15 Urban Legends Ferrari Completely Denies

Whether true or false, these Ferrari urban legends are of definite interest to us.

When the first Ferrari was produced in the year 1940, the company might have not expected the success levels it was going to hit till date. With Enzo Ferrari at the wheel, the company kept on growing making its productions better and better and today, many people can only dream of owning their own.

Ferrari is not a stranger in the automotive world with its cars boasting top accolades, in all areas. From the top speeds, high prices and the class they ooze, Ferrari has produced some of the world’s famous cars with their priciest car going at a price of about $28 million. You do not hit those levels in a day’s work and it is no surprise that the long work started back in 1939. And on the hard journey to success, the company made many mistakes, learned lessons, made new friends and even enemies – and some of the enemies made later became some of his top rivals.

Being a company that has hit those success levels, more or less, you will have to bump into urban legends one way or another. Most of these legends are fictional but to some, there is some truth. These legends do not at first appear true to most people, but as they hear the details, they tend to start treating them as truths.

Whether true or false, these Ferrari urban legends are of definite interest to us - and we have a full list to dive into. So read on.

15 Ferrari’s insult gave birth to Lamborghini

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As a car enthusiast, the terms Ferrari and Lamborghini mean two of the world’s most prestigious car makers. They are both pricey, classy and very speedy. With all the closeness, they are rival dealers and a story comes up to explain how Lamborghini came to be.

Ferruccio Lamborghini (Lamborghini owner) had an interest in supercars and repairing cars. He bought a Ferrari and he noticed it was noisy, rough on the road and required clutch repair regularly according to The Vintage News. He went ahead to tell Ferrari (Ferrari owner) about his findings but Ferrari would not take a young mechanic’s advice. This irked Lamborghini and made him go ahead to make his own car, the Lamborghini 350 GTV in four months and after the sale of his 13 cars, success followed.

14 Birth of Ford GT40

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After Lamborghini Ferruccio, another Enzo hater was Henry Ford II, through a personal grudge which erupted as a result of failed negotiations on the purchase of Ferrari. Enzo wanted to have control over the racing team but Ford wouldn’t take that. Through this, the Ford GT40 was born.

The GT40 would hit a top speed of over 200mph. The success of this car that beat Ferrari four straight times in Le Mans was not to be attributed to Ford alone. Carroll Shelby was also in the picture as he helped in redefining the car’s shape in a bid to increase the car’s speed. The two would team up to be among the many Ferrari rivals.

13 Birth of Cobra Daytona

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Like the birth of Lamborghini and Ford GT40, another story comes out, this time about the birth of the Cobra Daytona. Carroll Shelby takes the center stage and like the Ferruccio and Ford II story, Shelby grew to be the bigger hater. Before that, he was one of the company's die-hard fans. He drove some of the Ferraris before denting his relationship with the team after several drivers’ passed away which included the passing of his friend Luigi Musso, who participated in the ’58 French Grand Prix.

Shelby blamed Ferrari personally and he went forth to make the Cobra Daytona in a bid to spurn Enzo. And in the FIA World Sportscar Championship, he defeated Ferrari.

12 F40 was an aerodynamic car despite Enzo’s denial

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Thrillist quotes that in one of Enzo’s lines, he says "Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines." What was evident is that is every Enzo detail, they would never have had anything to do with aerodynamics. Well, what happened is totally different when it comes to the F40, which was the last car Enzo had an imprint on.

The F40 is still considered as one of the ultimate Ferrari makes, but it had its production done with aerodynamics in mind – a car which defined the epitome of success for Enzo. This was simply a classy masterpiece. Do we believe Enzo’s lines or do we move on with this 200mph icon?

11 Enzo Ferrari mind games

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Enzo Ferrari cherished races and it is no surprise that in his failed deal with Henry Ford II, he refused to part with the racing team. He loved the competition and he would pit his drivers against each other to race and before that, a story is told of how he would threaten to sack the losers and through this, the drivers would give their best shot in a bid to avoid being let go

So, for the unmotivated drivers, greater success would be achieved. His line, "an insecure racing driver is a fast racing driver," seemed to justify the mind games.

10 Ferrari 275 was used in ‘Rendezvous’ film drive

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A 1976 movie dubbed ‘C'était Un Rendezvous’ was an infamous legend play that would inspire and scare road users and gearheads. The movie has no conversation in it, no artificial lighting bar the streetlights and the headlights, and no music is offered at all. What’s left to see is the France capital that passes in bullet speeds from the car. The vehicle is driven recklessly, with tons of near misses that the driver gets away with.

People think the car is a Ferrari 275 GTB but what’s there is a Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 6.9, according to the producer Claude Lelouch who is also thought to be the driver. According to Claude, he needed a car that couldn’t shake or vibrate the camera.

