10 Ugly Cars That Are Actually Great To Drive

Ugly cars like the Scion iQ and Toyota 4Runner may be a bit drab, but they are actually really great to drive in! Let's get into the top 10.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that cars, much like any other thing in the world can be ugly. The appearance of cars revolves around the sole opinion of a designer or a team of designers, and then, of course, in the eyes of the beholder. Cars, however, can not solely be judged on their appearance, many consumers have to take into consideration how the car runs and other factors that improve performance.

But an ugly exterior is hard to get by with, yet some cars outperform their much better-looking counterparts. Consumers should look past a car's appearance cause these cars are some of the best on the market when it comes to longevity, reliability, and general performance.

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10 BMW i3

The BMW i3 is one of the more modern vehicles the international company has released recently. The car is an electric model that comes with an extended gas feature in case of emergency or just general preference. The car may seem rather pricey at $47,045. The car is a hatchback model, able to take more or less 200 Kilometers on a full tank.

It takes a meager amount of time to charge the vehicle (3 hours). Not only are these features impressive but the car is able to gain up to 100 km/h in a few seconds without any damage being done. The features of the cars are very impressive, but its brick-like appearance may put off many consumers.

9 Honda Crosstour

As a car manufacturer, Honda has made itself a household name with its many different models. The Crosstour is one of the Honda models that many consumers didn't find appealing. The car is a mid-sized vehicle which is a model Honda has had much experience with in the past. But, this one opted to combine features that such a car could not properly handle.

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The car resembled a wagon and a hatchback with features of a sedan. It's safe to say that the model didn't make a big impact on anyone. The car was discontinued a few years after its release due to its limited sales. Valued at $39,240, its appearance put off many who would have otherwise sought to purchase the car.

8 Infiniti QX80

The Infinity QX80 came about from its ancestor the QX56, which was a hit with consumers for its all-wheel-drive. This SUV offers a full-size, luxury sports vehicle, which has been improved upon from the QX56 model. The QX80 was released as a limited model, but consumers can’t figure out why. The features of the car may be a 400 horsepower, V8-engine but it doesn't change the exterior of the car.

The $75,645 car, doesn't impress consumers with its brick-like, bumpy appearance, the bulky car is not comfortable to drive nor is it’s appearance something to boast about. The car looks outdated and cubic, overall not a very modern or sporty look, like other models that the brand has released.

7 Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is a household name. Jeep itself is a brand that is known for its rugged ability to go offroad and take anything thrown at it. The Cherokee is no stranger to the changes that have been made since the 2002 models were released.

This model replaced other SUVs that had previously been held back by their block-like appearance, which didn’t appeal to many of the consumers who sought to purchase one of the cars. The change was not a very welcomed one since the Cherokee valued at $25,390 isn't much of an improvement in the design of the past. Long gone is the brick model, replaced by a billed sedan that isn't exactly what Jeep fans have been looking for.

6 Lexus GX

Of all the models mentioned, the Lexus GX is one of those that can be particularly overlooked for its design flaw. The luxury SUV would have made headlines for its performance and appearance had it not been for the sudden addition of a grille to the front end of the vehicle.

The GX model is valued at $61,195, and with a 310 horsepower, V8 engine it is no surprise why many would want the car. It is one of the many SUVs that provide both intense off-road driving as well as regular transportation. But for many consumers the design flaw at the front had them cringing at the model.

5 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Coupe

The CLA-Class Coupe is one of those Mercedes cars that life-long fans of the brand thought they could never go wrong with. The car is one of the most affordable ever brought out by the brand. The car is a coupe model, which really should have never happened. The car not only appears disproportionate but it actually is.

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This car is another model of the CLS-Class Coupe, which is an average-sized car, although there seems to have been an error in manufacturing. It is speculated that the $36,375 car is just a refurbished CLS. Consumers were disappointed by the car which should have been more original for its promises.

4 Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is one of the brand's most upgraded vehicles. Nissan has been known to produce extraordinary and affordable cars that any type of driver would love to have. Not only is the general driving experience comfortable, the car offers a 188 horsepower V4 engine, which can leave many people convinced that is is one of the best for its price of, $21,693.

The car's exterior is one of the most bizarre consumers have ever seen. The car is comparable to a misshaped creature, with unappealing curves and the rear makes it one of the most unorthodox cars on the market.

3 Porsche Panamera

Porsche is known for its incredibly expensive and luxurious cars. Those of which are some of the most sought after models. The Porsche Panamera was odd to say the least. It resembled a sports car at first but its specs were off for a car of its style choice. The car is labeled a hatchback, but the design model looked nothing like those that the brand and others have manufactured under the same category.

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The car offers an extensive styling list, and an engine menu that is nearly as extensive, as that comes into mind the car seemed like a rushed design model to incorporate such a modern style into a car that really wouldn’t have the room. The price also seems outrageous, priced at $90,615.

2 Scion iQ

Toyota is known for manufacturing reliable cars that can last years. The Scion is one of the side brands of Toyota and it is no wonder the Scion iQ is a model worth purchasing. The $18,710 car is affordable for many and offers reasonable stats, nothing out of the ordinary. This urban car resembles a minicar that is compact and perfect for the urban cityscape. Not only is it efficient, but the car also offers the same quality experience as the counterpart created by Mercedes.

However, consumers have to overlook the appearance of the car, as it is particularly bulky in the front, not very long for a car and may leave consumers baffled by its compressed, appearance.

1 Toyota 4Runner

The final car is another model made by the Toyota company. The 4Runner is one of the longest-running SUV series ever manufactured by the company. It is no surprise that the car has been widely recognized by international consumers as one of the better SUVs of the line.

The car is an affordable SUV, priced at $40,005. With a 270 horsepower V6 engine it may not be the strongest but it does hold is own on all forms of terrain. The car hasn't always been praised for its appearance but after its new front-end upgrades, it does deserve some criticism. Not only is it larger and bulkier than before but it looks as though it’s been punched in the eyes.

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