tickets, you should probably avoid making your truck impossible to look into. This mod also just makes you look generally sketchy, rather than classy and mysterious, which is what most limo tints are trying to accomplish. Limo tinting your truck is a bit arrogant and it can also be a safety issue. When someone is sitting 10 feet off the ground in their vehicle and then they can hardly see out of the windshield, that’s a bad combo, all because you want to look richer than you are.

9 A-Pillar Gauges

via Truck Trend

Remember above when we said your truck isn’t a submarine? Well, your truck isn’t a race car, a submarine, or an airplane, for that matter. Pickup trucks shouldn’t be your racing vehicle—although it’s perfectly good to have a pickup to TOW your racing vehicle to the track. So, modding your dash with A-pillar gauges is another thing that makes your truck look ridiculous to anyone who gets inside. It’s sort of embarrassing, because who wants to watch a bunch of gauges and dials that don’t do anything except make you look like something you aren’t (a race car)? Bottom line, your Ford F-150 doesn’t belong on the racetrack, so the A-pillar gauges are a little bit over the top.

8 Hydraulic Truck Beds

via YouTube/Premium Player

There are some awesome, creative cars out there that utilize hydraulics to make a spectacle—and that’s great. But we probably should be leaving the hydraulics for the car cars, not the trucks. And to then put hydraulics on the bed of your truck?! Who came up with this bright idea? I won’t do the research to find out, because it’s just a silly mod and pointless practice that has no business being on your vehicle. Hydraulics should be relegated to lowriders and pocket rockets, not truck beds. The bed of a truck is to store things—and what can you store when it’s whirling around in the air in all different directions?

7 Cheap Cargo Nets

via Zonetech

These cargo nets might look useful to hold groceries or something, but they’re really not. First, they’re cheap and not well made—if you’re going to have cargo nets on the bed of your truck, they should strap down. Just looking at this picture, you can probably imagine hitting a pothole or a bump and then seeing that basketball go flying into the windshield of another car, which causes the car to swerve and then bam, you’ve caused a five-car pileup. Good work. Some people even replace their tailgates with these cargo nets—and who knows why? These nets aren’t strong enough to hold anything in! You know what is strong enough? A rear gate.

6 These Tiny Wheels

via Motor1

Here we are back to the tiny wheels. Maybe this is something that people modify in order to fight the “he’s overcompensating” looks that people get for driving huge trucks. But this ain’t it, chief. This has got to be the silliest-looking truck on the planet—so much so, that Motor1 actually wrote an entire article on this bad boy. First, they noted how it’s extremely hilarious and extremely dangerous. Luckily, the owner of this particular truck made it evident in a video that this is just a joke. Whew. We just hope that people don’t take these wheels seriously and that the video doesn’t start a trend in the truck world where this becomes the new normal!

5 Huge Tires And Lift Kit


Here we have something on the opposite end of the spectrum—and even if this isn’t considered a joke, it sure looks like one. People probably can’t take you too seriously when you’re riding around in a truck this tall, this lifted, with wheels this big. Not unless your name is Shaq, maybe (but even then, he opted for an F-650, which is bigger all around, not just on the bottom end). What’s also funny is that a study conducted by researchers in the Central Plains region found, after surveying 1,000 men aged 18-64, some unsurprising facts about men with large trucks. This is stuff that everyone has assumed or joked about at one point in their lives. But the funny part: guess what picture they used to advertise their study? This one!

4 Rust Wraps

via Pinterest

Customized wraps on cars can look incredibly cool. There are flashy wraps, classy wraps, stylish wraps, wraps to write a rap song about...but this rusted wrap is none of those things and it just looks tacky. Imagine the reaction people will have when they get near your “rusty” truck, then see that it’s just a painted on or a wrap job. They’ll feel deceived and then they’ll probably question your decision-making skills. You’d probably be better off with an ACTUAL rusty pickup, in fact. The idea of a rust wrap is to make your car look old and worn and used, but it has the opposite effect: it probably makes people wonder if you’ve ever even driven your truck before.

3 Spoilers

via CARiD

Spoilers on a pickup truck are another thing that is just sort of baffling. First off, spoilers should be left to sports cars, race cars, and occasionally, cool looking sedans that want to go fast. Aerodynamic efficiency is cool and all but on a truck, it just looks bad. Spoilers are supposed to reduce the drag and increase performance and fuel efficiency. But they’re counterproductive on a pickup, in the sense that they probably won’t do anything if they’re planted on the bed of a pickup. The cabin of most trucks is too high to get you the drag reduction that spoilers are supposed to give your car and they just look bad.

2 Too Much Bass

via LegendaryFinds

Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as too much bass. Even if you’re all about that bass, that bass, that bass, no treble. (Sorry.) Having an upgraded sound system is awesome—don’t get me wrong. But there is a time when 16 huge subwoofers that produce just a silly amount of bass might be taking it overboard. You aren’t getting respect by having your music louder than everyone else’s or for setting off car alarms or for rumbling the ribcages of everyone around you. Ear-drum rattling bass is terrible for your ears (and those around you) and it’s a city noise ordinance infraction in most states, too.

1 Giant Exhaust Tips

via Reddit

This picture here probably gets the Runner Up award for worst-looking truck on this list. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad—at least it’s not a Prius with the same sized exhaust. But having giant exhaust tips is just pointless, frivolous, and is a mod that should probably be left alone. Giant exhaust tips that you can stick a bucket into are mostly geared toward diesel trucks, where the bigger, the better. But that’s not the case here. Just like rolling coal is a cry for attention, so are these huge exhaust tips. But let anyone tell you, it’s having the opposite effect on your respect and desirability meter!

Sources: Speed Society, Motor1, and CIPPTV.

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