Watch An Insanely Powerful Custom Porsche Race A Bugatti Chiron

A 1,600 hp Porsche 911 Turbo takes on a Bugatti Chiron in an epic drag race in Germany.

Watch An Insanely Powerful Custom Porsche Race A Bugatti Chiron

Watch this insanely powerful Porsche 911 Turbo race against a Bugatti Chiron.

You rarely see a Bugatti. Even more rarely is seeing a Bugatti race. Even though Bugattis are some of the fastest cars in the world, the type of guy that buys them isn’t all the concerned with taking it down to the drag strip to set quarter-mile records. They’re a little too busy sipping caviar while driving to their next billionaire luncheon.

So imagine our surprise when one was spotted racing a tuned-up Porsche at a German airstrip.

According to Gumbal, the footage here was taken at this year’s SCC500’s event at Black Forest Airport in Lahr, Germany. Ze Germans do things a little differently than we’re used to. Rather than start from a standstill (or “from a dig”, as Americans are wont to say), these drag races are rolling races that start from 50 kph (or 31 mph). Instead of going to a quarter-mile, they go out to 1 km which is a little over half a mile. This is generally a little easier on a car’s components and also doesn’t require a specialized drag strip in order for the tires to maintain a grip on the road.

Usually. Unless you’re a tuned Porsche 911 Turbo with more power than a Bugatti Chiron.

The Chiron’s competitor is the aforementioned 997-series 911 Turbo. When it was born back in the late 2000s it came with a 3.6-L twin-turbo flat-six that produced 473 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot, but German tuning house 9FF used their strange alchemical knowledge of Porsches to give this particular 997 Turbo a whopping 1,600 hp.


That’s more than enough to beat the Chiron’s 1,479 hp 8.0-L quad-turbo W16 engine, and likely a lot lighter too.

But still, the Chiron is a superb piece of engineering, meticulously built to be the best car that money can buy. Could it stand up to an upstart Porsche with delusions of grandeur?

In a word: no.

It’s clear that the Porsche definitely got a bit of a head start by reaching the 50 sign first, but even after both cars open their throttles fully, the Bugatti is never able to close the gap between the two cars. That is one excessively fast Porsche.

And also one that apparently requires dry ice to be shoved into the air intakes to perform.


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