Watch A Ford GT Do Donuts While Driven By Vaughn Gittin Jr

Vaughan Gittin Jr. recently got his very own Ford GT, and the first thing he did was take his parents for a ride. Then he did donuts in a parking lot.


Ford Performance driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. just got his 2018 Ford GT, and of course the first thing he does with it is donuts in a parking lot.

Ford recently announced they were taking more applications for the GT supercar. A total production run of 1,000 will now go into 2020, and if you’ve got half a million dollars and a bunch of social media followers, you’ve got a halfway decent chance of getting selected to buy your very own GT.

Since professional drift-racer Vaughn Gittin Jr. is already a close partner with Ford, it makes sense that he’d be allowed to purchase his own GT (and probably with a bit of a discount, too).

In two videos, Gittin Jr. details his new acquisition from start to finish. First, he’s called up by Ford’s concierge to configure his new supercar. Rather than pick interior and exterior options using a digital configurator, Ford actually sends buyers a little model kit they can use to physically assemble the car. It’s a nice touch that directly appeals to everyone’s inner child that still remembers playing with toy cars.

Once you’ve discussed your toy GT with the Ford concierge, you then get to go to your nearest Ford dealer to pick up your ride. Gittin Jr.’s first stop with his brand new GT was actually to his parents’ place so he can scare the crap out of them, first his mom, and then his dad.

The Ford GT comes with a 3.5-L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 that can put down 647 hp and launch from zero to sixty in less than three seconds. That’s the kind of acceleration most people get on roller coasters, so experiencing it in a car is a bit of a shock.


In his next video, Gittin Jr. takes his new ride to the track where he shares the wealth by giving people rides in his GT. Vaughan drove flat out to really put his new car through its paces, and while most people seemed to appreciate his extreme driving style, a few people seemed to get a bit nauseous after the ride.

And of course Gittin Jr. did donuts in a parking lot. With each tire easily priced over a grand, that’s an expensive set of performance rubber to burn. But then again, that’s pretty much all Gittin Jr. does.


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