This Tiny Uniti One EV Can Be Yours for Just Under $20,000

For under $20k the Uniti One EV will enter the European market with futuristic looks and an airplane like cockpit.

Swedish startup Uniti has finally revealed the production version of its One fully electric vehicle. The Uniti One retains the looks of the prototype vehicle unveiled last year. But once you get inside, you’ll notice that this seemingly futuristic EV has been overhauled, especially when it comes to its airplane-like cockpit.

According to Uniti, the One features a Scandinavian-inspired design, laden with simple body lines as well as smooth contours. Most noticeable exterior features are its canopy-style windscreen and its panoramic roof that allows natural light to penetrate its surprisingly spacious cabin.


When viewed up front, the Uniti One is visually marked by recessed headlights with wing-shaped daytime running lights and LED indicators. It is also marked by the so-called pillule grille on the lower front end. The rear end, meanwhile, features width-spanning rear LED lights.

Another interesting feature of the Uniti One is its slightly domed aero discs that cover its wheels. These wheels feature a signature metallic ring, which can also be found on the headlights and on the buttons on the instrument panel. Three color finishes are available for the Uniti One -- bright metallic Scandium, dark Graphite and warm Titanium.

Moving inside the Uniti One, gone are the aircraft controls found on the concept version. Instead of these controls, you’ll get to steer the One with a somewhat traditional steering wheel. Right behind the wheel is a digital instrument cluster flanked by a navigation screen on the left and a touchscreen infotainment screen on the right.


While the Uniti One is indeed a tiny EV with a length of 3,222 mm, width of 1,709 mm, a height of 1,505 mm and a wheelbase of 2,175 mm, it can actually accommodate three occupants – the driver in the front and up to two passengers in the rear. The three-door electric hatchback can also carry up to 760 liters of cargo, when its rear bench is folded flat. This spaciousness is made possible by the fact that the battery of this EV is strategically situated right beneath the floor.

In terms of propulsion, the Uniti One is served by a permanent magnet motor that provides up to 50 kW (68 PS) of output and up to 85 Nm of instant torque. This amount of power can send the One sprinting from 0-60 mph in under 10 seconds. The EV can also achieve a top speed of 75 mph. These figures are helped by the fact that the One boasts a curb weight of just 600 kg, thanks to purposeful design, engineering, ground-breaking manufacturing techniques, and the use of select materials.


As standard, the Uniti One gets its juice from a 12-kWh battery, which is able to get the EV 93 miles on a single charge. However, you can squeeze more range from the One if you get the optional 24-kWh battery, which can extend its range to 186 miles.

If you need to drive a hundred kilometers more, a 50-kW CCS charger can do wonders in 10 minutes of charging. The same charger can increase the charge of the 12-kWh battery from 20 percent to 80 percent in just nine minutes, or of the 24-kWh battery in only 17 minutes. As standard, the Uniti One comes with a domestic 7 kW charger, although an on-board fast charger is available as an option. Charging time is one hour and three minutes for the 12-kWh battery and two hours and six minutes for the 24-kWh unit.


Uniti will initially offer the One to customers in northern Europe. It expects its first deliveries in Sweden and the United Kingdom in mid-2020. Pricing starts at £15,100, when the UK Government subsidy is already taken into account. Uniti plans to add more markets in time.

(via Uniti)

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