These 19 UFC Fighters Drive The Sickest Cars

UFC has become a real attraction over recent years, gaining popularity as time has gone on. It seems we can’t get enough of watching grown men take chunks out of each other – and long may that continue. Fights are a lot of fun to watch, with moments of drama and tension, moments of glory and defeat, and the sheer satisfaction of seeing your guy beat the other guy into submission.

There’s more to it than just the fights, too – the trash talking, the squaring up, the personalities that can be larger than life. We love every single bit of it, and that’s why it’s become such a hit. But with popularity for any sporting endeavour also comes money. From the prize money they win from their fights, to their sponsorship packages and endorsements, UFC fighters are apparently putting away a lot of money these days. Certainly enough to pick up some very nice cars indeed, most of which make us very jealous.

So, what do you drive when you’re a UFC fighter? Apparently, the kind of man who can lay out another with his fists well enough to get paid to do it drives a very nice selection of motors indeed. Let’s take a look at the kind of rides you can expect to see them in if you ever spot them running errands.

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19 Josh Koscheck’s Ferrari F430

Via autoloandaily

Josh Koscheck wasn’t satisfied with just driving around a Ferrari F430. No, that wasn’t good enough, because other people also own Ferrari F430s and he didn’t want to be just anyone. Like many other UFC fighters, he wanted to have it customised to make his own mark on the vehicle.

He took it to California Wheels to have the Vellano wheels put on and to have blacked out accents added.

It’s alright for some. Personally, we have to say that simply owning a Ferrari – any Ferrari – would be enough for us, at least for a while. At what point do you have so much money that you get bored of having just a normal Ferrari? We aren’t sure, but we would love to find out.

18 Conor McGregor’s Rolls Royce Ghost

Via Mirror

What do you do if you have £280,000 lying around that you don’t know how to spend? Or, more accurately, what do you do if you make that much money and you’re Conor McGregor? The answer is to get a custom-made Rolls Royce Ghost which has your own face emblazoned across the side, so you can really drive around in style. He purchased it right before his lightweight title fight with Eddie Alvarez, so it may have been intended as something of an ego boost. After the car was delivered, he admitted that he probably has a problem with spending money – but that he also has an obsession with earning it, so it all works out in the end. Well, until he can’t fight anymore, at which point he may be in trouble.

17 Josh Koscheck’s 2007 Hummer H2 SUT

Via AutoLoanDaily

On those days when he doesn’t want to take his Ferrari out for a spin, Josh Koscheck has a second option in his garage. This is his 2007 Hummer H2 SUT, which he has also had customised by California Wheels just to make sure that his cars both match. It has been fully blacked out and also sits on huge Dub wheels, which really make it look completely oversized. When someone drives a car like this, they had better either be a UFC star or a very famous rapper. Otherwise, they’re going to be in line for some ridicule. As it stands, no one would dare. Unless, of course, they happy to also be a UFC fighter and confident that they could win the inevitable conflict.

16 Conor McGregor’s BMW i8

Via Extra

How do you show up for court after being caught speeding and then not turning up the first time you were told to? Well, if you’re Conor McGregor, the answer is this: you put on your very best green Adidas tracksuit, you jump into your BMW i8, and then you speed off down the road as if to demonstrate that even the court can’t hold you back. You really do have to admire this guy for being so bold with all of his moves.

He was fined €400 for driving at 158kph in a 100kph zone in Dublin.

He was given two months to pay the fine and instructed that he was allowed to pay it in instalments if he wished, which apparently prompted a lot of laughter in the courtroom.

15 Cain Velasquez’ 1971 Ford Torino Cobra

Via MotorTrend

Apparently, Cain Velasquez tries to make sure that he drives his Ford Torino Cobra at least once a week. It doesn’t matter whether he takes it to the gym, goes shopping in it, or just drives around for a bit. He’s just happy to own it. He grew up in a family that always owned Ford cars, and so this influenced him to go for a classic Ford vehicle when he had the chance to afford something a bit more fancy. He says about why he likes it, “It’s all original. That’s my dream car so I have to rate that a 10. The first thing that caught my eye was the Coke bottle shape of the body that was popular in that year. So the styling, and of course it being a muscle car, the big engine.”

14 Dominick Cruz’ 2012 Nissan GT-R

Via MotorTrend

If you spot Dominick Cruz around San Diego, chances are that he might be cruising (sorry) in his 2012 Nissan GT-R. This car is pretty special to him because it was a bonus that he received when he won his UFC title against Demetrious Johnson. This is more than just a car – it’s a cherished trophy that shows him how far he has come.

