Try Not To Laugh: 29 Pictures Of Rims Their Owners Thought Were "Cool"

Rims. Like them or not, they are an integral part of a car's look. They can easily make or break a car's appearance, either subtly or blatantly. A nice set of rims can take a normal car to the next level, just like a set that is bad or ostentatious can ruin an already stunning car. While many are designed by the manufacturer and are left on the car by people who don't care too much about how their car looks, many varieties are custom built to fit certain types of cars.

Rims can also impact the performance of your car, which many people don't know. For instance, a rim that is wider will provide better stability and traction, due to the increased amount of tire touching the road. However, a wider rim may rub against the inside of the wheel-well, which would decrease the car's fuel economy. Rims with certain purposes (for instance, a wide tire on a Porsche 911) are generally already put in place by manufacturers, but more niche rims can be put on cars by their owners.

While we could spend hours showing you photos of excellent rims that both complete and elevate the look of the cars they're on - we are going for humor this time. We've found 30 cars that thanks to their owners, have made them look quite bad due to the rims that they took. They may have thought that they were choosing something that looked cool, but in reality, these design failures are simply hilarious.

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29 Bowl Of Pasta Or Rims?

via Reddit

This old car takes donks to the extreme. These rims are absolutely wild, and would bamboozle virtually any onlooker. The spokes of these bad rims quite literally look like they’re made of floss, and it’s a wonder that they manage to hold up the weight of this car.

The owner looks far too pleased with himself for the massive error he made. These rims are so big that they’re taller than many children, which makes absolutely no sense for any car.

28 Who Wore It Better?

via Reddit

This one is included mostly because it’s just funny – the wheels on the Golf are actually pretty stylish. Designers are known to take inspiration from many things – wild animals, gorgeous color palettes, and patterns in nature.

This designer apparently took inspiration from something else, something truly unique and special – oh wait, they got the pattern from the wheels of a garbage can. Perhaps this doesn’t mean that the Golf has a bad set of rims – it may mean that the trash can has a great set of wheels.

27 Going (Do)nuts

via Reddit

This set of rims is meant to be funny, and while it accomplishes that, they’re still ugly overall because they don’t fit with the aggressive design of most cop cars. However, it shows good sportsmanship on the part of the police by playing off of the “cops and donuts” trope, making for a display that is likely engaging to the public and good for PR.

However, if you were to be pulled over by this cruiser, you’d probably be laughing too hard to hand the officer your license.

26 Oops

via Marathon Pundit

This old ride should be shown respect, but instead the owner has done it a massive disservice by fitting it with a bad set of rims that detract from the overall class of the car.

The red metal is straight out of a kid’s coloring book, and looks totally immature. Additionally, this style of rim has popped up throughout this article and simply doesn’t look good. It has no balance and is disproportionate, throwing off the whole appearance of this car.

25 Monstrosity

via Reddit

This first set of rims is just not appealing at all. It illustrates exactly what was discussed in the introduction – a great car (in this case, a Mustang GT) gets ruined because of the owner’s poor taste when it comes to design.

These neon green rims do not fit the aggressive and sporty style of the Mustang at all, and detract from the well-designed body. The owner may have thought these were cool, but in reality the car is ruined.

24 Spare Us!

via Reddit

This Porsche is getting ruined – by its own manufacturer! This wheel is actually a spare tire included with the car by Porsche, and although spare tires are not meant to be stylish, this one takes that too far.

The red clashes with the white paint, and this rim stands out way too much. It lets everyone else on the road know that you have a problem with your car, which embarrassing. The owner would be better off plasti-dipping this rim.

23 Switch, Please

via Forgiata

This Lamborghini Huracan is an incredible combination of automotive engineering and beautiful design… until you get to the rims. The car is already boastful enough, and the last thing it needs is a set of bright red, wacky rims.

They call more attention than necessary to the car and simply look too showy, which ruins the vibe of this Lamborghini. In a perfect world, the red on the rims would be the color of the paint on the car, and the rims would be space gray.

22 Stick To The Farmer's Market

via SEMA

This Prius, found at SEMA, has rims that take us back. While the body of this car is equally bad, the rims just ruin the whole thing. It looks like a swirling pattern of kitchen knives and fall leaves, which are not a combination that anyone has thought of before… for good reason.

