25 Useful Car Gadgets Small Enough To Fit In The Glove Box

While seat covers, chains, and humorous decals are all great accessories, this list only has what’s popular and current today in 2018.

The holiday season is full of awesome gift options for the car lover. Even car enthusiasts will want some of these latest offerings to enjoy their car to the fullest. There’re plenty of tools and gadgets they’ve probably never even seen before.

Even if they’re not an enthusiast, car owners, in general, will find uses for these gifts. Whether it helps someone in a roadside emergency or is a cool accessory that enhances the driving experience, these gift ideas will not disappoint. Nearly all of them benefit someone’s car, and a few are for entertainment purposes.

The best holiday gifts are the ones that last well beyond New Year’s. All of these gadgets fulfill that lofty criteria. It’s a list with a wide variety from tech gadgets to old-fashioned tools to fun automotive-related diversions. It’s appropriate there’s such a range of ideas considering how many different car owners are out there.

As a general rule, these gifts are small enough to fit into your glove box. Some of them, however, require more space than others. While seat covers, chains, and humorous decals are all great accessories, this list only has what’s popular and current today in 2018. It’s hard to go wrong the knick-knacks on this list for that special someone who’s obsessed with everything cars.

25 Portable Jump Starter

via Gear Patrol

Technology has made the world a more convenient place. Not long ago, if a car’s battery died, the best one could hope for is another car nearby with jumper cables. Otherwise, calling a company for roadside assistant was the next best option.

Today, portable jump starters are here to save the day. WTOP recommends the Levo Portable Jump Starter, which not only revives a car’s battery but also charges drivers' devices. They cost about $100 and are small enough to cram into a stocking.

24 Digital Tire Gauge

via off-road.com

Tire pressure gauges have advanced in leaps and bounds from what they used to be. It was common for gauges to be chrome dials that weren’t always accurate. Nowadays though, the digital versions are hard to beat.

If the car lover in your life doesn’t have a digital one yet, or one that works at all, it might be time to throw a tire gauge into their stocking. The blog Direct Auto & Life Insurance notes that they can run for less than $15.

23 GPS Homing Device

via REI Co-op

If looking for auto gifts that fit in a stocking, a vehicle GPS tracker fits the bill. These devices will help users know the whereabouts of their vehicle at all times. Lifewire suggests going with the Spy Tec STI GL300 version, which is available online for $50.

With its compact size and sleek design, it fits virtually anywhere. It doesn’t even have to go in a car but can also fit in a laptop case. This is a lavish gift that will serve friends and relatives well.

22 Portable Tire Compressor

via AutoGuide

Filling up tires with air is what drivers have to do to maintain their car. It can be a pain to walk up to a gas station counter, ask a worker to turn on the machine and then fill up the tires.

Now, owners can avoid the hassle with a portable tire compressor. Cars.com likes the Slime 40020 Tire Top Off Inflator that’s around $10. It claims to be able to fill up tires in 14 minutes, which is longer than gas stations, but possible from anywhere.

21 Windshield Heads Up Display

via Car Pro

This tech brings 3rd party infotainment to a whole new level. According to WTOP, the Hammacher Schlemmer Windshield Display provides drivers with important data while driving. It’s like putting a computer on the dashboard.

One feature even tracks a driver’s habits, even going so far as to remind them of when they need to stop and get out for a stretch. Instead of buying a state-of-the-art vehicle with luxury features, this converts any car into a car from the future, making drivers feel like a billion bucks.

20 Humidifier

via YouTube user Karen Luna

These popular devices are popping up in cars all over. This holiday is the perfect time to get a mini humidifier for one’s car, considering winter is when they come most in handy.

According to Cars.com, they’re especially useful in dry climates. All you need is a place to put it—like a spare cupholder—and an open port to plug it in. Having a humidifier on the go may sound posh, but this can be a popular gift that will earn the recipient’s appreciation.

19 LED Car Sign

via get-digital.se

Ever wanted to show how you feel to drivers behind you? The Drivemocion LED Car Sign finally gives drivers the power to emote while on the road. The device itself is a circular sign that displays a number of universal “faces.”

