17 Ugly Pickups That Need To Be Put Down

Many pickup owners have put their own custom spins on their rides, but some have become huge flops.

It is very possible that you own and love your pickup truck, but that you wanted to make some changes to how it looked coming off the lot. And at the end of the day, you always have the right to make whatever customizations you want to your vehicle. Provided, of course, that the modifications that you decide to implement are street legal. And to be fair, you still can make those choices, you would probably just earn the wrath of some of your local law enforcement.

But just because the owners of these pickup trucks felt a surge of creativity when it came to making some serious adjustments to how people perceive their truck, it doesn't mean it was a creative stroke of genius. This includes one Sheriff who decided to try and ramp up his tough look by putting the cast of The Avengers on the side of his truck.

At least the owners on this list can say that there is probably no truck out there in the world that is quite like the one that they get to ride around in. Which means that if uniqueness was the only quality they cared about, they may be happy. But if they also cared about the general performance of the car, some of the decision making like putting the car sky-high with a lift kit - then they would have to agree that their customizations have done a lot more harm than good.

These are the 20 pickups that need to be put down.

17 Inspired By Wal-Mart

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With the smiling faces on the top of this truck, your first thought may be that this is a car that was inspired by the huge corporation that is Wal-Mart. A feeling that might become even stronger when you take a look at the colours of paint that this driver decided to go ahead with. Though at the end of the day, having to take a look at this car for too long may make you do anything but want to smile!

One must wonder if they scored this pickup at an everyday low price.

Let's hope this driver just doesn't give other drivers reasons to be mad at them because of their driving style.

16 At Least The Smart Car Became More Practical

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There is no denying that owners of Smart cars know that there are going to be some moments when they wish their car was - at the very least - just a little bit bigger. Such as when they go to the grocery store and need to somehow find a way to get all of those groceries that they bought into the car. That may be a problem that this driver had faced too many times before they finally got fed up and modified their Smart car so that it looks like a pickup truck. It's just too bad that you may have no interest in picking up the keys and driving this car.

15 The Bad Lift Is Just Part Of It

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You need to hope that this is a truck that the owner decided to bring to car shows to get people's reaction, but not something that they would actually be driving around in. Because I'm sure you also cannot believe how unsafe - not to mention unbelievably tacky and not aesthetically pleasing - their decision was to lift their car high up in the sky.

At least the lift kit they used also matches the pink modifications that they made to the grill of the car.

But if you are giving the owner a compliment for that, you may also realize you are having to work pretty hard to find something nice to say about the customizations.

14 Spoiling This Truck With a Spoiler

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You know this driver had to be very proud of the fact that they are driving around in a car with a Hemi engine. But you definitely don't need to be displaying that fact on the food of your car. But maybe that will just help distract you from all the awfulness that is going on with the back of the car. You just have to hope that the spoiler doesn't also obstruct the driver's vision. And if it does, hopefully it will only be a matter of time before the cops find this vehicle and teach the owner a lesson about what is and is not an acceptable modification.

13 Even The Joker Wouldn't Drive This

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I'm not going to lie, there are definitely many vehicles out there where the owner has been successful in letting the world know just how much they love superheroes. But I really don't think that is something that is going on with the next entry of our list.

The addition of the wrap - whether to homage the Joker or not - is still an unappealing look.

And that's not even starting on the awful decals that the owner decided was the best way to let the world know just how much they love the Joker. Let's also just pray that this driver takes the rules of the road very seriously.

12 All Play, No Work

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If you are driving around in a pickup truck, it's very possible that you may find yourself in situations where you need to help tow things. Or perhaps you want to take advantage of the off-road capabilities that can come with the car. Or maybe, just maybe, you want to take your truck to someone and have them install the modifications that this driver did. Though if you do, you are probably opening yourself up to many people shaking their heads at you as they try and make sense of your impractical - yet would not be surprised if was not cheap - customizations to your car.

11 Animal Control

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Now If I am being completely fair to this driver, it is true that it appears to be a truck that is used to promote an animal control company. Which means that maybe you think that it is actually pretty reasonable that they wanted to have a wrap applied to their truck that was representative of animals. And they did at least succeed at being very eye-catching. But it is also very possible that many people see this truck and come away with a much worse opinion of the company and their overall decision-making ability, which definitely wouldn't be good for business!

10 The Avengers Don't Need To Assemble Here

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It is definitely possible that this local Sheriff wanted to do everything he could to try and intimidate the criminals that he may encounter. But I don't know if his decision to add the cast of the Avengers to the side of his truck is going to, how shall I say, have the overall desired effect that he had hoped.

