9 Van Paint Jobs That Make Our Eyes Hurt (And 9 Worthy Of Picasso)

Both sides of this list should leave you plenty entertained as you see 9 modded vans that actually look cool and 9 we wouldn't touch.

There might not be a vehicle type out there that allows for creativity to be shown more than vans. The very nature of the vehicle gives the artist a blank slate with which they can put some amazing designs on the side of that will truly help the van stand out. This is something that a few of the people on our list took full advantage of, whether it was paying homage to some of the bigger things in pop culture like Scooby-Doo or Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon or utilizing the space to do an awesome depiction of an octopus on the water. One of the vans on our list is so nice that it is even utilized for tours in San Francisco, which means that keeping it in tip-top shape might be the biggest priority in their life!

But not everybody utilizes the side of their van in ways that make you want to go anywhere near it. Sure, Avatar is an awesome movie, but when you see the painting on the side of one of these vans, discussing the movie with the owner might be one of the last things you want to do. Then there's one massive Dallas Cowboys fan who would surely be a nightmare to drive anywhere near on any day when the team loses.

But you may not appreciate the amazing vans without seeing ones that give you a different impression, which means both sides of this list should leave you plenty entertained as you see 9 modded vans that actually look cool and 9 we wouldn't touch.

18 Ouch - Real Mullets Probably Look Better Than This Van

Via Reddit

I am definitely not going to sit here and pass judgment on the type of hairstyle that you choose to be rocking at this given moment, including if that style is having no hair at all. But I can say with confidence that as far as I am concerned, putting a picture of a dude on the side of my van promoting the awesomeness of mullets is not something that I would ever consider doing myself. If it is something that is up your alley, then this well-done van might be one of your favorites on the list, but it's a pass from me.

17 Ouch - Barbie Has Many Accessories, This Van Shouldn't Be One

Via Reddit

If you are sitting there and wondering why Barbie, yes the doll, is getting her own live-action movie, then you definitely would not be the only one. But one thing that might increase your level of confidence in the potential of the movie is the fact that according to Entertainment Weekly, Margot Robbie is in talks to play the iconic doll. The role was originally given to Amy Schumer who had to back out for scheduling conflicts and Anne Hathaway was also rumored to play the part. On the plus side, I'm sure there are millions of people out there just like this one who are excited at the prospect.

16 Ouch - Fake Rust Doesn't Look Better Than Real Rust

Via imgur.com

One of the reasons as to why it is important to take care of your car is so that it does not end up developing some rust. If it does, you might want to start thinking about going to the dealership (or craigslist!) and scouring the best deals as you then go in and make a replacement.

The good news for this person is that the rust that you see on their van is actually a wrap that they applied to the car.

The bad news for this person is that the overall aesthetic of the van now might leave a lot to be desired.

15 Ouch - Where To Even Start?

Via youtube.com

It is definitely hard to know what exactly is going on when it comes to the next van that you are seeing on our list. The best thing to say about it is that the person clearly wanted to give their van the type of look that makes people stop and take notice of it. But you also just have to hope that all those extra "flairs" that have been added to the van to improve the aesthetic also do not have the negative ramification of being an extra hazard to the other drivers that they encounter on the road.

14 Ouch - Stick To Playing The Game

Via Reddup

There is a very common expression that one thing you should never do is take candy from a stranger. This would especially be the case if you are offered candy from a stranger who happens to be sitting in a van that looks like the next entry that is featured on our list. Because while this is a very well done and elaborate homage to the famous Candy Land board game, it is something that you might agree looks a lot better in board game form than it does when it is transferred to the side of the van. The real question is will this be the only classic board game that they decide to pay homage to?

13 Ouch - How Does This All Stay Glued On?

Via Reddit

It can definitely be hard to go through your possessions and realize that you need to make the decision to let some of them go to the trash. But it is definitely something that is important to do if you do not want too much clutter to build up in your home. Though in the case of the next driver on our list, it appears that when they get tired of wearing their shoes or sunglasses - or find others who have - they instead decide to add them to the side of their van. You just have to pray that they used a strong enough material to stick them.

12 Ouch - Stay Away From This Driver If The Cowboys Lose

Via Chevrolet Forum

When the Philadelphia Eagles faced off against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, provided you did not have a particular affiliation for either team, it was pretty easy to find yourself cheering for the underdog Eagles as they managed to knock off Tom Brady. But when you look at the extreme level of dedication that this person has put into making the world know that they love the Dallas Cowboys, something tells me that the Eagles (who are rivals of the Cowboys) winning the super bowl was one of their least favorite football memories! Though maybe they went out to buy a new Cowboys decal to get over the fact.

11 Ouch - Avatar Was Amazing, But Is This Van?

Via Reddit

If you take a look at the movie Avatar on the website BoxOfficeMojo, you'll learn that it is the worldwide leader of all-time with $2.7 billion earned at the box office. This means that similar to the Despicable Me franchise, it stands to reason that there are going to be some seriously passionate fans out there, something that probably will not decrease when the sequels for the franchise start churning out. But no matter how much you may or may not care for the franchise, there is still a very small chance that you are going to take a look at this van and come away with any type of positive thought.