According to WTOP, there’re 16 different options in all. It’ll set back buyers $40, which will seem paltry to those who’ve been wanting to express their inner road rage. At least there’s a smiley face too for those pleasant days.

18 Roadside Emergency Kit

via Instructables

One never knows when an emergency can strike, especially while on the go. As a result, it’s important to prepare for it no matter what. The blog Direct Auto & Life Insurance recommends buying a Roadside Emergency Kit for friends and loved ones this holiday.

For less than $30, buyers will get a case that houses tons of essential items for those emergency instances. They can even assemble their own emergency kit if they don’t want to buy one that’s already assembled.

17 Car Handheld Vacuum

via Gadget Flow

Dyson has a reputation for making some of the best vacuums on the market today. Although their products don’t come cheap, they make up for it in delivering high-quality appliances. Now, consumers can bring the quality of Dyson into their car’s interior. This vacuum is small enough to fit in one’s hand.

According to WTOP, it comes with lots of attachments too, though it’ll set buyers back $200. Santa only puts this kind of gift in stockings that belong to those who’ve been nice.

16 Drop Stop

via Subaru Outback Forums

Drivers experience this on numerous occasions. Whether it’s a piece of food, a pen or even a cell phone, items get dropped and lost in the narrow space that sits between a driver's seat and the center console.

Now, a clever invention has arrived that keeps items from falling in this space: Drop Stop. WTOP reports that this item is a strip made to plug up that narrow space and prevent items from falling—although there's no stopping drivers from continuing to drop things.

15 Body Works’ Scentportables

via YouTube user Indira K Fernandez

Bath & Body Works has a reputation for making products that smell good. Now consumers can bring that same fresh-air goodness to their automobiles. Cars.com highlights Scentportables made by Bath & Body Works, which can easily affix to a car’s sun visor.

A few of the scents include mahogany teakwood, cinnamon stick, and balsam. They also come in lots of colorful and fun shapes. It’s a gift that will have recipients smiling from both the look of the Scentportable to the smell their car generates.

14 Key Clip

via isgift

This next gadget not only finds uses in th car, but outside of it as well. A key clip by Bobino offers several methods to keep those important items within easy reach. For one, as Cars.com notes, it can act as a clip for one’s keys by attaching to purses and laptop bags.

They also stick to the sun visor and can clip items to it like sunglasses. These little clips will come in handy and easily fit in a stocking this holiday season (catch my drift?).

13 Travel Coffee Mug

via hbnctyonline.com

Taking a drink into the car is a risky game. No one can predict what’s going to happen while on the road, which could result in a spilled beverage. That’s one of the worst things that can happen, because it not only spills all over the interior, but can also lead to an accident.

A travel mug is essential for those who want to drink coffee on the go. Cars.com recommends the brand Contigo, which comes with tight-fitting lids that prevent leaks.

12 App Controlled Car

via Sustuu

It may not be a practical car accessory, but it’s a fun toy even car enthusiasts will want. Cars.com suggests putting an app-controlled race car in a friend or family member’s stocking this year. For one, it’s a lot safer than driving a real race car. Second of all, it is a lot cheaper.

An app-controlled one may even get more laughs. These cool little cars that are fun for both kids and adults are available at major retailers or online.

11  Vehicle Desk

via Healthy Posture Store

It’s one of the first things that strike people as they look inside a police car: there’s a laptop sitting up on a desk. Now, the ability to work on the go is available to anyone through the AutoExec Vehicle Desk. It’s a much simpler set up than that of a police car’s though.

According to WTOP, for $220, the AutoExec sits in the passenger seat and needs a seat belt to stay in place. Just be sure to put it in a jumbo stocking (I like Christmas, okay?!).

10 Headlight Defogger Kit

via Headlight Reviews

The elements can affect a car’s exterior over time, which inhibits its performance. When certain parts become compromised, including the headlights, it’s important to correct the problem. This area is susceptible to fogging up, which not only looks unpleasant but can limit a light's effectiveness.

There are headlight defogger kits on the market that make great stocking stuffers. Cars.com recommends one by Turtle Wax that’s inexpensive and easy to use. They even advertise that the formula keeps it clear for longer.

