Insanely Tuned GMC S-10 Pickup Runs Quarter-Mile In Less Than 8 Seconds

This GMC pickup truck is faster than most muscle cars. Check out the video to see it in action.


This GMC Sonoma pickup truck has more power than a Dodge Demon and is able to run a quarter-mile drag race in under 8 seconds.

When the GMC Sonoma (also known as the Chevy S-10) was first born way back in the '80s, it arrived with a selection of inline 4-cylinder of V6 engines. About the best you could manage was a 4.3-L LB4 V6 with 165 hp and 235 lb-ft of torque.

By today's standards, the pickup was small and underpowered, but useful in the same way that small pickups are to transport small yet cumbersome cargo to a different locale.

However, as far back as the early '90s, GMC knew that people loved fast pickup trucks. A high-performance version of the Sonoma called the GMC Syclone turbocharged that V6 so that it made 280 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque--an insane number for a pickup truck from the era. It also lowered the pickup's suspension several inches for better on-road performance.

This truck we see here is not a Syclone. It's even better.

Instead of a piddly V6, this GMC pickup has a 5.3-L LS V8 under its custom hood. Attached is a 94 mm Procharger turbocharger for more power than anything else at the drag strip. Just how much is a mystery--sadly, the driver dodges the question when asked outright. However, we can safely guess that it's well over 1,000 hp, given how fast this pickup can move.

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Other mods include an aluminum block, a jury-rigged fuse system in the passenger seat, and a tailgate that has been welded shut to support a massive rear wing and a parachute.

In the first race, the GMC absolutely demolishes a C7-gen Corvette, then takes on a modified Nissan GT-R and crushes that car too. Then an older Camaro bites the dust before the pickup finally meets a modified Foxbody Mustang in the finals.

If you wanna see how this old pickup fares--and see how it ran a quarter-mile time of just 7.78 seconds--click on the video above.

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