9 UFC Fighters With B-List Rides (And 10 That Went The A-List Route)

The UFC has become a mainstream attraction in recent years, growing in popularity with every event - it seems we can’t get enough of watching grown men beat each other up. Fights are a lot of fun to watch, with moments of drama and tension, moments of glory and defeat, and the sheer satisfaction of seeing your guy beat the other guy into submission.

It's not just the fights though, there’s more to it than that – there's the trash talking, the squaring up, the sometimes larger than life personalities, the reality checks... We love every single part of it, and that’s why it’s grown so popular. And with popularity comes cash - fighters get paid to fight, there are various bonuses involved, not to mention their sponsorship packages and endorsements. There are UFC fighters out there who are making a lot of money these days, and lots of cash often translates to cool cars.

It’s only natural to associate high caliber athletes at the top of their game with hot cars. After all, successful sports stars tend to occupy that rare economic stratosphere where high-performance and luxury cars reside, and it makes sense for their competitive natures to manifest themselves in the form of horsepower and shiny metal as a way to outdo their opponents, even when they're not in the octagon.

Check out these MMA stars and their cars to see who has gone all-in and bought an A-list car, and who's more sensible than flashy and went with a B-list one.

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19 B-List: Ronda Rousey - Honda Accord LX

via eBay

It’s not easy to fight your way up the MMA ladder, it is perhaps especially hard if you’re a woman trying to gain acceptance in a man dominated profession. Despite being an Olympic medalist, former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey spent more than a few nights living in her 2005 Honda Accord when she wasn’t able to make ends meet while training.

In 2015 she sold the car on eBay, along with a handwritten ode to the Accord and a bunch of memorabilia to help speed the sale - it ended up cracking the $20k mark. Rousey would later go on to act in movies, and we presume she also upgraded her car.

18 A-List: Conor McGregor - Rolls Royce Ghost

via Instagram

Being a celebrity certainly does have its perks, and this one-off Ghost is a prime example of how some companies are handing over significant freebies in a bid to boost exposure of a certain product. Case in point, The Notorious Conor McGregor has received keys to a shiny new Ghost from Rolls-Royce. Actually, it’s not that shiny as the super-luxurious sedan comes with a matte black livery as per the Irishman’s request.

This particular car is said to cost around $350,000, which means the interior cabin has been subjected to a lot of upgrades taking into account the exterior is basically stock, with the exception of the matte black look and the vinyl graphics.

17 B-list: Max Holloway - Dodge Daytona

via Twitter

Max Holloway shared this snap of himself with his car, accompanied by a very simple caption: “Dodge.” While we're not 100% sure whether he meant that in a negative or a positive way, we'll choose to believe it means he's happy with his choice of car.

The Dodge does look mean and imposing with its aggressive front end. It may not be an A-list vehicle like some of his fellow UFC "co-workers" often go for, but it still somehow seems to be a car that's built for a strong car owner... Especially with the tinted windows and bodywork that sports yellow and black highlights.

16 A-List: Antonio Silva - Maserati GranTurismo

via Maserati

It's important that huge achievements in your career don't go unnoticed. Not that there was any chance of that happening when Antonio Silva managed to knock out Alistair Overeem. That achievement was recognized by his sponsors, Sienna Motors, who then proceeded to hand him the keys to a brand new Maserati Gran Turismo. This was of course on top of the $50,000 bonus he got for the fight - not a bad day's pay we reckon.

The sponsors probably weren't as happy with him when he later ended up pulling out of a fight under suspicious circumstances. In the end, Silva was dropped by the UFC just three years after he was given the car.

15 B-list: Stipe Miocic - Dodge Ram Rebel

via Pinterest

Once a truck guy, always a truck guy! Stipe Miocic really loves his Dodge Ram Rebel, which is perhaps as far from an A-list vehicle as one can get... but it gets the job done! Stipe claims the Rebel truck is perfect in every aspect but one, being black on black, it gets hot, especially during summer.

More than anything, Miocic loves the mean look of his truck. The air suspension in combination with the big, meaty tires makes it look extra tough. And of course, there's the practicality that it offers, with plenty of space for his dogs in the back.