He wanted this GT-R over other flashy supercars, like the Lamborghinis his rivals might drive, because he says it’s a performance car – one that drives well instead of just looking good.

He also likes the fact that it is more exclusive than other models. He takes it out between 10 am and 1 pm in order to get a bit of road to himself, outside of rush hour times, and sometimes drives to Escondido just to give the wheels a spin.

13 Chuck Liddell’s BMW 760Li

Via MotorTrend

You know what they say about BMW drivers, right? Well, just don’t repeat it in front of Chuck Liddell, as the man could probably tear your arm right off. The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion drivers a BMW 760Li from 2013, and he says it’s the most comfortable ride he has ever had. On the other hand, though, it can’t compare to his last car before this one – a Ferrari F430. Mind you, it does have a lot of perks. It’s pretty fast for a car that looks boring, and it even has TVs in the back as well as massage chairs. He says he would probably like the BMW more if he had never driven the Ferrari first, but as a father, he had to prioritise comfort.

12 Dominick Cruz’ 2015 Toyota Tundra Platinum edition

Via MotorTrend

This automatic car is what Cruz uses when he needs to tow things, which apparently happens quite a lot. He says he enjoys going out to the dunes, or go camping, or haul stuff around fairly often. He also likes the fact that it has plenty of room, and that it’s comfortable to drive with a leather interior and custom suspension from Toyota Escondido. Cruz actually says that it’s like driving around inside a couch, which we have to admit is a pretty good recommendation. It doesn’t look too bad from the outside, and a monster truck like this really does look suited to a UFC fighter. All in all, if we were a UFC star with too much money lying around, we would probably consider it, too.

11 Adam Yandiev’s Lamborghini Murcielago

Via Mirror

This, well, was Adam Yandiev’s Lamborghini Murcielago. Sadly, it is not anymore. His mechanic, a 43-year-old man named Dmitry Shcherbatov, was permitted to drive the car to a repair shop in order to get it fixed. Tragically, he never made it – instead wrapping it around a lamppost which literally split the car in half. He was killed instantly, and a passenger escaped from the wreckage but ended up in hospital in a coma. The lamppost went right through the driver’s side of the vehicle, but it was so large that it also crushed the passenger’s side, leaving him with very little room to be extracted by the emergency services. This is a very good example of how not to drive a Lamborghini that doesn’t even belong to you in Moscow.

10 Anthony Pettis’ Dodge Charger

Via Dub Magazine

Anthony Pettis is another UFC fighter who is very much a car man. He loves his Dodge Charger, which he says is totally unique to his home of Milwaukee. It was the first car he bought brand new that he felt was a good quality, and it hasn’t faded in his affections since.

He sent it to Toyo Tires in LA and had them refit everything, from a widebody, to air ride suspension, to the 22s, to a new sound system.

It took two months, but now he has a car that fits him perfectly. It’s not the only car he has in his collection, but since we’ll go over some of them later, here’s a little teaser: he really, really likes the colour black.

9 Anthony Pettis’ Cadillac Escalade

Via Instagram

And this was Anthony’s Cadillac Escalade. If you look closely, you can also see the Dodge burning, along with his flat-black Infiniti G37x Sedan. Someone set two of his cars on fire while they were sitting in his driveway, and then the flames spread to a third, leaving them as burnt-out husks. So, we may have been a little bit misleading when we said that he owns a Dodge Charger and a Cadillac Escalade, because he doesn’t anymore. The cars had also previously been robbed while sitting right on his driveway, and it’s a wonder that he didn’t up his security after that incident. It was all apparently part of a campaign to put him off his next fight. What a waste of some great customised cars.

8 Conor McGregor’s Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Via Instagram

Yes, Conor McGregor has a ridiculous amount of insanely expensive cars. Let’s just get that out of the way now. By this point, we have to wonder how many of them he could ever possibly get around to driving more than once. Surely he’s approaching the ‘one for every day of the week’ mark, if not already barrelling past it?

Still, this is his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, which he has dubbed The Flamethrower.

He is apparently very much enamoured of it, and we can’t say we blame him. In fact, we kind of feel the same. It’s a pretty beautiful car. Somehow, he even managed to find a place to pose with it that seems to match the colours and lines. That’s an Instagram pro.

