Watch Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. Take A Mustang Around The Nürburgring

There's nothing like seeing a mustang do what it does best, drift around the Nürburgring!

Watch Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. Take A Mustang Around The Nurburgring

Stare in amazement as World Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. laps Germany’s Nürburgring in a 900 hp Mustang completely sideways.

Last week, we got to see a condensed version of World Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s record-setting run around the Nürburgring. He didn’t make the fastest lap--far from it--but he did do something that nobody else had ever done before.

The world’s first full drift hot lap of The Ring.

The video itself was barely 4 minutes long, and while it was jam-packed with tons of amazing footage and incredible drifts, we were absolutely certain that there was more footage that Ford was hiding away for later. The Nürburgring is a 12.9-mile long race track that takes the fastest cars in the world upwards of 6 minutes to finish. Lapping The Green Hell sideways and with your tires turning into smoke is not the most efficient way to get around, and will definitely add a few minutes to anyone’s lap time.


So it comes as no surprise that Ford has just released the extended cut of their Drift King of the Ring video, with even more stupendous drifts and manic wheel-turning action.

Helping Vaughan make all that incredible smoke and noise is a custom-tuned, 900 hp RTR Ford Mustang. What began life as a humble, naturally aspirated pony car has been given a massive supercharger and engine upgrades that turn it into a drift monster--as is easily demonstrated by Gittin Jr.

One thing we were expecting in the extended cut is to see a few tire blowouts. There isn’t a single tire in existence that can survive a full 13 miles being constantly and viciously abraded against pavement in a direction it was never meant to travel, and Gittin himself confirmed he went through “a few sets” during this hot lap.

However, we don’t see a single blowout during the full 7.5-minute video. Ford is definitely still holding out on us, so there might be an extra-long extended cut in the future.

For now, enjoy the power and fury of a ludicrous Mustang doing things that no other Mustang can or should.


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