10 Vehicle Companies That Make Products Other Than Cars

Toyota, General Motors, and Volkswagen may automatically bring cars to mind, but here are 10 manufacturers which diversify their output.

While automobile manufacturers are most renowned for making cars, the simple fact is these companies aren't in it because of their passion for vehicles, but because of the money.

Many companies, such as the renowned General Motors brand or even Honda, specialize in making products other than cars, such as planes or trains, to maximize profits, and many of these products may come as a surprise to you. For example, did you know Volkswagen makes sausages? Don't feel bad if you didn't, many people don't. With that being said, here are ten car companies that make something other than automobiles.

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10 Honda - Jets

While Honda is a beloved automobile manufacturer, they also specialize in producing jets. The Honda HA-420 HondaJet can be purchased at a dealer near you, which you can find on the HondaJet website if you are interested in purchasing one of these babies.

This aircraft is meant to be used as a private jet for business practices and has been in production since 2003 even though the jet had been in development and wind tunnel testing since the 1980s. The HondaJet seats six passengers and features a range of 1,653 miles. The HondaJet will set potential buyers back $3.5 million.

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9 Chrysler - Rockets

While Chrysler automobiles are featured today as the epitome of luxury vehicles, back in the 1950s, the Chrysler Corporation was instrumental in developing the PGM-11 Redstone Missile that would go on to be the first US missile to carry a live nuclear warhead.

In 1952, the president of Chrysler was named as head of the United States Missile Programs by President Harry S. Truman. The Chrysler company finally finished development of this missile in 1958, and it was used in active military service from 1958 to 1964. The performance of the rocket garnered attention and praise from around the world.

8 General Motors - Trains

The General Motors Company has been in existence since 1908 but has been producing locomotives since the 1930s. In 1930, General Motors, one of the worlds largest producers of automobiles, purchased the Canadian train manufacturer, Electro-Motive Diesel, and until its sale in 2005, General Motors produced locomotives.

During its time in production, General Motors made a few variants of GM-EMD locomotives that include, but aren't limited to, industrial locomotives, freight cabs, passenger cabs, and even military locomotives way back in 1952. From 1930 to 2005, General Motors Diesel also served notable railway companies such as Union Pacific and BNSF Railway.

7 Peugeot - Pepper Mills

As mentioned, some popular car companies make other products as well, but, for the most part, the other products they create are somewhat related to the automobile industry. Cars, rockets, trains, and planes can generally be grouped in the same category, but here is the curveball on this list.

Peugeot, the esteemed French automobile assembler, also produces culinary goods: pepper mills. The carmaker has been producing a myriad of mills such as pepper, coffee, and even salt mills for longer than it has produced cars and it is regarded as one of the best mill makers in the world.

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6 Buick - Tanks

WWII and the Korean War were the first few wars during which tanks were actively used in combat. Although they first emerged during the WWI, tanks were used to clear minefields, as they served no tactical purpose.

By the 1930s, advances in technology had enabled the classic tank to fire powerful shells at enemies and level entire buildings. One of the most popular American tanks was the M18 Hellcat, which served in WWII and Korea and was the fastest U.S. tank at the time, was actually produced by Buick in 1942.

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5 Toyota - Houses

While Toyota makes excellently reliable family cars, this Japanese carmaker has also been in the housing business for the past 44 years. In 1975, the Toyota Motor Corporation first entered the housing industry and rebranded itself as the Toyota Housing Corporation in 2010.

Since 1975, Toyota has developed thousands of houses and erected hundreds of communities filled with their homes. Despite their achievements and nearly 250,000 homes built, virtually no one knows Toyota builds homes, and this is because they only do it in Japan. So, if you were hoping to have a Toyota home you are out of luck.

4 General Motors - Mechanical Heart

The Dodrill-GMR was the world’s first mechanical heart that enabled surgeons to perform open-heart surgery by using the bypass machine and stopping the heart. This marvelous device was partly developed by General Motors.

In 1952, Dr. Forest Dewey Dodrill developed the mechanical heart with funding from the American Heart Association and volunteer engineers from General Motors and General Motors Research at Harper University Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. The machine was first used on July 3, 1952, when the world's first open-heart surgery was performed and surgeons could detour blood around the stopped heart and continue pumping it throughout the rest of the body.

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3 Chrysler - Tanks

Even though Chrysler made America's first nuclear missile in 1952, the company has been a patriotic one for long before then, and their efforts in helping the United States and its Armed Forces dates back to World War II.

During WWII, Buick was not the only company inventing military vehicles such as tanks, they were simply the best at it. Chrysler also built tanks for the US Army under their special division, Chrysler Defense.

Founded in 1940, the Chrysler Tank Division plant in Detroit first served as another assembly line for M2 tanks but later moved onto other models such as the M3.

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2 Volkswagen - Sausages

Like Peugeot and its pepper mill, Volkswagen's other product has absolutely nothing to do with cars or any machines for that matter and usually baffles readers who find out the German automobile manufacturer also makes... sausages.

Volkswagen has actually been producing sausages since 1973, and their currywurst is more popular than their cars. The currywurst sausage is made in-house with a team of 30 Volkswagen employees, mostly trained butchers and the sausage is listed as an official item under the item number 199 398 500 A. The currywurst is offered as breakfast or lunch in Volkswagen offices and retails in markets.

1 Mitsubishi- Everything

You may have been thrown off by the sausages, pepper mills, and the rockets of this list, but they have all been preparing you for this moment. Mitsubishi, the beloved automobile manufacturer also makes just about everything. The Mitsubishi group itself, for starters, is a group of about 40 companies that each own a bunch of subsidiaries.

This diversity alone ensures that each company produces something different than the other and results in an array of Mitsubishi products from cars to air conditioners. Mitsubishi is also active in the mining, shipping, shipbuilding, financial services, real estate, and electronics industries. It’s good not to have all your eggs in one basket.

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