7 Cain Velasquez’ Custom Ford F-150

Via AutoLoanDaily

Another swish car for Cain Velasquez, and another custom car put together by California Wheels, who apparently have a bit of a referral business going on amongst UFC fighters. This is his Ford F-150, which underwent some moderations at the hands of this team.

It was given a Rolling Big Power grill, a suspension lift, and 20” Rolling Big Power T904 wheels, all of which adds up to one massive truck that would definitely stop you in your tracks if you came up against it.

At this stage, we’re beginning to think we could bring you a list of 40 or more UFC cars customised at this one place, so look out for their work. It seems to be respected by a lot of players in this sport.

6 Antonio Silva’s Maserati GranTurismo

Via MMAMania

When you make a big achievement in your career, it’s important to have that recognised. That’s what happened for Bigfoot Silva when he managed to knock out Alistair Overeem. He was handed the keys to a brand-new Maserati Gran Turismo thanks to his sponsors, Sienna Motors. This is on top of the $50,000 bonus he won for the fight from UFC. Of course, the sponsors might not have been too happy about hitching their star to this after he later ended up pulling out of a fight under suspicious circumstances. He also ended up getting dropped by the UFC just three years after this bonus car was handed to him. A great start, but not so much of an elegant finish to his time as a UFC fighter.

5 Conor McGregor’s Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Via Instagram

Well, say what you like about Conor McGregor, he’s clearly a Rolls Royce man. While he may dabble in buying other marques as well, he likes to show off these custom and limited Rolls vehicles that he picks up. It’s actually kind of funny to look at him stood next to all of his fancy car collection.

The Rolls is a being of utter class, smooth and refined, and should rightfully be driven by a gentleman in a suit.

Even if having the top down does leave him permitted to lose the tie and open a button or two. However, instead, it gets to be driven by this heavily tattooed guy standing around in shorts and a vest. They might be odd bedfellows, but McGregor really likes this kind of car.

4 Stipe Miocic’s Dodge Ram Rebel

Via MotorTrend

When you’re a truck man, you’re a truck man. Stipe Miocic (a name to try to spell when you’re drunk) loves his Dodge Ram Rebel, which he says is perfect in all but one aspect: the fact that it doesn’t have ventilated seats, meaning they can end up getting pretty hot in the summer thanks to the all-black interior. It happens to be all black on the exterior, too. More than anything, he loves this truck for the way that it looks. The air suspension allows you to lift it up, and it has pretty big tyres to make it look as tough as possible. There’s also room for his dogs to sit around happily in the back. There’s not much more that he needs from his vehicle, apparently.

3 Max Holloway’s Dodge Daytona

Via Twitter

Max Holloway shared this snap of himself with his car, accompanied by a very simple caption: “Dodge”. Well, it just about says all you need to know. He’s clearly pretty happy with this choice of vehicle, which we have to admit packs an imposing figure. It may not be a truck like his fellow UFC stars often go for, but it does have a pretty aggressive front end. If you can’t drive a truck, a muscle car has to be the next best thing. This Daytona also sports yellow and black highlights across the bodywork, as well as blacked out windows. However, we can’t forgive this champion for the fact that his Twitter handle is @BlessedMMA. Just use your name like everyone else. We know you’re #blessed.

2 Ronda Rousey’s Honda Accord LX

Via eBay

This is definitely not the most glamorous of cars, which is probably why Ronda decided to sell it off on eBay. It was close to her heart, because in her days of being broke, she used to sleep in it. She affectionately named it The Fonda, but eventually did sell it accompanied by one condition. The new owner was to look after it, love it, and, er, not pleasure themselves in it every day. Well. That’s one condition you don’t see very often. The car ended up being worth quite a bit because it also came complete with memorabilia and medals, some of which were literally glued to the car. She even signed it. It came to $21,300 in the end – the same price you would pay for a brand new Honda at the time.

1 Conor McGregor’s BMW 730 M Sport

Via Twitter

One more Conor McGregor car? Oh, go on then. He has so many of them, it’s hard to keep up. Anyway, this one just goes to prove that he is capable of buying a normal-shaped car now and then. He posted this with the hashtag #fiftywhips, because why not when you have so many damn cars. If you were wondering what else he owns, some of the vehicles he is known to have bought include a Cadillac Escalade, a Rolls Royce Dawn, a forest green Lamborghini Huracan Avio, a Lamborghini Aventador in lime green, a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, a Mercedes-Benz S500, and, of course, many more. And you can also hate him even more, if you like, by seeing what his house looks like these days.

Sources: The Mirror, MotorTrend, MMAMania, BloodyElbow

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