Watch A Tuned McLaren 720S Go From Zero To Sixty In 2 Seconds

Watch A Tuned McLaren 720S Go From Zero To Sixty In 2 Seconds

Watch the modified McLaren 720S set a new record for acceleration by going from zero to sixty in just 2 seconds.

Last we saw this modified McLaren 720S was last week when it crushed a stock 720S in a drag race, to the surprise of absolutely no one. At the time we heard that the modifications performed gave this McLaren close to 1,000 hp, and dyno testing revealed that it had 880 rear-wheel horsepower.

But as with all tuner projects, those power numbers are subject to change. In the latest update from DragTimes, that modified McLaren now boasts a rear-wheel power of 943 horses and 663 lb-ft of torque. There’s no telling how much power is being made at the crank, but it’s surely over 1,000 at this point.

Getting the 720S to that point involved a set of brand new turbochargers from Pure Turbos, along with a full exhaust replacement by Velocity. ECU tweaks from DME tuning help the McLaren handle way more power than it was ever intended, while Wheels Boutique performed all testing.

They also brought it down to Palm Beach International Raceway for a private session to see just how fast their creation could go.

Unsurprisingly, it was fast. Faster than any other 720S before, in fact.


Before we get to see the McLaren run, we’re shown that it has a brand new set of Toyo tires and is fed 100 octane leaded gasoline. You can’t get that gas from regular pumps since it’s highly toxic, but it can still be found for one-off races at international raceways, apparently.

The track too is prepared for the race with a layer of fresh rubber. So fresh that our host loses a shoe to the sticky substance.

But now the test itself. The fastest 720S was able to make a quarter-mile run in just under 10 seconds. Our modified McLaren shattered that record with a time of 9.15 seconds at 155.56 mph.

Zero to sixty took just 2.04 seconds. Zero to 100 mph took just 4.08 seconds. That’s faster than most hypercars. We’ll certainly see more of this 720S at the drag strip later as news of its accomplishment circulates on the world wide web.

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