The orange-red rims are not colored properly, and are arranged in a pattern that doesn’t fit well with the rest of the Prius. The owner should have stuck with stock rims.

21 This "Blue" Us Away

via SEMA

SEMA never fails to disappoint, as we can see again with this Subaru WRX. First of all, rims should never be a colorful piece. They should be black, gray, and silver. Nowhere on that list does it say rims should be metallic blue, which these are.

They look immature, like something a kid in elementary school would choose for a car. The actual shape of the rims are pretty nice, and it’s just a shame that they were ruined by the blue color.

20 Camar-Oh No!

via Reddit

This Camaro has a number of issues, but for now we can focus mostly on the rims. As mentioned previously, as well as throughout the rest of this article, rims should not be bright colors.

This orange is certainly not a color that belongs on rims, and draws more attention to the wheels of the car than the actual car itself. The design of the rims are actually quite nice, and if they were a deep black, this Camaro would be massively improved.

19 Run Away... Fast

via Lexani

This Jeep has just crossed into donk territory, which is a car with extremely oversized rims and thin tires. They do not go with the Jeep at all – they look frail, thin, and far too flashy for the off-road beast.

Good luck getting anywhere in the snow or rain, because these tires have zero tread depth. Additionally, these thin tires are absolutely awful at absorbing shock, which will make for a very uncomfortable ride. This Jeep should be scrapped and redone from the ground up.

18 Not So Pretty In Pink

via Auto Evolution

This G-Wagon is a great car, and looks alright in pink. However, despite the style, speed, and capability of this car, the pink rims ruin the whole look. Color-matched rims show a lack of maturity, which is not a good sign when dealing with a car that can cost over $100,000.

The rims would have looked incredible if they were done in black, and would have made for an excellent overall look. Luckily, all that needs to be changed here are the rims.

17 Truck No

via AudioCityUSA.com

Start at the top of this truck, and start moving your eyes downward. So far, so good – aggressive body lines, sleek black paint, and many chrome accents make for a great package. However, when you get to the rims, you’ll do a double take.

They are far too flowy and thin for the big truck, which totally throws off the whole look of the ride. The tires look too thin, which is a result of the poorly chosen chrome rims.

16 Oligarch Plates

via Reddit

If you want ostentatious, look no further than this Cadillac Escalade. The gold trim on the body actually looks pretty good with the black paint, but the wheels take it over the top.

They are very unrefined for this classy SUV, just a wide expanse of gold with no end in sight. With a bit more design, they would look better. With a different color, it would be a whole different story. This Caddy is certainly over the top, but the owner should change the rims.

15 BMWhy'd You Do That?

via srautogroup.com

This BMW is quite the car. It’s aggressive, sporty, and an amazing car that many car enthusiasts would love to drive. The rims throw this all off, however. The black spokes are fine, but it’s the blue border around the rims that ruin the look.

They call unnecessary attention to the wheels, and are a tiny flaw that takes away from the beauty of the car. It’s sad that this great car was ruined by a poor choice in rims, but at least it still drives well.

14 Back To The Drawing Board, Lexus

via Lexus

The wheels on this Lexus are just bad. They are the epitome of manufacturer wheels – bland, uninspired, and not stylish. These rims appear too thin and unstructured, not fitting with the overall look of the car.

They look as though they’ll collapse and splinter the second you sit in the car. They’re a bit too wide too, which means that there isn’t much room for the tires. This makes for poor traction, odd looks, and a bumpy driving experience.

13 Spiraling Out Of Control

via Reddit

The rims on this Lexus will make you want to rip your eyes out. There are a number of problems with this design. First of all, they’re white to match the paint on the car. This is a huge design mistake, and makes the whole car look cheap and tacky.

Not to mention the spiralized design… it doesn’t fit with the car at all. This Lexus is refined, for grownups, yet it looks as though it was designed by a team of children.

12 Money Doesn't Buy Taste

via Reddit

You’d think that the owner of this gold-wrapped BMW would have had a bit of taste and chosen better wheels for their car. They were on the right track – these are Vossen rims, which is a big-name company in the field of custom rims.

However, the owner chose rims that are too small for the car, making it look disproportionate. The design is clunky too – too much metal surface in the center of the wheel, and not enough in the spindly edge pieces.

11 Poor Mercedes

via Driving Line

Yet again, we see a wonderful car ruined by a poor choice of rims. This AMG Mercedes looks slick, a low black coupe. However, the rims just had to come in with their neon green spokes and ruined the whole thing.