It likely won't deter much wrong-doing.

Especially if he comes across a potential bad guy who is a much bigger fan of the DC Universe than anything that Marvel has put out! I also reckon the cast of the Avengers would also prefer their faces to not be put on the side of a truck.

9 Holiday Cheer

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It is possible that one of your favourite things to do in regards to the Christmas season is to go and put Christmas lights all over your house. But for the next entry on our list, it definitely does not seem like this person would have been satisfied with their Christmas spirit without also going and decking their entire truck in Christmas lights. Which - to be understanding - do seem to be pretty well applied, but that still doesn't mean this is a truck that you would ever want to see parked in your own driveway. Or on the road for that matter with how distracting it would be.

8 Energy Drained

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I am sure there are many people out there who have sworn by energy drinks to try and get through their day at work. Not to mention the millions of students who are probably going to be relying on energy drinks for that extra push they need to try and get through their essays and late night study sessions. But even if you - for whatever reason - credit Monster Energy drinks as being influential in your life, you don't have to show your loyalty to the brand by throwing a gigantic decal on the side of your car. Even if I'm sure Monster doesn't mind!

7 Rust Is Never A Good Look For A Truck

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One of the worst feelings in the world must be if you went out to go and start up your car, only to realize that someone else out in the world had decided that they would much rather steal it.

This is a concern that may be even more applicable to a driver if they are driving around in a very expensive car.

But perhaps this owner was so afraid of that happening that they put a rusted wrap on their car. It may make it less appealing to thieves, but it also has the negative ramifications of possibly having the owner of the car also think the car looks a lot worse.

6 A Mural Of A Truck On A Truck

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I'm sure this owner is a huge fan of their truck. Especially because when they were trying to decide on what they wanted to put on the back of their car, they came up with the idea of putting a painting of their own truck. They also decided to go with a religious element; which you may also find to be a questionable decision. At least you know the owner probably loves driving around while blasting the song "Jesus Take The Wheel" which is a pretty catchy song. Albeit not advice that I would ever recommend a driver do!

5 This Camping Trip Took a Monster Turn

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You may have many fond memories growing up of driving around with your family and an R.V. hooked up to the back of your families truck. But even if that was something that you still do on a regular basis, you probably have never had an experience quite like the one that this driver must have whenever they take their truck and R.V. out on the road. I'm pretty sure Western R.V. didn't have aspirations of having what appears to be Monster Truck tires attached, but neither does the truck for that matter. At least the person seems to be pretty happy with the overall size of their camping setup.

4 This Mural Would Look Better On The Wall

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One of the best things about having a pickup truck is that you may feel confident taking it for trips out into the woods for some camping. And when you start doing things like that, you can start to really understand just how beautiful the world is. Especially areas that are not ruined by things like buildings or parking lots! But when it comes to this next driver, they don't need to go camping to get a reminder as to how beautiful the world is. They just (unfortunately) can look at the mural on the side of their truck that depicts some beautiful water and rocks.

3 Play Pool On The Go

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Now I need to be honest, one of my favourite things to do with friends is to go and play some pool. But no matter how much I love playing pool, I can genuinely tell you that I've never had the idea of converting a pickup truck into a "pool table on the go". And while there may be some moments where this person's friends are happy to see him pull up, you might be in agreement that you would rather just get to drive around in a normal truck. Especially because you could always, you know, drive that normal truck to a pool hall?

2 Dodge Must Not Mind The Advertising

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I don't care how much you love a certain brand, there is probably no need to make the entire world know how much you love it. And while Dodge may not mind the extra advertising that this driver provides for them anytime they step into their car, the company may also agree that this is not the best overall look.

It's a nice gesture, but probably does more harm than good.

As a result, there may be more people who take a look at this truck and find themselves thinking that they would never purchase a Dodge than people who look at this and think that it is a nice looking truck. Because let's be honest, the niceness of this truck was ruined long ago with the various customizations.

1 Flames And The Colour Scheme Are Just The Start

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It's hard to say exactly where it is on this truck that the driver made the worst mistake. Maybe it was their decision to add flames to the back of the car and the door? Maybe it was the decision to lift the car up? Or them going with several different colours to put all over it? But regardless of what part of this truck offends you the most - as I'm sure several different areas do - you can come to the agreement that there was no way this would have been able to have been left off the list. It looks like the people in the background also can't believe their eyes!

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