10 Ouch - How Many Minions Is Too Many?

Via Reddit

Regardless of what your opinion of the Despicable Me franchise it is abundantly clear that it is one of the most succesful franchises in Hollywood and probably won't be disappearing anytime soon.

And if you disagree, just take a second to look at the insane amount of money that has been raised by the franchise so far.

This is aided by the passionate fans who surely go and see every release at least a few times in theaters. And if I had to make an educated guess, something tells me this fan would definitely be someone that would fall under that demographic.

9 Cool - Here Comes The Sunshine Bus

Via San Francisco Love Tours

When discussing the bus on the website San Francisco Love Tours, they talk about how Roberto Graves had aspirations to own a tour company in San Francisco. One of the ways he made that dream come true was to win a contest where he was able to take home this amazing 1976 VW bus. The amazing decal on the side of it was not added until Madison Tomsic joined the mix, but the van did come with the phrase "Here comes the Sun" on the windshield which led to the bus then being nicknamed the Sunshine Bus. I am sure getting to go for a ride in this would definitely have the ability to make you smile, even if it was raining out.

8 Cool - Pink Floyd Inspired Van

Via Rebrn

When it comes to the next entry on our list, one thing that you need to take into account when evaluating it is that according to Rebrn, the material on the outside is essentially carpet. Which means that it might only be a matter of time before the aesthetic gets impacted. But before that happens, the owner can definitely enjoy the awesome work that they have put into modifying their van. Though when you consider the potential connection to Pink Floyd (and their album The Dark Side of the Moon), the van may be suspect to a few inspections from police officers on the road.

7 Cool - The Best Van To Solve Mysteries In

Via Ideal Classic Cars

There are many iconic things about the Scooby-Doo franchise. And if you had to ask fans to list off some of them, one of the answers that would come back time and time again would be the van - dubbed the mystery machine - that the gang would drive around in to go from mystery to mystery. This means that there have also been many fans of the franchise who have managed to take the famed cartoon item and turn it into a real-life piece of art that you can imagine would be a blast to drive, even if you would feel obligated to play the Scooby-Doo theme.

6 Cool - Showing Some Awesome Creativity With An Octopus and Boat

Via Facebook

There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to the different vans that occupy the list that you are looking at today.

But this is the only van on our list where the owner decided to take inspiration from bodies of water when it came to the design.

And when you consider the amazing job they did with the little details like the boat, not to mention the not so little octopus, it is clear that they were able to consider this a job that was very well done.

5 Cool - Don't Quit School 

Via Reddit

There are few things in life that you might think are more valuable than an education, so you should definitely pay attention whenever you get the opportunity to educate yourself.

This also means that you might look at this van and come away with the impression that there is no way that advising people to quit school is a positive thing

But if you are able to remove the negative message of the van, then you can perhaps agree that it is a pretty awesome looking van. Especially with the usage of Otto from The Simpsons to "promote the message."

4 Cool - Any Star Wars Fan Should Love This

Via Reddit

It is unfortunate that when you look at the amazing job that is done on the side of this van, that one of the first thoughts you might have is why is Darth Vader repping a white lightsaber? But if you can look past the fact that the van might look better with him wielding his classic red, then you can probably also come away with a serious level of appreciation for the amount of work that was obviously put in to pull off this fantastic mural. The only downfall here is that there is only one angle of the van available, meaning you will have to use your imagination to picture the other side!

3 Cool - Let's Hope For This Person's Sake They Love The Live-Action Dumbo

Via Reddit

There is no shortage of amazing cartoons that have been created by Disney over the years. But if you had to ask this person what Disney film may have been the biggest part of their childhood, they may come back and start talking about Dumbo. Which, to be fair, is a pretty outstanding film and will hopefully also be a solid live-action film when it makes its way to theaters. If not, let's hope the owner of this van still does not mind getting Dumbo (not to mention other Disney characters) on the side of their van.

2 Cool - Inspired By Perhaps The Best TMNT Toy

Via Dorkly

In 1987 the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon started airing. Perhaps just as popular as the cartoon series was the toy collection that was put out to promote it, Such as the amazing van that was modeled after the 'Party Bus' that the gang traveled around in. And if you owned this van, as I was actually fortunate enough to, you would attest to the amazing fun that was possible when using it. Though to be fair, it would probably be even more fun to get to rip around the street in this van that is modeled after the toy.

1 Cool - If Thanos Needed a Van To Drive

Via Hot Cars

If you are a fan of one of the many superheroes who Thanos eliminated at the end of Avengers: Infinity War then it is very possible that seeing this van will bring back some very painful memories for you.

But if you can set that bias aside and just recognize that Thanos is an amazing villain, then you can surely also recognize that this is a tremendous van that pays homage to the armor that Thanos wears.

Let's just hope the owner of this van never gets into an accident because the van probably is not nearly as indestructible as Thanos seems to be.

Sources: boxofficemojo.com, reddit.com,

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