Tuned Hellcat Thinks It Can Take On A Dodge Demon In Drag Race

Tuned Hellcat Thinks It Can Take On A Dodge Demon In Drag Race

A tuned Hellcat driver thought they had a chance against a Dodge Demon. They were wrong.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the undisputed king of muscle cars. It’s 6.2-L supercharged V8 produces 840 hp and 770 lb-ft of torque when fed the correct fuel, and is capable of propelling the car from zero to sixty in just 2.3 seconds. It’s the only production car capable of pulling a wheelie off the line.

Low 10-second quarter-mile times are pretty common, while high 9-second times are somewhat rare, but possible.

Meanwhile, the lowly Challenger SRT Hellcat makes do with 707 hp from its engine and launches from zero to sixty in just 3.6 seconds. High-10s are the usual norm in the quarter-mile not just due to fewer horses at the wheels but more lbs in the trunk.

On the plus side, the Hellcat is the vastly more comfortable ride. On the downside, it’s not a Demon.

But what if the Hellcat could be like the Demon? Dodge tried that with the Hellcat Redeye, which produces 797 hp from it’s tuned engine, but it still doesn’t come with the drag radials and seat-delete options of the Demon.


So this Hellcat driver decided to keep his ride but massage the engine to take it halfway to Demon levels. It’s still a little a short of the Redeye at a reported 780 hp, but maybe that will be enough to keep up with the Demon.

And it certainly is off the line. The Demon and Hellcat both have phenomenal starts with the Demon even pulling its signature wheelie. However, soon after the race begins, the Demon starts to pull ahead ever so slightly. By the time the finish line arrives, the Demon has extended its lead to a car length.

The Demon finished in 10.11 seconds at 135.33 mph, while the Hellcat managed a respectable 10.68 at 128.82 mph. That’s a sure improvement over the stock Hellcat’s numbers, but still not enough to defeat the Demon. Maybe it’ll try again when it gains another 100 horses.

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