14 A-List: Tito Ortiz - Rolls Royce Phantom

via Gearheads

Tito Ortiz needs no introduction as a pioneering light heavyweight champion in the UFC’s early push to become a household name 15 years ago. While no longer fighting in the UFC, he can still be seen driving hot cars around Huntington Beach, California, including his Rolls-Royce Phantom - which was the subject of a Twitter feud between Ortiz and his opponent Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen claimed that the Phantom had been repossessed due to Ortiz’s precarious financial situation, a fact that Tito refuted by simply filming a video of it parked in his driveway next to his Cadillac Escalade, which is riding on 26-inch rims.

13 B-list: Cain Velasquez - Ford F-150

via Pinterest

Cain Velasquez really is a car guy and he has a pretty impressive collection. He's even been driving at the race track a few times. This F-150 is a really nice truck, yet way more attainable to most people than some Italian supercar.

The truck was put together by California Wheels, who seem to be doing a lot of work for UFC fighters, we've lost count of how many custom cars emerged from that place that are owned by fighters. It was given a new grill, a suspension lift, and 20-inch wheels, making this truck a real head turner, yet it is not A-list material.

12 A-List: Jon "Bones" Jones - Bentley Continental GT

via Twitter

There's a lot that can be said about Jon "Bones" Jones, sadly, most of it isn't positive. The fighter was arrested for a controversial hit and run. He's also tested positive for controlled substances a couple of times and lost his title because of it.

We could compliment him on his fighting skills we suppose... but we think his Bentley Continental GT is the best thing about him. Credit where credit is due, it really is an incredible machine. Jones actually bought the Continental GT while serving out his 18-month probation for the hit and run. Maybe it isn't a good idea to let him loose with a 570 horsepower car after all??

11 B-list: Anthony Pettis - Dodge Charger

via Dub Magazine

Anthony Pettis is another UFC fighter who is very much a car man. When he first got his Dodge Charger, he said it was totally unique to his home of Milwaukee. The Charger was soon sent off to a shop in LA where he had a widebody kit installed, as well as air ride suspension, 22-inch rims, and a new sound system.

Sadly, rampant carjackings and vandalism plagued the city of Milwaukee, Wisc., which affected former Ultimate Fighting Championship Lightweight champion directly, seeing as several of his nice cars were set ablaze and robbed - including his Dodge Charger. Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire. Pettis took to IG immediately after the situation to plead for any information to be given to the police.

10 A-List: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson - Audi R8

via Dub Magazine

Rampage has several cool cars in his collection, but we like his Audi R8 the most, and we're guessing he likes it too since he nicknamed it the "Porsche Killer." He bought it when they first came out and everybody told him it was impossible to get one - then they came out with the V10 version and just wrecked his world.

It's rolling on VIP Modular wheels with his name on them, according to Rampage they make some of the best wheels around, plus he likes his name on things. At least if anybody steals his car he can say those are his rims. The Audi also has a mean-sounding performance exhaust to liven things up in Orange County.

9 B-list: Dominick Cruz - Toyota Tundra

via Pinterest

One thing is for sure, we'll never see a truck like this dropping off celebs at the Academy Awards... which kind of makes it even cooler. This is the truck Cruz uses when he needs to tow or haul things around - which apparently happens quite often. He says he enjoys outdoorsy stuff, like going out to the dunes, or going camping.

He also likes the fact that it has plenty of room, and that it’s comfortable to drive with a leather interior and custom suspension - Cruz actually says that it’s like driving around sitting on a couch. It doesn’t look too bad from the outside, and a monster truck like this really does look suited to a UFC fighter.

8 A-List: Khabib Nurmagomedov - Mercedes AMG GT

via Car Buzz

There's an emerging trend in MMA: Fighters publicly thanking unsavory politicians and oligarchs for buying them extravagant gifts. There are plenty of pictures of fighters from Russia posing awkwardly in front of luxurious vehicles with captions that show their appreciation for the "gift" they have just received.

Most recently, UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedighterfov was gifted a Mercedes AMG GT by one of the wealthiest men in Russia, Dagestani billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov, who was once interested in purchasing a stake in the UFC. In a social media post showing off the vehicle, Khabib said; "At my arrival to Moscow, I was hosted by Ziyavudin Magomedov. He congratulated me and offered this present. Thank you very much Ziyavudin Gadzhievich for everything you do for this sport. It's a big pleasure."