9 2 boys find stolen Ferrari buried in their garden

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Two California boys realized the saying dreams come true, quite literally - or so it seems. According to legend, a rare 1974 Ferrari Dino was buried in the backyard of their newly acquired home. They called the authorities and the vehicle was exhumed in public. It was in good condition as there were towels fitted in the vents and there were tapes on the seams, according to Buzz Nick.

They traced the owners through the insurance and it is said that after the investigation, it was realized that the owner had hired people to steal and proceed on to sink it in the ocean. They opted to bury it and come for it later.

8 The $15 Ferrari

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In the world of automotive urban legends, another popular story that hits us is about the love-turned-sour relationship that results in a Ferrari being sold for just… $15! The story has different versions and one of them is that a woman busts her man and instead of the man apologizing, he decides to go off with someone else.

This bitters the woman. The man owns an expensive marque. With the lady having all the necessary documents, according to Boredom Therapy, she sold it to a boy on his bike for $15. Of course, Ferrari would never confirm this story.

7 Losing warranty by opening the Ferrari engine hatch

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Another myth that has gotten out to the public is that if you opened your Ferrari engine hatch, your warranty would be rendered void. This is another lie. Ferrari will charge you if you tampered with the engine. This is the normal procedure for all cars, from a Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rovers and such alike.

For a warranty to work, you should not tamper with the parts or either, no other hand should be messing around with what is inside the hood. But opening the bonnet to enjoy the masterpiece or rather to see the engine that powers this swanky car, will not get you in any trouble.

6 The Deadmau 5 Incident

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You would think that after spending the huge chunks of money to acquire the masterpiece, you own every right to it. Well, for popular DJ Deadmau5, this is not the case. At no point should you feel you can modify your Ferrari with any theme you want. Not at least the internet meme cat ‘Purrari’ that was on Deadmau5’s Ferrari or a pink paint job on Amber Rose’s Ferrari.

Some of the unwritten Ferrari rules are to be obeyed. Ferrari went ahead to order Deadmau5 to pull down the modification. He got rid of the Ferrari completely and switched to Lamborghini.

5 Ferrari Copied Porsche

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Remember the story behind the Ferrari logo? Before Baracca had the black horse imprinted on his fighter plane’s fuselage, he had seen the design on another pilot. The pilot was in Porsche’s hometown, Stuttgart.

But besides that, Baracca was from a wealthy family who owned several horses and it is no doubt that he went for it. Stuttgart is an ancient name, Gestut, that means stud farm, which relates closely to horses. So in the Porsche emblem, the horse seen is taken from Stuttgart’s coat of arms. For the Ferrari, Enzo got the idea from Baracca’s parents as a sign of good luck. Did Ferrari copy Porsche, that's the question.

4 Hiding The Logo Unacceptable

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It’s an unwritten rule that you should never try to hide the Ferrari logo, especially if you may be among the people who give your modifications more preference than the brand’s logo. The logo, to start with, carries a lot of history that was given by Enzo. Francesco Baracca, who was a famous airman, had the horse painted on his fighter plane’s fuselage and it is believed that Enzo met his parents who told him that the act of putting the black horse on the Ferrari cars was a sign of good luck.

The yellow background is said to be the color of Enzo’s birthplace, Modena. And in the year 1932, the logo came to be in Alfa Romeo cars. With that history, you understand why you cannot hide the logo.

3 LaFerrari Purchase Regulations

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On the ownership of the LaFerrari, a lot of stories have always come out. The most common among them is that for one to own one of the limited editions of LaFerrari, you will have to be a die-hard fan and done lots of business with Ferrari.

This means that for you to own a hypercar like the LaFerrari which goes for a whopping $1.1 million, you will have to own four to five Ferrari marques for you to even have a consideration. This is another urban legend as some clients have owned more than five Ferraris and they never received a call from the company when the new toy came out.

2 Ferrari workers cannot drive the cars

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You would think that working for one of the biggest supercar producers would guarantee you getting to drive the cars or even own them at a cheaper price. Well, another notion that spreads around is that for all the cars produced by the company, an employee cannot own even one and as The Drive states, the reason to this is that due to the limited production of the supercars, the clients cannot be made to wait as they give the employees priority.

So, it’s clients first. With Ferrari workers making some huge chunk of money in salaries, you would expect one person who understands the value of saving to even ride home a $33,995 1988 Ferrari Mondial!

1 An invite needed to buy the car

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Another common misconception that goes around is that for you to own a Ferrari, you need to have an invitation sent to you by the Maranello based company. The only true part that can be derived is that actually, for special limited marques they produce, they can choose the clients to own it as there are some rules against reselling the car within the first year.

And the only way the carmaker will recognize honest buyers who have no intention of making profits from the company by reselling at higher costs will be by going for specific clients. However, for regular cars, you will wait for the invitation in vain.

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