9 Wireless Key Finder

via Tech Digest

Smaller items like wallets and keys have a tendency to go missing. Leaving either of these behind is a frustrating experience for drivers. Nowadays, a key finder helps to prevent such instances from ever occurring. According to WTOP, for only $20, there’s the Xcellent Global Wireless Key Finder.

The way it works is simple. It comes with four locators that can attach to keys or any other hard-to-find items. Pushing the color-coded number on the station will guide owners to their keys using sounds and a flashing light.

8 Smartphone Holder

via Medium

Smartphones offer plenty of benefits while on the road. Whether it is GPS navigation or serving as a music player, cars and phones seem inseparable. If drivers want to keep using them though, they’ll have to find a way to do it safely without cruising distracted.

To solve this dilemma, Cars.com likes dash-mounted holders, which can hold both phones or tablets. Plus they can look really slick and add a nice centerpiece in a car.

7 Air Freshener

via Vaporizer for Weed

Cars aren’t the most aromatic spaces we occupy each day. Going with us wherever we go, they tend to collect unpleasant odors along the way. An air freshener is the perfect gift for a car owner. Better yet, they won’t take offense, since everyone’s car needs a freshening up every once in a while.

WTOP recommends the Ozium Air Freshener as a great way to go. The best part is that it costs less than $10.

6 Windshield Shade

via High End Motor Sports

Cars take a beating sitting in the sun all day. When owners come back to them, they find that their car is baking and too hot to even touch the steering wheel. A sun shade helps to mitigate the unwanted heat.

According to the blog Direct Auto & Life Insurance, the sun can even damage a car’s components and the upholstery if exposed for too long. If the person on your gift list doesn't have a sun shade this holiday, considering getting them one for their stocking.

5 Wireless Headphones For Kids

via Inspiring Headphones

Kids tend to get restless for those long commutes. LilGadgets has the perfect gift for the lil’ ones this holiday season: headphones. According to WTOP, they fit snugly so kids will spend less time hassling their headphones and more time watching. Even better, they’re Bluetooth, so there’re no cables to negotiate with.

The headphones also come in bright colors that will appeal to kids. Headphones can get really expensive, but these manage to hit all the right marks for only $50.

4  Windshield Wipes

via The Globe and Mail

One can never have too many of these. If there’s one part of the car owners want to keep clean, it’s the windows. Seeing out through the glass is essential to getting around safely. Though if there’s one place that gets dirty the most, it’s the windshield.

The most convenient ones, according to Cars.com, are cleaning wipes that store in the glove box or center console. Having a pack of wipes within close reach is a practical stocking stuffer all drivers can appreciate.

3 Travel Cooler and Warmer

via Gumtree

Black & Decker products tend to fill up kitchens and other areas of the house. They also make accessories for the car too. This travel cooler and warmer is perfect for storing drinks and keeping food heated.

WTOP reports that it gets as cold as 40 degrees below and can get as hot 120 degrees. Storing food in the car has never been easier thanks to this device. It’s going to require a jumbo-sized stocking though, so add that to your shopping list.

2 Snow Brush

via PrettyMotors

This next gift only applies to those who live in snowy climates. Finding a car covered in snow is the last thing many drivers want to come across. When those situations arise, a snow brush comes in handy.

The blog Direct Auto & Life Insurance recommends one with a foam grip, which helps when dealing with a wet and slippery surface. They list them as going for less than $10, which makes it a cheap route to go. Even more, it’s just the right size to slip into a stocking.

1 Moso Bag

via mosonatural.com

It’s not the first air freshener to make it to the list, but it is worth highlighting nonetheless. Moso bags are not only great ways of fighting off car odors but look aesthetically nice as well. Cars.com reports that these bags contain bamboo charcoal.

It may sound strange, but these bags will help eliminate bad smells permeating closed-in spaces. They aren’t limited to cars either and can also slip in a pair of shoes. It’s a great stocking stuffer for this year.

Sources: WTOP , Cars.com , Direct Auto & Life Insurance & Lifewire

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