They are oversized, too showy, and detract from the class and refinement that we can see in most Mercedes. This error could easily be corrected by a different choice in rims, even by sticking with the original stock rims.

10 R(uined)8

via Reddit

This Audi R8 is beautiful, incredibly fast, and something that just about any car enthusiast would love to drive. The stance, the glossy paint, and the aero bits on the car make it look simply stunning.

However, the rims ruin the look. Much like the Vossens on this list, there is way too much metal in the center of the wheels and not enough on the edges. A good-looking car is all about proportion, and this R8 has that thrown off in its rims.

9 Nice Bowls, Dude

via WayALife.com

This Jeep looks bad, and a big part of that is due to the rims. The color-matched white metal looks tacky, cheap, and immature. The wheels are set far too deep, which makes the rims look like big bowls that should be placed on a table, not on a car.

Additionally, the little purple spikes that are used as bolt covers look awful. Period. The owner somehow thought these things would look cool, but they were proved very wrong by the final result.

8 Big Mistake, Altima

via Reddit

This one is interesting. We have a Nissan Altima, which is a pretty ordinary car, that the owner understandably tried to dress up a bit. However, they failed miserably. These just have one fat spoke, and it’s chrome to boot.

This style of rim would not look good on any car, especially not this cheap commuter car. All this owner has done is create a sad eyesore of a vehicle, which was unfortunately caused by a poor choice of rims.

7 Neon, Oh My!

via YouTube

Chrome rims are seldom the proper choice for a car, and they definitely are not in this context. They look poorly made, thin, and ready to break after the first pothole. To make matters worse, the blue neon lights make the car look absolutely worthless.

It looks like something straight out of Need for Speed or Fast and Furious, but not in a good way. This car, whatever it is, would be better off in a junkyard due to these tacky and outrageous rims that the owner installed.

6  Stick To The Showroom

via Reddit

This lackluster Ford F-150, found at an auto show, looks real bad. The rims are just underwhelming, with too much metal in the middle and weak borders. The bronze color is tacky and too showy, making for an extravagant pickup truck.

The spikes, which take the place of lug nut covers, are immature. These rims look like something a third-grader would draw if you asked them to draw their dream car. Unfortunately, these rims are no dream, they’re a nightmare.

5 Green Nightmare

via Reddit

There are a lot of donks on this list, to be fair. They’ve made this list because of the awful rims that accompany the style of the scene. These 32-inch rims have many problems. First of all, they’re matched to the paint of the car. With black or silver, this can look nice.

With green, it looks bad. The design on the rims don't do the car any favors either, and looks like something on the chest of a superhero, not a rim design.

4 Nissan M(oro)no

via Reddit

This Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet is a donk, but that doesn’t excuse how bad the rims are. Aside from being huge, the design is lacking in taste at best. The woven appearance of the spokes looks like something out of a Celtic coloring book, although that is where it should stay.

The red doesn’t do the rims any favors – as mentioned previously, rims should not be color-matched to the paint on the body of the car. Sadly, these rims ruin the car.

3  Google Some Better Rims

via Reddit

This is an April Fool’s prank that was pulled on a Google executive. His Tesla was wrapped pink and made to look like some sort of weird Batmobile, and the rims were changed too.

This style is seen on a few other cars on this list, and they look bad no matter what. The rims are chunky and make the Tesla look seriously downgraded, which is a shame because it is such a nice car. They are ritzy and over-sized, and a total waste of space.

2 Visual Hazard Ahead

via HotCars

The 34-inch rims on this hot pink Cadillac SRX are truly bad. This car takes donks to a whole new level, but the rims are especially bad. They could be used as a kid’s pool, considering how wide and deep they are.

The excess of hot pink unfortunately catches your eye and makes it hard to look away. The swirly rims don’t fit the style of this SRX either – it would make much more sense to fit the Cadillac with a set of restrained, black rims.

1  Old Timer

via Reddit

You’ve finally made it to the end – this is the last set of rims that will scar your eyes. They have so many problems – color-matched, thin and weak, and too glitzy. The little red bolts running around the wheel look like a pox, which must be a sign that these rims must be disposed of and treated.

This car looks slick, and sadly had potential. A set of simple, smaller black rims would have elevated this car, but the owner missed the mark.

Sources - Reddit

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