7 B-List: Josh Koscheck - Hummer H2

via Pinterest

John Koscheck has a couple of sweet rides in his garage, and while his H2 Hummer is a really nice car, it's just not as special as, say, his Ferrari. This 2007 Hummer H2 has been customized by California Wheels just to make sure it stands out from the crowd.

It has been fully modded out and is sitting on huge Dub wheels. In order to pull off this look the owner better be a famous rapper or a very good fighter in order to avoid being ridiculed. We doubt there are many people who would mess with Koscheck when he steps out of his Hummer.

6 A-List: Mairbek Taisumov - Mercedes

via Lowking

UFC fighter Mairbek Taisumov, who hails from Chechnya, was gifted a brand new Mercedes by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. The somewhat infamous head of the Chechen republic often spoke of Taisumov in IG posts, and it was a matter of time before he gifted his fellow countryman for his sporting achievements in the UFC.

Kadyrov also takes his favorite fighters out hunting and for meals in the wilderness, then posts these occasions on his IG account, making sure his one million followers know the Chechen population associates the fighters with power, prestige, and impressive connections. Taisumov posting pictures posing next to several BMWs and Mercs probably helps with the image as well.

5 A-List: Chuck Liddell - BMW 760Li

via Pinterest

This is the man who knocked out Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz. Alongside Couture, Chuck is partly to "blame" for MMA becoming mainstream. Known as the "Ice Man," he was inducted into the UFC hall of fame in 2009. Just like him, his car packs a mean punch.

He drives a 2013 BMW 760Li. With a V12, 320 HP, and an 8-speed automatic transmission - the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion says it’s the most comfortable ride he has ever had. We're guessing it's not as sporty as his previous car though, a Ferrari F430. Then again, the Beemer is still somewhat sporty, plus it has massage chairs and TVs in the back.

4 B-List: Randy Couture - 1949 Chevy Pickup

via Gearheads

This absolutely gorgeous custom-built 1949 Chevrolet Pickup is owned by UFC Hall Of Fame fighter Randy Couture. Randy has always been into muscle cars, Hot Rods, etc. so there were no corners cut and no stones left unturned when it was built from the ground up by Findlay Customs in Henderson Nevada.

Virtually everything on the car is brand new, and while builds like these can sometimes cost more than a modern supercar, it still looks low-key and has a certain whiff of hard work about it, rather than smelling of inherited white collar money. Just like its owner, this pickup packs quite a punch - that 6.2-liter V8 produces 430 galloping horses.

3 A-List: Derrick Lewis - Lamborghini Huracan Twin Turbo

via Speed Society

Lewis has never been known for his speed, regularly tipping the scales near the 265-pound heavyweight limit. However, behind the wheel of his Lamborghini, he doesn't have to worry about being too slow. As if a standard Lamborghini Huracan wasn't fast enough, Lewis sent his car off to Late Model Racecraft so they could install a pair of turbos.

The first time Derrick Lewis drove the Huracan, he took it to Quick 30 in Houston for a couple of passes down the drag strip. He just missed out on his goal of doing the 1/4-mile in under 10 seconds, but considering it was his first time behind the wheel of the car, we're sure he'll run nines with a little more practice.

2 B-List: Forrest Griffin - Scion Xb

via UFC

After winning the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter in 2005, Griffin gained fame, a six-figure pro contract to fight with Ultimate Fighting Championship and a new 2005 Toyota Scion xB he still drives. In his own words; "It's about as tough as a butterfly with a butterfly tattoo. I'm just so manly that it doesn't matter. I overcome that car."

He doesn't have a favorite feature on the Scion, but he does have a least-favorite feature - the fact that it doesn't have cruise control - yet he's driven it across the country five times because he hates flying. The Scion must be pretty bad when Forrest says the best car he's ever owned was a Mazda 626 he paid $72 for.

1 A-List: Michael Bisping - Maserati Quattroporte GTS

via entimports

We imagine the life of a UFC Champion can be pretty nice... except for the hours and hours of training every day, and the fact that you'll have to step into a locked cage with someone who wants to kick you in the head and choke you out. No wonder Michael Bisping decided to treat himself to a new $150,000.00 exotic whip.

Fresh off his first title defense, "The Count" substantially kicked up his car game when he went out and got himself a Maserati Quattroporte GTS, Twin Turbo V8, a rather nice sports car with a starting price somewhere in the region of $150.000.

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